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Guide for dating in Ko Samui helps you to meet the best girls. This dating guide gives you tips how to date Thai women. You will learn rules where and how to flirt with local Thai girls. We advise how to move from casual dating to the relationship and find the real love. We also tell the best dating sites in Ko Samui. In this article below you will find more information where to meet and date girls in Ko Samui, Thailand.

Girls in Ko Samui:

  • Looks of girls: 3.5 / 5
  • Attitude of girls: 4.5 / 5
  • Loyalty of girls: 3 / 5
  • Education level of girls: 3 / 5

Dating in Ko Samui:

  • Chance of arranging dates: 4.5 / 5
  • Casual dating culture: 5 / 5
  • Online dating popularity: 5 / 5

Sex in Ko Samui:

  • Women's sexual activity: 5 / 5
  • One-night stands: 5 / 5

More about Ko Samui:

  • Nightlife in general: 5 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 3 / 5
  • Budget per day: US$50 - $1000
  • Accommodation: US$25 - $800


The women who hail from the island of Ko Samui are beautiful and the surroundings are such that dating the local girls here shall be nothing but an absolute delight. As a tourist, you shall find the local girls who hail from the island, to be very unique, the island is surely a part of the country of Thailand but the women are slightly different from the average woman on the mainland.

These women are immensely likeable, they have a refreshing personality and considering the peppy spirits that any traveller has on an island while soaking the sun and sipping on Margaritas, you shouldn't have much of an issue while dating local girls. These women are friendly, they are warm, and they are hospitable. You shall find them quite easy to approach as well. One must understand that the economy of the island is centred around tourism and the women realise that it is vital for them to behave well with these tourists who are virtually ambassadors and free publicists after they enjoy a good trip here. So many might fake a romance with you just so that you fill their pockets and keep the ball rolling, while some women may actually fall for you if you have those specific traits that set you apart from all the other men.

Thus, if you wish to earnestly date a local girl, do not be like the other tourists. Do not be a sleazeball, we recommend that you have morals, treat women the way they expect, do not just be in pursuit of what's under that skirt. Be a gentleman, be a knight in shining armour and you shall surely succeed in dating local girls here. More tips and tricks for the same are given in the sections below, it is important that you read it carefully if you wish to understand the local women perfectly.

Dating Culture

The dating culture on the island of Ko Samui is very relaxed, the local men and women are absolutely cheerful, they are always in good spirits and they are looking to set the mood. If you are a couple in love and are dating each other, they shall ensure that you get some extra perks and all the possible comfort. The island does attract a lot of couples to honeymoon, or chill, some even come to party, but a few individuals come here to meet and interact with the local girls, hoping to date them. Here is where the dating culture may appear to be a little different as all the locals are not comfortable with their women dating tourists. Some believe that all travellers are scum and they are looking to exploit local girls while some believe that there are tourists who are genuinely true and date women out of affection. Hence, you may encounter either of the extremes or even both of them, the best way to overcome this is to make your lady love believe firmly in your commitment.

The dating culture is such that women have seen many sleazeballs and they want to be double cautious before getting romantic or in bed with a tourist. Thus, you shall have to begin by winning her trust. Do not take this in a negative way, rather see this culture as a challenge, one in which, if you emerge victorious, you shall have a smoking hot babe as your date, not only giving you all the love but satisfying your lust too.

Online Dating

Dating in Ko Samui can be a bit tricky due to not knowing if you have a solid connection, so your best bet is to sign up for a dating site before you venture to the night club or bar, so you can meet a few locals ahead of time. AdultFriendFinder.com lets you meet local members in Ko Samui and get to know them on a personal basis before you meet in person. Take advantage of site features like live chat and member to member webcams so you can begin flirting before arranging a face-to-face meeting.


The women who hail from the island of Ko Samui are stunning, they are gorgeous women who are set up in an exotic location. When you come across some of these women, you shall be dying to know more about them and you shall want to get up close and personal with them, trying to be the centre of attraction. For all of this to happen, you shall have to stop drooling over these women and keep your lust in check. You shall have to be cool and play your cards in such a way that you manage to seduce them smoothly. For most of this to happen, you need the right approach and for that, you need to know the local women very well. Hence, in this section of the article, we shall offer you some insight into the lives of the women on the island of Ko Samui. We shall categorise this insight into the local women in two parts, the physical appearance and the personality of these women. Read on below, to learn more about them.

