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Guide for dating in Libya helps you to meet the best girls. This dating guide gives you tips how to date Libyan women. You will learn rules where and how to flirt with local Libyan girls. We advise how to move from casual dating to the relationship and find the real love. We also tell the best dating sites in Libya. In this article below you will find more information where to meet and date girls in Libya, Africa.

Libya is a predominantly desert country. Up to 90% of the land area is covered in desert

Girls in Libya:

  • Looks of girls: 3.5 / 5
  • Attitude of girls: 4 / 5
  • Loyalty of girls: 4 / 5
  • Education level of girls: 3 / 5

Dating in Libya:

  • Chance of arranging dates: 3.5 / 5
  • Casual dating culture: 3 / 5
  • Online dating popularity: 3 / 5

Sex in Libya:

  • Women's sexual activity: 3 / 5
  • One-night stands: 2.5 / 5

More about Libya:

  • Nightlife in general: 2 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 2.5 / 5
  • Budget per day: US$10 - $300
  • Accommodation: US$7 - $200


Throughout the world, humanity has different ways of portraying themselves and their values and thus, are different. After all, in a landscape so big, it is obvious for people to create different communities and follow their own views and desires. Of course, there are some things that unite them all, irrespective of the geographical distances.

Consequently, factors like religion and history definitely are what draws many people together, and some countries consider them gospel. In the North-African region, one such place is Libya, and it showcases this quite prominently. Thus, in a society so ingrained with such values and traditions, its effect is apparent on the locals living there.

Hence, when you are considering dating in this country, you should notice and respect their customs. Libyan women also take these factors very seriously and that does shape how they view romantic entanglements too. Therefore, the best way forward for you is to understand the culture of this place before you approach them.

Certainly, Libyan women are very intelligent and head-strong and have strong values regarding their life and future. Furthermore, the influence of their family on their life is quite effective as well, and that is something that many ladies are steadfast about. When you meet them, saying the wrong thing, or doing the wrong action would affect your chances terribly.

After all, the cultural influence in the country of Libya is quite intense, and the people you meet even more so. The local women living there have lots of great qualities that make them infinitely more attractive. Indeed, dating them is something that you would cherish a lot, but it is not a simple road to success.

Dating Culture

Without a doubt, before you settle into the dating scene in Libya, you should first check the dating atmosphere there. After all, if you are from liberal and modern society, you would notice a lot of differences when you enter these borders. Most of the ladies in Libya are equally closed-off and traditional, and that affects their views on romance.

Indeed, unlike most countries and regions, the population of Libya is set in their own histories and beliefs. Owing to that, they do not follow the modern methods of dating and privacy is very important. The Libyan women, especially, do not openly flirt with men or show interest and are very secretive about their feelings.

Thus, asking them out openly is not the best way to go about in this country, as most Libyan ladies do not appreciate it. You should treat them with a lot of respect and calmness, and make them comfortable in your company. Consequently, they would let you know if they are interested in you, as these women are confident in their personal choices.

Of course, regardless of how you may appear, do not let go of your inner confidence, as these ladies find it attractive. A sense of self-assuredness and soft but strong aura tells a lot about what a person is like. Therefore, if you maintain a relaxed but respectful attitude, the Libyan women would see you as partner material.

While approaching them, you should understand that their families are very protective of their women and you should not offend them. In fact, this is apparent in the Libyan dating culture as well, and respecting their families and their values are very crucial. Therefore, while dating in this traditionalist country, you should maintain precautions and stay subtle about your desires and emotions.

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Online Dating

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In a country with a lot of religious doctrines, the signs of that are obviously visible in the personality of its people. Not to mention, it is a huge part of who they are and how they deal with their daily lifestyle. In fact, their views regarding their dating life also take these teachings and values into account.

For the most part, the majority of the religious sentiments that the women in Libya have lean more towards Islam. And the tenets in this culture are very old-fashioned regarding the lifestyle of women and how society embraces them. Indeed, these women take such sentiments seriously and devise their entire lifestyle around such teachings.

Libyan women have many sides to their persona, ranging from a soft public face to a feisty personality within. However, how they act in a given situation depends mainly on how they feel in the presence of other people involved. Indeed, they do not trust easily and are very smart in assessing situations and react according to that. Without a doubt, the major component that is essential for the ladies in Libya is their sense of duty. In fact, they are very inclined toward their families and their customs and want to bring honor and prosperity for them. These women are more long-term oriented, and most of them do not feel comfortable with the casual hookup culture.

