Guide for dating in Louisiana helps you to meet the best girls. This dating guide gives you tips how to date Louisianian women. You will learn rules where and how to flirt with local Louisianian girls. We advise how to move from casual dating to the relationship and find the real love. We also tell the best dating sites in Louisiana. In this article below you will find more information where to meet and date girls in Louisiana, United States of America.

Hot girls of Louisiana partying it up at the Metropolitan club

Girls in Louisiana:

  • Looks of girls: 4.4 / 5
  • Attitude of girls: 4.15 / 5
  • Loyalty of girls: 3.8 / 5
  • Education level of girls: 4 / 5

Dating in Louisiana:

  • Chance of arranging dates: 4.1 / 5
  • Casual dating culture: 4 / 5
  • Online dating popularity: 4.25 / 5

Sex in Louisiana:

  • Women's sexual activity: 3.85 / 5
  • One-night stands: 3.7 / 5

More about Louisiana:

  • Nightlife in general: 4.3 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 5 / 5
  • Budget per day: US$100 - $1,200
  • Accommodation: US$25 - $1,000


One of the relevant things you should know about Louisianan girls is that they do not fancy people who beat around the bush. And, whether you're dating a local girl in Louisiana or you're seriously crushing on a native girl in this state, she would be expectant of you to be upfront with your emotions and if you're not, you probably just got yourself devalued. Another important thing you should also know about dating local girls in Louisiana is that you can't probably avoid some late-night hangouts and partying. Louisianan girls love to have fun and to them, there's always a good reason to keep the party going, and you should definitely get ready for some late nights if you really want to date a girl from Louisiana.

More so, it could also be important for you to know that the local girls in this state love good food and it would be really nice of you to take your Louisianan sweetheart out to a fine place once in a while where you can enjoy quality dining together and even get more chances to see her natural, smiley face. One thing you should always know is that good music will perk a Louisianan girl up and blasting music in your room is almost unavoidable if you're dating a local Louisiana girl and aside from that, going to enjoy live music at a cozy spot is something your Louisiana sweetheart will really enjoy, actually. Louisiana girls are a great cook and there's no way you definitely won't appreciate this trait about them. With this, you can stay assured that you won't just not go hungry again but you'll be in for a delicious meal, and you can feel free to express your excitement whenever your Louisianan sweetheart tells you she's cooking dinner.

Louisianan girls know how to work hard and even play hard at the same time. I mean, these are girls that might probably be working for 3 or 4 weeks at a time with so much focus and dedication but as soon as they're off, they're up to go catch a great time! Louisianan girls love dancing and it will be a bit pitiable for you if you've really got no steps. Well, you'd better get ready to learn how to let loose and dance if you want to date a local Louisianan girl because a lot of dancing awaits you. Once you start dating a Louisianan girl, you've become a part of her family, and if you don't like her family, there's a high probability that your relationship may not work. Louisiana girls love their family and a quick way to gain the heart of a Louisianan lady is to win the heart of her family. And, the lovely thing about her family is that they'll never say no to you anytime you need a helping hand and they'll make all efforts to be there for you when need be.

Louisianan girls are not amateurs at all when it comes to not sweating the small stuff; they're professionals. In fact, your Louisianan sweetheart will always help you get relaxed and show you how it's done whenever the need to relax beckons on you. Another important thing you should know about Louisianan girls is that they're very adventurous and once you start dating a local Louisianan girl, it's better you start preparing yourself to go on some big adventures because Louisianan girls can be very daring and they'll try anything once. Good riddance to your lonely and poor social days when you start dating a local Louisianan girl because she'll help you widen your social circle one way or the other. In fact, dating a local Louisianan girl often makes you realize that your house isn’t just yours anymore because it will soon start accommodating a lot of loved ones, family, and friends during both the bad and the good times.

You'll actually have a great time dating local girls in Louisiana because there's that assurance you'll get that everything is going to be alright if things ever get really hard and you have a Louisianan girl by your side; known to be very caring and tough, Louisianan girls are the type who stick around when it's good and when it's sour.

Dating Culture

If you've ever been to Louisiana or you've read a couple of things about the state, you'll definitely agree that Louisiana is undoubtedly one of the most romantic places in the United States of America. Here is a state where people fall in love and love, they say, it's a beautiful thing. However, there seems to be a couple of customs and rules when it comes to dating in New Orleans and one of them is that real dates do happen in this state. Compared to other parts of the country where people who are into each other just ask each other to "hook up" or "hang out" one of these days, there are actually honest-to-goodness dates in this state but this doesn't negate the fact that it's totally impossible to still keep things pretty casual by just hanging out because it's a modern world anyway.