To begin with, we shall discuss the exterior, the physical appearance of the local women on the island of Ko Samui. These women are truly beautiful and they are pristine examples of exotic beauties. The island of Ko Samui is a popular tourist destination and while there are various factors that attract scores of tourists, the women are one of the key reasons that tonnes of tourists throng to the island. Thailand as a nation is notoriously known across the globe for its sex tourism, the women here have a reputation of being sex machines who can go on in bed all day long. While the women from the mainland and the island of Ko Samui are very different, some traits of theirs are similar.

The local women of Ko Samui are typically of Thai origins and they exhibit some of the common Asian features that the women living on the mainland have, this includes long straight brunette hair, they have a wide forehead and they have thin eyebrows which are well done up. Many of these women have smaller eyes which are characteristic to this region of Asia. These women have eyes that are of darker shades of brown. These women are also known for having a nose which isn't exactly the best feature of their face as it is slightly wide and ugly at the tip, they also have wide nostrils, hence, many young women undergo the knife for a nose job here. However, below that hideous nose, these women have lovely plump lips that are heavenly to kiss and they also have a beautiful innocent smile that shall melt your heart. Many of these women are quite skinny and they have a strong jawline with high cheekbone as well. On the whole, their faces are pretty and attractive for any tourist. The innocence is the biggest draw but what hides beneath that smile is kinky and sultry.

The local hotties are more than just their pretty faces, they have a smoking hot body which is the real deal for most of the tourists who are headed to the island. These beauties are skinny and get plenty of opportunities to flaunt their well-toned bodies. Whether it is on the beach when they are in their tiny bikinis with perky nipples poking out of their tops or their bikini bottoms halfway up their butt cheeks, or if it is in the marketplace where they are in shorts where half their buttocks are revealed, you can easily be turned on by them, additionally, their flirty and cheeky behaviour shall add to the thrill and you shall be seduced by them in no time. These Ko Samui hotties have small to medium-sized breasts, they have flat bellies and tiny waists, what's more most of them have tight small buttocks that are worth grabbing and smacking. Almost all of them have slender arms and legs and they are usually in the best shape throughout the year. This can be attributed to a healthy lifestyle where they eat fresh food and rely less on processed food products. More so, these babes are regular at some form of exercise, whether it is waking up early and jogging on the beach or taking a dip in the sea for a swim. They are also very conscious about the fact that they are quite literally the major tourist attraction and they have to stay in great shape and be a little flirty to lead on tourists and inspire many more to come to the island.

Now that we understand the physical features of the local women, let us try and understand the personality of these babes. Remember, the island is a popular tourist destination and as mentioned above, there are many women here who are the poster girls for this and releasing this, they have to put up a good front to make tourists feel welcomed and loved. Thailand attracts scores of tourists looking for sex and some leave the mainland and reach the island. Those who reach the island are often not just simpletons, they are wealthy individuals and powerful men with resources. They are big spenders and often contribute to the income of many families in major ways as a result of this, the local women will go to great extents to fulfil the wishes of these tourists, some might even cross boundaries of professional courtesies and become gold diggers, some don't mind faking a romance and giving "services" in exchange for monetary gains and materialistic pleasures.

Many of these women are decently educated, while only a few continue to go for a bachelors degree at a university as they prefer staying behind on the island and continuing tourism-related work and businesses. This is often easier and rewarding in many ways. The women are smart and have good business acumen as well, they can make some men dance to their tunes and even extract maximum profit. That being said we do not wish to paint a wrong picture and stereotype all women, certainly enough there are many women who wish to earn money but only do so abiding by rules and regulations without compromising on ethics and morals.

As most of them have faced monetary hardships at some point in their lives, they are understanding, adjustable, and flexible too. They save well and provide for their families from a young age. They aren't spendthrifts and use their money very very wisely. Some are cunning enough to make their newfound love pay for everything while some rely on gifts and occasional purchases. They have a good sense of fashion and often wear revealing clothing, as it is climatically very hot and as it helps them attract men easily too.

In this entire bargain, most women are overfriendly, they are as kind and giving as possible and they love being hospitable. It is extremely easy to strike a conversation with these women too. As the island witnesses tourists from all corners of the globe, the women have learnt to speak English quite decently and they have no qualms in having a good conversation. So don't wait for too long or beat around the bush, be direct in your approach, and work your seductive charm on them.

More age-specific details about the women are given in the section below, read on to find out more.