As for their physicality, the Libyan ladies maintain a normal figure but do not make it apparent for onlookers. Indeed, decency and modesty are the paragons of the female society in Libya, and most wear hijabs for this reason. However, while they do hide most of their appearance, their beauty still shines through their Mediterranean eyes and dark features. Of course, class and etiquette are very important for these ladies, and they showcase it effectively.

Libyan Girls (age 18 - 29)

Younger individuals are more likely to question authority and the matters that have been prevalent for generations. After all, they are still learning to look at the society around them and do so with new and curious eyes. Owing to this, the views of the younger generations towards dating and things related to such are less constricted.

Thus, if you are considering the dating scene in Libya, you would have a better connection with girls in the early twenties. They want to experience more and are likely to give their curiosities a chance. Not to mention, their focus is more centered around their personal life and developing it, and thus, some try experimenting.

However, while this is visible among these women, it is not highly prominent. After all, the societal rules are ingrained in the mindset of the Libyan families and they teach their children accordingly. Many of these women understand and support these ideals and do not show much interest in dating and finding romance.

The women in their twenties focus on various other priorities like education, families, and the work-life too. In fact, you would meet many younger Libyan ladies who are already married at this time of their life. Therefore, dating them is not the simplest matter but does involve other factors like time and luck.

When you meet these girls and young women, do not thrust your interest on top of them. Indeed, you would get the best reaction from them if you treat them respectfully and honor their interests and thoughts. Thus, whether something romantic comes out of your reaction or not, a mutual friendship will form for sure.

Libyan Women (age 30 - 45)

Older women have more experience and knowledge, and they bring that to the forefront in anything they do. Owing to that, they have a more grounded and proper mindset towards their lifestyle choices too, and focus on progressive actions. Therefore, when you get to Libya and meet the women there, you would notice this in their character for sure.

Libyan women are intelligent and humble and are very assured in their own life and actions. Indeed, while they are subtle in their behavior and work, they do know how to speak their mind. However, they are very aware of their society and its norms, and thus, maintain a good standard throughout.

In recent years, women in Libya have received better opportunities when it comes to their work-life and many follow that. Yet, the most common theme for the Libyan ladies in any part of Libya is aimed toward their household life. Certainly, most of them adjust their ambitions in line with their family and responsibilities and thus marry someone.

Owing to this, you would not meet many single women in their 30's and such after reaching this country. If that is what you are most attracted to, your chances are slim but you can form a connection regardless. Of course, that is not the easiest to do either, considering the fact that males do not interact too openly with females.

However, while that is a part of the Libyan culture for a long time, things are comparatively more open now. Thus, you can form friendships with these ladies in Libya when you meet them through work or friends. If things do progress into a more romantic lane, that is up to the circumstances and her comfort level.

There are some ladies who are more modern compared to the traditionalist majority. Hence, if you come across them and make an impression, you would have an easier time finding romance. Nevertheless, whichever middle-age Libyan lady you meet, treat them well and with respect, and let them make their own decision.

Libyan Ladies (age 45+)

As someone, especially a woman, crosses the 45 years age mark, most feel complacent in their current life. Also, there are some exceptional cases where the women you meet would want to get newer experiences at this age. However, when you reach Libya, you would see the former being more common than the latter.

Indeed, around the age of 45 and older, the Libyan ladies find themselves well-suited in their daily lives. Most of them are already married and choose to devote their attention to the welfare of their family. Not to mention, these ladies are loyal to their very core, and their partners are their most important person.

Therefore, the mature ladies do not agree with the idea of divorces, although legally these rights are available. They prefer to stay in their married life to please those around them and themselves. So, this would cause a lack of choices for you if the mature ladies are more to your interest.

Of course, a few exceptions are available in every society, and you might find such in Libya as well. While that is true, the societal pressures would cause strife in this opportunity and you have to respect the rules. Moreover, do not force your opinions or interest in any of the Libyan ladies you meet. If they feel a connection with you, they would take the necessary steps as per how comfortable they are with it.

Foreign Girls (tourists, expats, students, etc.)

Without a doubt, Libya is a beautiful country through and through and is culturally very bright. Owing to this, there is a chance for you to see many interesting sights when you visit its cities. Furthermore, if you are a lover of history, you would perceive that a lot in the venues and landscapes you go to, for sure.

Of course, when you do, you would find that you are not the only one; many female tourists visit them too. Not to mention, you might come across some foreign ex-pats and students as well, who visit Libya for their future ambitions. If you are into trying out the dating field in this country, your chances with them will feel much easier to handle.