To include, most of your dates in this state can't get wrapped up early because the fun only gets started around midnight and you can’t actually call it an early night lest you risk being labeled a killjoy Grandpa. The dating scene/culture/norm in Louisiana is very fun and you don’t have to break the bank to have a beautiful time here because there are lots of free and cheap things to do; from the freaking Little League games and parks to festivals, music venues and the alcohol that flows everywhere, you can never have a boring dating experience in this state, and if you're in a place like New Orleans, know that your culinary skill can beef up your attractiveness and there's a point when you'll have to cook together with your date.

Sugar Dating

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Online Dating

Dating in Louisiana can be a bit tricky due to not knowing if you have a solid connection, so your best bet is to sign up for a dating site before you venture to the night club or bar, so you can meet a few locals ahead of time. AdultFriendFinder.com lets you meet local members in Louisiana and get to know them on a personal basis before you meet in person. Take advantage of site features like live chat and member to member webcams so you can begin flirting before arranging a face-to-face meeting.

Webcam Dating

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Louisiana women are romantic beings and this is one of the things you'll definitely love about them. Especially if you're in a city like New Orleans that's regarded to be fit for lovers with its intriguing voodoo, rich cultural heritage, and historic architecture, taking a romantic stroll with your Louisianan sweetheart is one delectable experience to anticipate. Louisianan women are fun people to be with. These women know how to have fun and you can never complain of boredom when you're dating a local Louisianan woman. Women in Louisiana have the reputation of being world-renowned huggers and one thing you'll actually enjoy about dating a Louisianan woman is that she'll always have a special way of wrapping her sweet loving arms around you.

If you don't ever want to be bored on a Friday night again, all you need to do is to date a Louisianan lady. As you bask in the opportunity of being taken out and shown a rollicking good time, dating a local woman in Louisiana is one worthy step to bidding goodbye to all your boring Friday nights. Louisianan women are well-versed with all the necessary requirements to have a good time, they're very laid-back, and they live by the mantra “laissez les bons temps roulez” which literally means let the good time come. And, you can always count on your Louisianan lover to always have the cure for what ails you after a night on the town. However, there's a high chance of you dating famous women in this state. New Orleans has earned the moniker “Hollywood South” and you might even end up falling in love with one popular movie star in this state - lucky you!

One of the things you'll definitely appreciate about Louisiana women is that they know how to keep the magic alive. In case you don't know, most of the local women in Louisiana seem to have a little bit of voodoo in them but the point of it all is that loving can be pretty magical in this state, and maybe one can probably attribute this to a few superstitious or voodoo rituals in some parts of the state. You'll actually enjoy dating local women in Louisiana because Louisiana women are the kind who will always stick through. Come high water or hell, your Louisianan lover will always have your back, and you can actually chalk this up to her fierce pride and dogged determinism. Louisiana is a great place to date White Americans and African Americans and if you're seeking to meet and date Asian women in Louisiana, you'll also find a few of them in different parts of the state plus there are possibilities that you'll find native Hawaiian women to date in Louisiana as well.

Louisianian Girls (age 18 - 29)

One sure thing about these girls is that they love to get down and party for just about every occasion and if it interests you to date Louisianan girls of this age range, this is one of the important things you should know. From the two-week-long parade called Mardi Gras and hurricane parties to standard tailgating parties, these girls love catching a great time and you can never be bored if you're dating them but you must be someone who loves going out to have fun too if you want to enjoy dating then better and not count their tendency to drink and party to be excessive.

Irrespective of that, one thing you should know about these girls is that they hold their family in a very high esteem. In Louisiana, blood is thicker than water, and you'll have to be careful with who you talk about here because it might end up being your girl's cousin, parent, or brother, and you can't afford to mess up because there are fierce familial bonds in this state. However, another vital thing you should know about these girls is that some of them can talk a lot and while some people see this as a downside, some find it to be pretty interesting. These girls also love drinking a lot and you'd better be down for nights of grabbing a beer together if you want to roll better with them.

Louisianian Women (age 30 - 45)

These Louisianan women are some of the friendliest people you'll find on this planet. These women are very quick to make friends and when they meet a stranger, they're quick to greet with a hug or probably part with one. If you date Louisianan women of this age range, you also stand to benefit from this friendly vibe and trait of theirs because they'll be down to help you; whether you need a place to stay or whatsoever. In addition, most of these women are sports lovers and if you want to enjoy dating them, you'll have to support their choice of team, and if you don't, it clearly suggests that you're against them. These women also love eating and some of them will feed you with good food till you hunger no more. Aside from partying, eating is one thing these women do better, and if you visit this state as a skinny person, you'll probably be leaving robust if you date some of these women. But, what's good food without some good drinks? This clearly justifies why Louisianan women of this age range love drinking and as a matter of fact, drinking is considered to be a way of life here in this state. So, get ready to eat, drink, and catch a great time overall if you're dating these Louisiana women.