Thai Girls (age 18 - 29)

The local girls who are between the ages of 18 and 29 are really attractive, they are young, they are seductive, and they have raw passion that can blow your socks off. These young girls are yet in university or they are busy making a career and this usually involves something to do with tourism on the island. Hence, most of these girls shall be inexperienced and shy. Right since their growing ages they have seen tourists visit the island and have fun, they have a fair idea of how things run around here, especially the industry and tactics. Thus, many of them choose to get a headstart into work locally as they are adept at it. They also understand that being young and attractive they have the prospect of being the face of their business and even possibly an ambassador of local tourism. Therefore, they work very hard to look good, they groom well, and they are polite and soft-spoken. They also play their cards well while charming tourists as they can benefit monetarily via their business. Not to mention, the chances of good growth, accumulation of wealth or having a few good days with wealthy men. These young girls are usually non-committal and they shall prefer weekend soirees or physical relationships with tourists. If you do get the chance, make sure you grab it with both hands.

The biggest advantage of girls in this age bracket is that they have bodies that can tempt the Devil Himself. They are young, they are innocent, yet this little streak of curiosity in them sparks their naughty side and it comes to light sooner or later. They are willing to experiment, they are ready to explore the unknown, and all of this is very key when it comes to sexual adventurousness under the sheets. These young girls have a tight body with gorgeous perky breasts, tight vaginas, and great buttocks, they often strut their assets around and tease you, mind you ignoring this shall be next to impossible and having sex with them shall be the only thing on your mind. They are young, they have the stamina, and they can go at it all night long. They are flexible too and shall indulge in pretty much any position as long as you guide them well.

The only disadvantage of girls in this age bracket is that they lack social autonomy and financial freedom, thus, you shall have to pay for pretty much everything. They shall also look forward to expensive gifts and favours as they have already been spoilt by the previous tourists. But then again, assuming you are making a trip to an expensive destination such as Ko Samui, we're sure you're loaded and have no qualms in sparing some dough to get some action!

Thai Women (age 30 - 45)

The local women who are between the ages of 30 and 45 are one of the finest choices on the island of Ko Samui. The reason behind this is quite simple. These women almost have no disadvantages! While the younger and the older women have drawbacks of some kind, these women are absolutely free to explore themselves and have fun with local men and tourists alike. Many of the women at this age are single and yet enjoying their youth. Considering the scenic surroundings, the fresh air, and the great food, these women age slower and are happier. They are also fitter and in the best shape of their lives. The women in this age bracket have grown up here and now are wise about business and tricks of the trade, they know exactly what tourists want and they can distinguish between rich tourists and the others, they can also know which tourist is honest about his feelings while which one is faking it. They are also wise enough to play their cards well and use their bodies as a weapon to decimate what's in your pants.

The women of this age bracket have the most developed and perfect bodies that you can imagine. They no longer are some work in progress rather they have the finished goods and their assets are the biggest example. Right from perfect breasts and buttocks to the right amount of experience in relationships and sex. They are not emotional immature or unstable, rather they are now cunning enough to take you for a ride. These women also have lots of sexual experience and they now know what exactly to do in bed to pleasure you, while they are also precise about their needs and demands to orgasm. A sexual relationship with these women is hugely convenient as they know exactly what they are doing and neither are they shy to go down on you and experiment new things while showcasing skills acquired over the years.

Furthermore, the women in this age bracket are known to be at a point in life where they are looking for stability, they already have a great deal of social autonomy and financial freedom, so they can afford all the things they want and need. Including latest clothing and accessories, while contributing to familial income and possibly having their own place to live at. But they lack emotional connect and some women are keeping an eye on the future and are looking to date long term rather than just flings. However, if it is just the weekend and you'll are at the club, you could enjoy a quicky or one night stand.

Approaching these women may not be very easy as they interact with men very well professionally but have their defenses up while flirting unless they want to lead a man on. So be rational and work your charm on them in the best possible way!

Thai Ladies (age 45+)

To begin with, the women in this age bracket might be committed, yet there are many who are single, some divorced, widowed, or even unfaithful. Thus, you have a range of options to play with here. However, these women are not going to be the most desired by tourists and the reason is simple they are no longer as attractive as they once used to be and the options of hot young women in bikinis and tight bodies is too good to ignore. The women in this age bracket lack in terms of appeal, they have sagging breasts, they do not have a naturally attractive face, and some even cannot keep up with younger men in bed. However, there are quite a few mature ladies who come into town as tourists, you can certainly try your luck with them, they are rich, they have resources, and they can glam up really well. They are on the island to have fun too and are looking for a suitable company. They are quite rewarding as well, so you might be able to score really well here.