After all, Libyan culture and the locals inherent with it are very old-fashioned when it comes to dating liberties and such. In contrast, the foreigners know and agree with the more modern approach to love, and you would find that similarity with them. They are much easier to approach as well, while most Libyan women are very cautious with strangers and feel unsafe.

Owing to this, the foreign ladies would make a better company too, as they are not looking for anything serious. They want a partner, but none to their interests come with an expectation for more. Therefore, you would feel much more natural and light in this company and enjoy your trip properly.

On that note, you should notice the social standards and pace of Libya and keep your interactions more platonic in public. Openly showing affection or lust is not a good look in Libya and can get you in a problem. Indeed, while you will have to keep the physical attraction to a minimum with the tourists, the Libyan ladies have a different mindset.

To put it simply, they are very closed off regarding physical intimacy for the most part and maximum are not comfortable with it. In comparison, the foreign ladies are more content with the idea of it and would agree for some fun in private. Of course, you would enjoy dating a Libyan woman, but you will get there significantly sooner with a foreigner instead.


Certainly, approaching someone with the idea of having a sexual relationship with them is never the easiest. You need to talk to them nicely and with a proper level of etiquette and care. Indeed, if they do not feel comfortable in your presence your chances of attracting them are slim to none.

This is especially true in the case of Libyan ladies, as they prefer a straightforward and honest approach to things. Of course, while you won't face a lot of luck in this regard with most of the locals, there are some exceptions. Without a doubt, a few of the Libyan women are open to experimentation and understand the concept of sexual liberty.

Thus, you would find partners for such activities but it is not easy for most and takes time and effort on your part. You should try to get to know them and improve your interaction with them. In return, if they feel an attraction toward you, they would consider that interest and maybe take things forward.

Sex Culture

In the country of Libya, sex is not something that is openly practiced, but it does have subtle popularity. Of course, everything runs undercover and privacy is the main discipline that most adopt during hookups. However, when it comes to the local women, convincing them for such is not easy and requires patience.

Indeed, the local Libyan ladies are not open to sexual relations with random people and focus on their personality first. Therefore, you should focus on showing them your good side, and not pressure them into anything. They are much more likely to say yes to you if you treat them well, as these ladies are independent with their passions.

Also, when studying the sex culture of Libya, it includes the sex life of foreign girls, and that is comparatively more active. After all, they have a more liberal mindset in comparison and enjoy having fun, though moderately. You would enjoy a good sex life in this country, but you need to keep things very low-key.

One-Night Stands

In the matter of enjoying someone’s sexual life, one of the best ways that people go forward with it nowadays is one-night stands. To put it simply, they are very casual in nature and occur between two people who mutually agree to no commitments. Thus, it is something that would help with satisfying your sexual appetite, but not entirely.

Indeed, when you reach Libya, the local Muslim girls would say no to such a proposition. While some might agree, others feel more inclined towards something more permanent. Thus, in the matter of one-night stands, you would not find the most success, generally speaking. Of course, if you approach the foreign tourists, you might face a better outcome in this regard.

Best Places to Meet Single Girls

Libya, full of cultural brilliance, is one of the best places to go to when you want to see a different lifestyle. Not to mention, there are many destinations in various cities, and they showcase the history of its forefathers. Thus, when you visit these regions, you would get the chance to see them as well.

You would learn a lot about this country and its history from these areas and discover new facts. Overall, that is not the only plus side of visiting these; in fact, you would meet many young women too. Indeed, Libyan ladies are very passionate about what they want and like, especially about their history.

Moreover, many of the young tourists also reach these spots to learn more about Libya. Either way, you would get the chance to meet many eligible women and have a fun time together. Also, wherever you do come across them, you can naturally begin a conversation regarding it.

Bars, Pubs and Nightclubs

Without a doubt, the nightlife of a place does attract a lot of attention, and for some, what they are there for. In Libya, too, you would get to experience an interesting and fun time in the various bars and nightclubs. However, the later the night gets, the Libyan ladies do not frequent such places due to societal factors.

Yet, if you adjust your timing and location, you can come across someone special indeed. While the nightlife in this country is not very visible, there are some small hidden places you can travel to. Of course, in Libyan culture, most of the ladies are not allowed in these locations. However, when you visit them, you would have a different and interesting time regardless.

Shopping Malls

Without a doubt, the women in the country of Libya are very into different types of fashions and things. Thus, they are frequent visitors to malls and outlet stores and have a fun time there. If you reach these regions, you would get the chance to come across them as well.