Louisianian Ladies (age 45+)

These Louisianan ladies are typically deeply rooted in southern values and traditions, and just like the younger ladies you'll come across in the state, they're also very fun-loving and they love catching a great time. Louisiana older women are down-to-earth, they display good old-fashioned hospitality, they love good food, and they're family-oriented. Dating older women in Louisiana can be quite interesting considering the fact that these women were very friendly, caring, fun to be with, and adventurous. However, looking for where to meet and hook up with older women in Louisiana could be a bit challenging but not to worry, you can always count on nightlife venues like bars, pubs, wine bars, and restaurants to offer you opportunities to meet single older women in Louisiana. Whether you're in Lafayette, Baton Rouge, Shreveport, or New Orleans, you have a great chance of meeting Louisianan cougars and hooking up with older women in Louisiana but you'll definitely have to brace yourself for singing, dancing, eating, and drinking.

Foreign Girls (tourists, expats, students, etc.)

Louisiana has the reputation of being home to some of the world's most beautiful and most romantic cities and this alone is one of the things that keep attracting visitors and tourists from far and near into the state. Whether you're hoping to date tourists or college girls in Louisiana, there's no shortage of foreign girls available to hook up with because Louisiana is home to plenty of reputable higher institutions of learning that host thousands of college students and there are tourists as well trooping into the sate from time to time to catch a great time as well. And, since everyone basically wants to have fun, you should have no difficulty in approaching and hooking up with one if you're cute and open-minded.


Louisiana is repleted with a lot of friendly and vibrant residents who love having fun and guys who are looking for local girls in Louisiana to get laid with will have little or no problem getting laid with Louisiana girls because this state itself has a happy atmosphere which tends to help in facilitating hooking up and getting laid. There are plenty of singles in Louisiana looking for who to vibe with and if you're a cute guy who knows how to have so much fun just like the girls, you'll be able to connect faster and you'll have a great time getting laid in Louisiana. Howbeit, while it's already known that it's not all the cities in the state that have more possibilities to offer when it comes to getting sex, cities like New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Jefferson, Lake Charles, Shreveport, Hammond, and Monroe are known to be some of the easiest places to get laid in Louisiana due to their interesting nightlife, young population, and a good number of college girls.

Sex Culture

A large number of the women you'll meet in Louisiana are sexually liberated.

One-Night Stands

One-night stands can be the easiest thing to come by in Louisiana and this can actually be attributed to the fact that the locals in this state spend a lot of time out late at night drinking and partying. And, since the girls will be a bit tipsy and loose, it's often easier to get a one-night stand.

Best Places to Meet Single Girls

Fondly referred to by many as the Bayou State or the Creole State by a few, Louisiana is situated in the Deep South region of the South Central United States and it's the only state in the country with political subdivisions termed parishes. Louisiana is as well surrounded by the Mississippi River, the Gulf of Mexico, and a few other states in the United States of America which include Mississippi, Arkansas, and Texas. Of all the fifty states you'll find in the country, Louisiana is the 25th most populous and the 19th-smallest by area.

Coffee shops are one of the best places where you can meet single girls in Louisiana and since there are loads of them in the state, looking for a particular one to check out may be nauseating and we recommend you check out any of these ones;

  • Java Mama is that one place where you'll always have ample opportunities to pick up a single local Louisianan woman. The local women in this state come to this cafe to enjoy a cup of coffee and they're always relaxed because this venue has a very fun vibe. You can as well sign up for health and wellness classes here or perhaps, come to any of its themed cafe events.
  • Rhino Coffee: Offering a huge selection of great coffee, this venue is a great place to approach and pick up single Louisiana women as you'll find a lot of them here. Offering breakfast scones and espressos in a fresh and clean taste, the food here is freshly cooked, and the coffee is always delicious.

Since New Orleans is the largest city in Louisiana, there's no doubt about the fact that it has plenty of single girls, and considering its lively and music scene blending with the propensity of the girls to party when it's dark, a good spot you can check out to meet single Louisianan girls in New Orleans is the French Quarter. This area receives huge traffic during the day and at nighttime and since there will be tons of pretty girls walking by, you can hit up this place to approach as many girls as you can. If French Quarter doesn't offer you what you want, a good alternative is the popular Riverwalk Mall. If you go to this spot alone, the chances are high that you'll be leaving with a girl. Sitting right along the Mississippi River is this venue; Cafe du Monde, that you'll find around here and it's an essential place to check out once you're at this venue.