However, you must remember that the women in this age bracket are obviously known to be quite particular about things and you cannot approach them the way you'd approach a young girl, you need to pick the right place, the right manner of approach, and hope for things to work out well. So do some homework and put your best foot forward while wooing mature local ladies.

Foreign Girls (tourists, expats, students, etc.)

The island of Ko Samui is immensely popular amongst young adults in the region. They love to travel here and party. The party scene is truly legendary and hence there are scores of tourists who visit on an annual basis. Many of them are smoking hot babes who are looking for some unrestricted fun. If you are in for endless partying, drinking, smoking pot, and possibly doing hard drugs too. You are in for a ride on the island of Ko Samui. These young hotties truly want to party like there is no tomorrow and sex is a must for almost all of them. Either they get along partners or hunt for some here. Besides factoring how it is a destination for the wealthy, you can expect the hottest of women here, just conduct yourself well enough and highlight your USPs. They are surely down to have sex and experiment even with threesomes and risky action on the beach and back in hotel pools.

Similarly, the island of Ko Samui does attract a few expats, some have set up elaborate businesses here and are now nurturing those, many of them are sexy women who interact with many tourists who are hitting on them every now and then. For you to achieve success, you have to be unique, special, and memorable, so start working on those lines and that charm.

Lastly, the island of Ko Samui is a party destination and it does not have much of an economy or ecosystem beyond tourism, so considering the handful of universities here, you shall see a few international students enrolling for courses here, the rest of the students you find here aren't here to study, but are here to party.


As a tourist, Ko Samui is undoubtedly the ultimate party destination and we recommend that you have plans in order to maximise the fun to be had in the time spent here. Sex is obviously part of your itinerary and that is a marvellous choice. The chances of you getting laid here are very good, if you are suave and charming enough with some wealth to splurge, you shall catch the fancy of the local women and as far as the foreign girls are considered, you can have sex with them even more easily as they are looking to get laid on their trip to the island. Most of them shall have plans similar to yours so go approach them, flirt with them and seduce them to the bed.

As far as the local women are concerned, you have to be a little more nuanced in your approach. They have seen many men like you who are eager for just sex. They shall not get into bed easily and try to squeeze the best possible deal in this scenario. So play it smart, don't be too desperate, and show them what's in it for them if you wish to get laid as soon as possible. Lastly, try and understand the local sex culture if you wish to woo them with minimum effort.

Sex Culture

The sex culture on the island of Ko Samui is exceptional, being part of Thailand, there are literally no restrictions here and seldom shall people frown when sex is discussed. Sex tourism runs its daily bread and butter and people are very well aware of this. Hence, they prefer taking a very liberal approach towards sex and they have no qualms with tourists coming with a single point agenda. They shall surely be a little unhappy if local girls indulge in all kinds of debauchery with tourists but if it brings in the dough, not many raise objections. The sex culture, on the whole, is progressive and all types of relations in bed are acceptable, there is seldom any shaming.

Everyone here has enough global exposure and are connected to the internet. Social media has revolutionised things and now even young women on the island can hunt for suitable foreign men for hookups via dating websites. They are immensely smitten by the idea of having sex with men of different ethnicities, also the exposure to pornography gives them ideas to explore in bed. They are wild, naughty, and very sexually active and knowledgeable at the same time.

One-Night Stands

One night stands on the island of Ko Samui are very much possible. Most of the tourists visiting the island find this convenient as they are here for a limited time and want to have fun. They are eager to have sex with as many women as possible and they are looking for variety as well. The local women may all not be up for one-night stands but a large number of them are comfortable with the concept as they get to be in bed with different types of men who pamper them and offer them luxury that they can seldom afford. Soon enough many of them enjoy the lifestyle and are on the lookout for wealthy men who can satisfy their materialistic demands in exchange for some debauchery and physical pleasure.

The best places to meet women for one-night stands are the beaches and the popular bars and nightclubs. The women are in the perfect mood here and are on the lookout for suitable partners. As a tourist, you are a chick magnet and if you can flaunt some wealth, you can get any woman you lay your eyes on. Besides, many of the young girls are easily influenced too.

Best Places to Meet Single Girls

The island of Ko Samui is truly scenic and there are scores of places to visit if you wish t9o meet single girls and flirt with them. However, knowing about these places, the right time to visit them, and the kind of women to approach is acquired knowledge. We are here to help you with just that by providing you with information about the same. Given in the sections below are the best places to meet single girls on the island of Ko Samui and they include bars, pubs, nightclubs, shopping malls. outdoor venues, universities, and colleges.