Not only would you get to see many exciting things to buy, but you would also meet girls simultaneously. The women you would face are friendly if you approach them nicely, and that can lead to good conversations. Of course, you should keep their cultural matters in mind, and respect their disinterest if they show it.

Certainly, you would have a wonderful shopping experience at the following spots and possibly meet someone too.

  • ZIDDY LIBYA (Tripoli)
  • Keshav Bazaar (Jaora)
  • Souk Almuthalth (Tripoli)
  • Marmara Mall (Benghazi)


There are a lot of things to do and see in Libya, and that attracts much of the attention of the people visiting. Indeed, whether you are more into something fun or interested in historic facts, there are many places for both here. What’s more, you would meet many local as well as tourist ladies who feel the same interest.

If you are wondering what the best places to visit are in this country, here are some options for you.

  • Tadrart Acacus (Ghat District)
  • Leptis Magna (Khoms)
  • Assaraya al-Hamra (Tripoli)
  • Jamahiriya Museum (Tripoli)
  • Cyrene

Universities and Colleges

Education is something that most of the Libyan women were not used to before but now are allowed for. Owing to this, many of these women like going to these regions and learning new things. Therefore, if you want to meet young single girls, these spots are good areas.

Here are some of the best universities that you would see in Libya.

  • Sabratha University (Sabratha)
  • Misurata University (Misurata)
  • Azzaytuna University (Tarhuna City)
  • University of Al Zawiya (Zawiya)
  • Al-Mergib University (Al Khums)


When you reach a new place that you are not used to, your chances of adapting to that are completely circumstantial. Indeed, the possibility of meeting many people and forming many types of relationships are high in a new country. Yet, when it comes to developing that into something romantic, there is a lot more you need to focus on.

In Libya, that is a possibility for sure, but not too easy to get with most locals. After all, these women are strict about their standards and interests and give into romance very rarely. In fact, most do not have the inclination to date at all and wait for their marriages first.

Therefore, dating as a whole is a tricky thing in this nation, especially if you are looking for something casual. The Libyan ladies who do say yes to it are more into something long term and consider that in their romantic affairs. Thus, you would have a better chance with regard to temporary affairs with foreigners staying in this region.

Of course, falling in love with the foreigners in Libya is also a possibility, but relationships, in general, are very subtle in the country. Since most of society is very dated in regards to women's rights and romance, you have to maintain a high level of privacy. Indeed, publicly showing your interest or physical displays like hugs or kisses are not common in Libya.

Certainly, respecting the culture of the place that you are staying at is very important, especially in this country. Not to mention, in case of love relationships, the families of the women have a big say in the matter. When you are dating someone or want to, you have to understand their familial responsibilities and also prove your intentions to them.

If marriage and love are not something you are looking forward to, you should stay honest about it with the Libyan women. Indeed, do not play with their emotions, as these ladies can have a mercurial reaction to it.

Holiday Romance

When people go on trips to other lands, more often than not they bring back stories about people they met and connected with. And these sorts of relationships are extremely attractive, as they are light, passion-filled, and very mature. Indeed, when you travel to Libya, you might get the opportunity for that as well.

However, for the most part, who you achieve that success with are mainly the women who are staying there temporarily too. After all, the local Libyans are not very open to dating people and have many restrictions. In contrast, foreign ex-pats want to have a good experience and are open to talking to new people and sharing a bond.

Not to mention, if you are not interested in getting together permanently, the local Libyan women feel more put off with it. Marriage and family are important elements in their culture and the prospect of a casual relationship is not very attractive. Therefore, holiday romances are not something most of them say yes too, but the foreigners do.

Additionally, many female tourists want to have fun on their trips and they have a time limit on their travel. If you are on a vacation timeline as well, they are more likely to understand your dilemma and you would find a common connection. Thus, they would want something casual as well and you can spend your temporary time happily.

Of course, when considering such relationships, keep a note of the fact that appearances are not always real. The women you choose might have a different life back home and so do you. Therefore, it is best to stay on the same page about your preferences and intentions and keep expectations to a minimum.

Tips for Successful Relationship

When you are dating someone for the first time, the beginning always feels magical and special. After all, that is when you are only judging on the basis of your physical and slight mental compatibility. Therefore, during this, most of the things are surface level, and the issues, too, do not seem too deep.