Baton Rouge, on the other hand, is a great place to be if you don't mind picking up college girls, and a good spot where you can pick up single sexy girls in Baton Rouge is the Downtown area. The Downtown area is not only the main area for singles nightlife, it's also a quality place to day game in the city.

  • If you want to have more chances of picking up beautiful girls in Baton Rouge, you might want to game more near LSU around Tigerland for this is a spot that welcomes huge traffic from college girls in the city.
  • You might also want to watch out for a big college football Saturday in Baton Rouge because an occasion like this will not just help you meet single girls but you find single Louisianan girls to get laid with easily.

How about malls and shopping districts? There are lots of them around the state and you can try any of Mall of Louisiana, Perkins Rowe, Elmwood Shopping Center, or The Outlet Collection at Riverwalk.

Bars, Pubs and Nightclubs

Louisiana has a stunning nightlife and the locals in this state have the propensity of drinking and partying when it's dark. Howbeit, the fun never stops in Louisiana and nightlife spots abound in the state plentifully!

  • Monkey Hill Bar in New Orleans: This bar is a great place to socialize and get drinks. It's often packed with people, it has sensational crawfish and a super chill atmosphere. Offering delicious drinks at affordable prices, this bar is a place to be to chill, catch up with friends, grab a few beers, and have lunch. Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday are the best nights to visit here.
  • Cat’s Meow in New Orleans: Reputed to be a place where everybody can go to have fun, this bar is one of the best places to be if you like karaoke. You'll find a lot of pretty Louisianan ladies to approach here and you can feel free to sing your heart out until 6 in the morning because this venue seems to be open all night. You can as well enjoy the 3-for-1 drink special here.
  • The Bombay Club in New Orleans: Situated as one of the nightlife hotspots in the famous French Quarter, this venue is where you should be if you crave a more upscale night out. Come here well classically dressed and get your confidence boosted by the sophisticated and posh interior and enjoy the speakeasy vibes. From Wednesday onwards, you can enjoy watching live jazz bands performance here and you can stay replenished with its amazing signature cocktails.
  • Blue Moon Saloon and Guest House in Lafayette: This hip and rollicking venue is known for its charming, funky, and reasonably priced lodging option and it's a must-be place for Soul, Cajun, and Zydeco. This quirky and gay-friendly venue is one of the terrific places to enjoy live music in Lafayette and it's one of the city's mainstream bars. Come here to mingle, drink, and chill out on a warm summer night.
  • Splash nightclub in Baton Rouge: This is the largest dance club in the city and it's famous for its drag nights, long evenings of DJ dancing, and several other themed events. It's a gay nightclub, it offers multiple rooms, and it has a special place that features a video bar with Televisions and a pool room. It also features a Co2 method on its dance floor and you can enjoy non-stop dancing till 2 am here on a Saturday night.
  • Bouligny Tavern in New Orleans: Come here to enjoy listening to quality music and relax with the excellent happy hour that it offers. This bar is a nice spot to enjoy a good glass of wine and grab a great tapas plate and it has an atmosphere that is inviting and relaxed. This little Magazine hangout spot is a perfect spot for relaxation offering a good selection of scotches and bourbons to explore and it's dark and intimate. Drop by here on Wednesday, Friday, or Saturday to have a very nice time.
  • Phil Brady’s Bar & Grill in Baton Rouge: This bar is a great place to enjoy drinking some bottles of beer and catch some of the best local bands around. If you seek a less formal bar stocked with your favorites, this is your spot, and you'll definitely enjoy the live music here. You can as well pick up Louisianan women who are blue rock ‘n roll fans at this venue but you'll surely feel right at home due to the genuine old school pub vibe of this venue.
  • Cadillac Café in Baton Rouge: This bar/dance club is a nice place to be if you’re a fan of the club scene. Offering a loud, party-type atmosphere, this club has a way of making you forget all your troubles once you walk in and it has an electric atmosphere. You can also pick up some of the hottest girls here, especially when you come on Thursday night for Ladies Night.
  • La Fonda in Lafayette: Offering some of the tastiest margaritas in the whole of Louisiana, this Lafayette Mexican joint is a good place to be if you're a fan of margaritas. You should definitely come here to try out its frozen margaritas and beef enchiladas, and the atmosphere here is cozy and friendly that you can make friends and even enjoy people watching.
  • Masquerade Nightclub in New Orleans: There's virtually no better way of spending a night in New Orleans if you're yet to hit up this club. As you enjoy quality music here, you'll also get to try your luck at the few cardgames at the corner. You can also enjoy watching Gage's here as there are TVs serving sports fans. Do well to try out the Hoodoo Potion if you fancy kicking back a few drinks and this club is situated right in Harrah’s Casino.
  • The Metro NOLA: This venue creates the perfect atmosphere for a party with its fantastic lighting and smoke machines as it metamorphoses into a nightclub every Saturday. Popularly referred to as The Metro NOLA, The Metropolitan has a strict dress code and it offers you an opportunity to enjoy VIP service. There are as well unique tunes you can enjoy at the two rooms here.
Party at the Metro Nola club in New Orleans, Louisiana