Bars, Pubs and Nightclubs

The island of Ko Samui has a great nightlife scene with venues including nature as part of their setup to give you an exotic background as well as an unconventional experience. Given below are some of the best bars, pubs, and nightclubs to visit if you wish to meet and hookup with single girls on the island:

  • Ark Bar
  • On Street Bar
  • Soi Green Mango
  • Coco Tams
  • Central Lamai Beer Bars Plaza
  • Nikki Beach Samui
  • SEEN Beach Club Samui
  • Woobar
  • Lady Boys Cabaret Shows

Shopping Malls

The island of Ko Samui is a popular shopping destination and given below are some venues that you can visit to meet single girls:

  • Central Festival Samui
  • Lamai Walking Street
  • Fisherman's Village Walking Street
  • Chaweng Beach Road Shopping
  • Lamai Night Plaza
  • Chaweng Walking Street
  • Maenam Walking Street
  • The Wharf Samui
  • Samui Hot Club


The island of Ko Samui has some of the most stunning outdoor venues but none of them are better than the beaches that you shall come across on the island, these are thronged with sexy women wearing bikinis that leave nothing to your imagination. Some of these beaches are listed below:

  • Chaweng
  • Lamai
  • Bophut
  • Maenam
  • Choeng Mon
  • Lipa Noi
  • Taling Ngam
  • Silver Beach
  • Samrong Beach and Thongson Bay
  • Bang Por

Universities and Colleges

The island of Ko Samui is a small tourist destination. Not many on the island also consider it to be an education centre in the country. Hence, there are a handful of universities and colleges. With decent primary and secondary educational facilities available, most students prefer moving to the mainland or other nations for higher studies, while the remaining prefer to begin working early. Given below are a few universities and colleges on the island that you can visit to meet single girls and flirt:

  • International School of Tourism Our Media
  • Destination TEFL Samui
  • Suratthani Rajabaht University
  • International School of Samui


Being in a relationship on the island of Ko Samui is a marvellous idea. The heavenly beauty of the island serves as a perfect setting to spend some time with newfound lady love. Many of the local women prefer relationships over simple casual sexual encounters. The reasons behind this are plenty, but the main ones being that they get to have an emotional connect with the man and they also get to enjoy some perks of luxurious life if the man is rich enough.

If you want to be in a relationship in Ko Samui, make sure that you aren't just another sex maniac, prove to women that you want much more, this is the very first step. Furthermore, showcase your romantic side, be cheesy, women love it, they have never been exposed to much of this from a tourist. Most of them want to tear open their panties and have sex, but if you try to knock on the door to her heart before getting into her panties, brownie points for you are guaranteed.

Relationships, in general, are encouraged by locals on the island of Ko Samui. They are comfortable with the idea of their women being in a relationship with a tourist rather than just hooking up. However, to convince them that you aren't just another player shall take some time and serious effort. Hence, we recommend that you understand the women and people around and their culture completely before making any romantic moves.

Holiday Romance

A holiday romance on an island is truly heaven, one literally cannot ask for more. The ocean, the breeze, the sun, the cocktails, the parties, and the women. All when put together shall be nothing short of paradise. As a tourist, we recommend that you seriously consider the idea of a holiday romance here. The island serves as the perfect place for you to enjoy some time with a companion without the emotional drama. It shall be just the two of you, sharing some quality time together. You could kickstart the day by enjoying at the beach, having a swim or a jog, then follow it up with a great breakfast, some sightseeing after that perhaps, a few beers and then a nap to charge up before you set out in the evening, party like wild animals, get drunk, and have the best possible sex of your entire life.

Not only do you get a great guide, companion, and friend to enjoy with and spend time during the daytime, but you also get a sense of comfort and intimacy. Not to forget the passionate lovemaking at night. The two of you could get creative and be really open and involve other people in your intimacy. The choice is yours, the perfect holiday romance that can be reminisced for years altogether can be enjoyed here on the island of Ko Samui.