However, when you start spending more time together, you start noticing things through thicker lenses. These matters can later affect your relationship negatively and thus, you should focus on them from the start. Therefore, your relationship would progress in a natural manner and your bond would survive better.

  • Adjust to changes - When you are together with another person, you are not in a one-person show anymore. To put it simply, whatever you do or say would have an effect on both you and your partner's life. In turn, their actions and interests would have an impact on you as well. Thus, you should not complain about that and understand that it is normal. You have to adjust certain thoughts and lifestyle matters that would suit both of you equally. Therefore, keep an open mind regarding this for sure.
  • Show care and support - If you are dating someone, that person automatically becomes someone extremely important to you and in your life. Thus, you should treat them accordingly and know that the same rules for most people do not apply to them. Spend time with each other, talk about things that are bothering you, and become their shoulder to cry on. This would further affect your connection in a healthy way and you would have someone to rely on. And they would feel safe with you too.
  • Open your ears and mind - Every two people have different mindsets and thoughts, and expecting similarities in everything is not realistic. Certainly, this would appear in your relationship as well, with you and your partner. Therefore, you should make an effort to hear them out and understand that she might not agree with you always. In fact, this is important in a relationship because it allows both people to grow individually and together.
  • Set realistic standards - With the pop-culture factors and witnessing other people's successful love stories, sometimes you may have certain expectations. However, in real life and especially in your personal love story, expecting similar occurrences is not correct. After all, other stories are either made-up (if your reference is from books or television) or contextually different. Therefore, whatever you are going through, chances are that those expectations would not line up with them. You should keep an open mind about this and realize holding your partner up to another person's standard would ultimately hurt you.
  • Do not turn arguments into fights - In a relationship, arguments are inevitable. No matter how much you complement each other, you both are still different people with different perceptions. And sometimes, one person would do something that would affect the other or offend them. Not to mention, things like different choices and likes can also bring about light arguments. However, there is a difference between playful fighting and abusive altercations, and there is a thin line there. Thus, focus on your tone and words, and see if you have logic in your arguments. If not, concede to them and lessen the fight before it gets dirty. Indeed, that can affect both of you in a very negative way down the line.
  • Have fun - When you love someone, every moment you spend with them feels fun and magical. But with time, that loses its novelty and you stop focusing on keeping the fun alive. While this may seem not important at first, in reality, this can later harm your compatibility. Thus, take time out to spend with them and bring the romance into your moments. Of course, big displays are good, but smaller ones every day have a similarly positive effect. This would make you realize your love again every day and keep your connection intact.


Falling in love with a woman in Libya is not difficult, but managing it is a matter of luck and effort. Indeed, you have to consider a lot of different elements first and then go forward with the rest. After all, the society in Libya is not too modern-minded, but things are not completely old-fashioned either.

Therefore, your chances of attracting and falling for a Libyan woman are not completely out of question. You would meet many of these women who want to make their own decision in choosing partners and do so properly. Thus, they do try to interact with people; although, this is mostly for those who are more adapted to Western thought processes.

Of course, a lot of their beliefs regarding love and such come from their family's point of view. These women respect and care for their opinions and ideologies and look at romance in a long-term manner. Thus, when they fall for someone, they do not do so with the idea that it would break eventually.

Without a doubt, Libyan women are very devoted to their partners and always think about the future. Owing to that, they show care and adoration to their loved ones and treat them with respect and loyalty. These ladies do not do things in partial measures; they take time to open up but showcase a big heart when they do.

How to Make Sure She Is the One

To put it simply, when it comes to relationships, it occurs over different timelines and phases, and not each is the same. Thus, what you expect from your partner depending on your relationship type is different from others. When it comes to something more serious like marriage though, there is a load more you need to focus on.

After all, it is a matter of a lifetime for you and your lover, and menial things would not properly judge this situation anymore. There are a lot more elements that work towards a healthy life together, and you need to focus on them first. Of course, the first question you should ask yourself before tackling said issues is simply if she is your partner for life.

In case you are thinking about this, some questions about your daily interaction and connection with her would give you the answer. Here are some of them.