Shopping Malls

Here are some of the best malls and shopping centers In Louisiana;

  • Mall of Louisiana in Baton Rouge
  • Louisiana Boardwalk Outlets in Bossier City
  • Acadiana Mall in Lafayette
  • Prien Lake Mall in Lake Charles
  • Lakeside Shopping Center in Metairie
  • Pecanland Mall in Monroe
  • River Chase in Covington
  • The Outlet Collection at Riverwalk in New Orleans
Pecanland Mall


Louisiana is truly a sportsman’s paradise and there is a whole lot of things one can do outdoors in this great state:

  • Join the Grand Isle Migratory Bird Celebration
  • Consider an epic bike ride on Tammany Trace
  • Kayak along Toro Bayou
  • Try the Bayou Macon paddling trail
  • Take an airboat ride in Lafitte
  • Take an educational hike at the Louisiana State Arboretum
  • Check out fishing near the Saltwater Barrier in Calcasieu River
  • Go Birdwatching at the Peveto Woods Bird and Butterfly Sanctuaries
  • Try out freshwater fishing on South Toledo Bend State Park
  • Go primitive camping at Chicot State Park
Calcasieu River Bridge

Universities and Colleges

Louisiana is home to several notable public and private colleges and universities, and some of them are:

  • Southern University
  • Grambling State University
  • Louisiana State University of Alexandria -Alexandria
  • Louisiana State University Shreveport - Shreveport
  • University of New Orleans - New Orleans
  • Tulane University
  • Louisiana State University
  • University of Louisiana at Lafayette - Lafayette
  • University of Louisiana at Monroe - Monroe
  • Baton Rouge Community College - Baton Rouge
  • Louisiana College - Pineville
Louisiana State University Old law building


Louisianan girls are the life of the party and one sure thing that's guaranteed when you're in a romantic relationship with a local Louisianan girl is that you'll never be bored. While one cannot outrightly guarantee the total loyalty of the girls when they're in a relationship, one can still hold on to the supportive and friendly attitude of the girls which is actually something that's pretty valuable.

Holiday Romance

New Orleans in Louisiana is known for its fun atmosphere, electric nightlife, and it's famous to be one of the popular tourist destinations in the country. And, finding a holiday romance in a place like this can be quite easy.

Tips for Successful Relationship

No relationship is perfect but of course, there's nothing halting one from building a healthy and successful relationship, and here are some tips that can come very handy;

  • Respect and love her family
  • Don't insult her friends but be nice to them
  • Spend more time together
  • Fight fairly
  • Encourage good communication
  • Surprise her with gifts occasionally


Louisiana has the reputation of being home to some of the most romantic cities in the world and there's a good chance of finding love in this state.

How to Make Sure She Is the One

Her attitudes, priorities, and how she responds through her verbal and nonverbal signals are some of the things that can probably give you the clarity to understand if she's the one.


You can get married anywhere in the state of Louisiana once you have a license and you can get it issued to you at the parish level by the Clerk of Court.


Louisiana has a Cajun culture that sets it apart from the rest of the nation and getting married here is full of opportunities whether you're a transplant to the Bayou State, marrying into a Louisiana family, or an LSU Tiger by birth. There's a number of great places to host your wedding in Louisiana and New Orleans and Baton Rouge are regarded to be some of the top cities to tie the knot in Louisiana.

Family Life

Louisiana is a great place to raise a family and call home due to its vibrant culture, strong economy, and low cost of living.


Louisiana regions
Greater New Orleans
New Orleans & surrounding towns, bayous, the lower Mississippi
The center of Cajun culture, with distinctive food and music
Alexandria and historic Natchitoches
Florida Parishes
Baton Rouge and the Lake Pontchartrain North Shore
North Louisiana is the most "Southern"; Shreveport, historic Indian mounds


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