Tips for Successful Relationship

As a tourist, if you wish to have a successful relationship on the island of Ko Samui, we recommend that you be alert, you keep a check on yourself, and follow some of the listed below tips and tricks:

  • Firstly, respect your lady love, most men who are tourists treat local women like trash in relationships, initially things may be fine but the longer the relationship, these issues become more prominent and can ruin your relationship. SO always remember to be at your best behaviour, be the knight in shining armour.
  • If you want to have a successful relationship in Ko Samui, make sure that your relationship is not based on anything materialistic, the wealthy people that come here can be very fickle and women take undue advantage of this, don't make this mistake.
  • As a tourist, do not be self-centred, you may be the guest here, but you must also make an equal effort to make your lady love feel special. Getting complacent is your worst possible in a relationship.
  • Lastly, avoid anything controversial, do not fight over trivial matters, and more importantly do not put anyone down, your lady love may not take you looking down on others kindly, so even if you are wealthy, its important you be classy.


Finding true love on the island of Ko Samui is undoubtedly perfect. Being a tourist, if you fall in love with one of the local girls, the backdrop shall work its magic and help unite the two of you. Love on the island of Ko Samui is something straight out of a romantic movie or a fairy tale. With wealth all around and parties, the struggles of local people don't come much into the spotlight. The overall sheen is so prominent that you are transported into a whole new perfect world with little to no problems.

The locals too appreciate much of this and if you fall in love with a local girl, they try and make sure that things go all the way through as it gives the girl a chance of enjoying a truly luxurious life in a much more developed nation perhaps. Hence, it is essential that you are absolutely certain that your lady love is indeed the one, tips for the same are given in the section below.

How to Make Sure She Is the One

As a tourist, if you wish to make sure that your lady love is the one we recommend that you be extremely alert, vigilant, and rational. Being blind in love often doesn't bode well in the country of Thailand. The reason behind this is quite simple, there are many gold diggers and opportunists who are waiting to bait you. Thus, we recommend you keep in mind the following points while ensuring that your lady love is indeed the one:

  • Remember, if your lady love is indeed the one for you, she shall not love you for any materialistic pleasure. Thus, try and avoid falling in love with women by pampering them. Even if things started off that way, try and test them at a subsequent time to ensure she is the one.
  • To make sure that your lady love is the one be sure that she isn't always agreeing with you or playing into your ego. She must try and bring out the best in you and make you a better person.
  • Lastly, if you want to be sure that your lady love is indeed the one, try and think about all the moments you've shared together. If they are all about the smallest pleasures of life and involve a true heart to heart connect, you're good to take the next step.


Getting married on the island of Ko Samui is a great experience, the local women are young and beautiful and if one of them agrees to your marriage proposal, you can start planning the wedding.

To pop the question we recommend that you choose a scenic location, make special arrangements such as a lunch or dinner with candlelights and rose petals around. You have to go down on one knee and ask her to marry you. Make sure you have a photographer hidden somewhere to capture this beautiful moment of your life.

The holy union of two people is often considered very sacrosanct and marriage are taken seriously in Thai culture. Also, most local people are relieved when a tourist asks a local girl to get married, as it indicates that the tourist was serious about being in love and the commitment given to the woman shall be honoured, now by law as well.


After your lady love says yes, you may have to go meet her family and get their consent to marry her. Especially the customary chat between future father-in-law and you. Once that happens and there are green signals you can start planning the wedding ceremony.

The biggest advantage that you have here is the location, it is scenic, there are plenty of exotic places to get married at and the Thai customs are unique and make for a great ceremony. It is a stark departure from the traditional white wedding and you may just warm up to the idea after seeing a few photos of the ritual.

Considering the island has a small population, you can call a few friends and family for the wedding and be done with it. Also, if you wish to have a white wedding by the beach or something, arrangements can always be made. Going through a wedding planner and renting a 5-star hotel by the beach is always a safe bet.

Family Life

Once you are done with all the marriage festivities there shall be the worries about daily life on the island of Ko Samui and how it will be like to raise your family there. Hence, we shall try and simplify things for you if you are pondering over this decision.

To begin with, the island is a lovely destination and overall happiness is quite high. Family life here shall be an absolute delight. However, before you get married you must look for some sort of job and stable income source if you are planning to start a family on the island. Job opportunities where you get paid well are minimal and as a tourist, you do not want to keep too much for too late. Secondly, you must remember, Ko Samui is an island and it shall have supply chain issues and the people there have a very different lifestyle, so learn to adapt. There are only a few English speaking people, racial tolerance isn't much either, and safety is limited. However, the healthcare system is the real cause of worry, you shall also have to consider schooling your child abroad whenever its time.

Apart from these issues, the island has great places to live in, an amazing nightlife, the weather is just perfect and it isn't too expensive to live in.



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