  • Words are not necessary - Without a doubt, when you are in a relationship with someone, there is a lot to say and do together. But when you are thinking long-term, such acts are not possible all the time. Over the years, the things you have to say to each other lessens and what will remain is silence. Therefore, how would you deal with that? Certainly, that is the difference you should look into; do you feel comfortable even when you have nothing to say? Awkward silences can break a connection, and it is a death-note when it comes to marriages. Therefore, look into how you and your partner survive such moments- it would definitely answer a lot.
  • Compromises are okay - Fighting and arguments are a necessary evil when it comes to building and maintaining a healthy bond. In fact, while your differences cause them, how you deal with it shows both of your will to stay together. Thus, these things will happen but where does it end for the two of you? Are they never resolved or do you decide to nip it before things get abusive? Do you hold on to your anger or do you both decide to take one for your team? Indeed, there is a stark difference between each.
  • Everything feels easy with them - Certainly, lifetime feels like a long time, and spending it with someone who you do not get along with is tiresome. And thus, take note of that in your bond with them. Do you feel like you are constantly working on your relationship, or does everything feel natural? Not to mention, do you feel less tense and saner when you stay in their presence? These would affect your relationship positively and allow you cathartic moments after a long day.
  • Others pale in comparison - The world is full of beautiful women, and attraction can occur with anyone. In fact, that is a common thing with humanity; however, not when you are in love with someone. When you feel strongly about your partner, you would not and cannot think of someone else. And that is a huge thing to consider when you are thinking about marrying the one you are with. Do you feel strongly enough for them and feel no distractions, or is it not as deep? You should definitely ask yourself this question to avoid suffering for both of you in the future.
  • Acceptance - Nobody is the same, and most importantly, nobody is completely perfect. Indeed, that is the truth of life and something that you should keep a note of. Therefore, in a good and lifelong relationship, both partners accepting that about the other is significant. It means that your bond is without any pretenses or lies; you know who the other is and you are happy. Certainly, that is an important thing a relationship needs to flourish well through married life.


Unquestionably, for a female in any society, marriages are something life-changing and thus is a crucial step in the future. Especially in a country like Libya, this is a very important matter and everyone involved takes it seriously. The Libyan ladies prepare themselves for such a commitment, though most of the time the seniors are the main decision-makers.

Indeed, in this society, the final say rests on the say-so of the elder male members, and most of them choose a man for their daughters. Arranged marriages are the more traditional methods in Libya, and are entirely a family matter. In fact, these decisions are taken between the two family elders of the bride and groom, focusing on family prestige and are almost business-like.

Therefore, much of the procedure and planning rests on the shoulders of the families and not the couple themselves. They have no specific say on what they want, although they do get the chance to meet for a while. However, in recent times, some families do support love marriages too, but it is not too common.

Even so, the family's blessings are very important and that is what your entire proposal depends upon. Thus, before you can wed your Libyan partner, you need to prove your devotion and worth to their family. Certainly, you need to concentrate on improving your bond with them and the rest would work out afterward.


Weddings showcase the class and standard of the families, and the celebrations occur in big displays. Indeed, the traditional values and customs are followed according to religion and people focus on maintaining it. Thus, when you are getting married to your Libyan fiancee, you would notice a huge amount of such influences.

Indeed, the customs lean more towards Islamic religious values, as most of the people are Muslim. Therefore, you and your soon-to-be wife would stay segregated into different sections and say your vows separately. As for the venues, the most common routes for themes are tradition-oriented and are held in big halls. Not to mention, the entire ceremony is usually stretched over a period of time, usually days.

Here are some of the best venues in the different sectors of Libya.

  • Farhaty (Tripoli)
  • Al Ostora Hall (Tripoli)
  • Al Nouran Events Hall (Benghazi)
  • Layalina Wedding Hall (Tripoli)

Family Life

Without a doubt, a person’s family life is usually a very big deal in the Libyan culture. And thus, you would see a huge influence of that in your life with your Libyan wife, and her focus on it. These ladies take such commitments seriously and focus on being a good wife and mother.

Indeed, they are very devoted to their responsibilities and take care of their household well. Not to mention, the land of Libya as a whole is a good place to settle in as well and is full of many opportunities. Whatever city you move to in Libya, these women would try to make your life there well-kept, healthy, and happy.


Map of Libya with regions colour-coded
Cyrenaica   (Benghazi, Shahhat, Tobruk)
the north eastern region on the Mediterranean Sea
Saharan Libya (Gaberoun, Ghadamis, Sabha, Ghat)
huge southern desert region with amazing scenery and some of the hottest temperatures recorded anywhere in the world
Tripolitania (Tripoli, Gharyan, Misratah, Surt ,Zuwara)
the north western region on the Mediterranean Sea with the capital city and ancient Roman ruins


The breath-taking views from Gharyan
  • Shahhat— Ancient city of Cyrene, a UNESCO World Heritage site, is nearby.
Tobruk Port

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