Guide for dating in Jamaica helps you to meet the best girls. This dating guide gives you tips how to date Jamaican women. You will learn rules where and how to flirt with local Jamaican girls. We advise how to move from casual dating to the relationship and find the real love. We also tell the best dating sites in Jamaica. In this article below you will find more information where to meet and date girls in Jamaica, Caribbean, North America.

Hot girls of Jamaica at the Sands bar in Negril

Girls in Jamaica:

  • Looks of girls: 3 / 5
  • Attitude of girls: 3 / 5
  • Loyalty of girls: 5 / 5
  • Education level of girls: 5 / 5

Dating in Jamaica:

  • Chance of arranging dates: 4 / 5
  • Casual dating culture: 2 / 5
  • Online dating popularity: 5 / 5

Sex in Jamaica:

  • Women's sexual activity: 3.5 / 5
  • One-night stands: 3.5 / 5

More about Jamaica:

  • Nightlife in general: 4 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 4 / 5
  • Budget per day: US$90 - $130
  • Accommodation: US$50 - $70


Jamaica is quite famous amongst tourists as a great getaway place. The country is rich in mountains, rainforests, and palm tree beaches. The local communities are a mix of the Arawak and Taino tribal people as well as Spanish ancestry people. It is 3rd populated Anglophone country in America. The relaxed and peaceful atmosphere with a laid-back and joyful vibe that makes it quite popular amongst tourists who want to blow off some stress and enjoy with their loved ones.

When it comes to the local Jamaican girls on the island, they aren't the most beautiful girls in the world, but these girls possess a different kind of charm. You will find that unlike other American girls, these girls do not prefer casual and sexual flings that most tourists who visit the island look for. Instead, these local girls prefer dating a man that is worth their time and has the potential to become their husband in the future. These girls are very spirited and quite fun to date.

Dating Culture

Unlike other Island countries where both locals, as well as tourists, indulge in casual or sexual flings for the short term, the local culture in Jamaica is quite different. Although there are no restrictions that forbid either of the genders from dating or having sex, the local girls and women are of the old school beliefs.

These girls can be a bit stereotypical when it comes to dating a man, but it only helps them in avoiding heartbreak in a wrong relationship with a man. These girls prefer to date men that want the same things as them and seldom indulge in sexual activities with men they are uncertain about.

Online Dating

Dating in Jamaica can be a bit tricky due to not knowing if you have a solid connection, so your best bet is to sign up for a dating site before you venture to the night club or bar, so you can meet a few locals ahead of time. AdultFriendFinder.com lets you meet local members in Jamaica and get to know them on a personal basis before you meet in person. Take advantage of site features like live chat and member to member webcams so you can begin flirting before arranging a face-to-face meeting.


The Jamaican women can't be compared to the other women of the world because these women are unlike the others. These girls possess beautiful curvaceous bodies which can be a bit on the obese side. You will find that these girls are of dark skin colour and possess beautiful dark coloured tresses which are accompanied by equally dark coloured eyes. These women are exotic beauties and are quite fun to date.

Jamaican Girls (age 18 - 29)

These young Jamaican girls are more on the immature side, and if you want casual or sexual flings, then these are the ones to approach. Unlike the older women, these girls like to live by their terms and are not of stereotype mind. You can easily find such local girls on the beaches, bars, pubs, nightclubs, cafes, and other tourist places. They are easily approachable and impressible.

Jamaican Women (age 30 - 45)

These local women are quite conservative when it comes to dating a man, but if you want a meaningful relationship, then these local women are the ones for you. You will find that these women are quite mature and experienced and seldom prefer having sex as a casual fling. You can easily spot them at night at the many bars, pubs, and clubs blowing off the stress of the day. They are easy to approach but hard to impress.

Jamaican Ladies (age 45+)

These local ladies are experienced ones in the country. Most people consider that these ladies don't like dating younger men or having flings because of their tribal background. But actually, these local ladies are easy going and prefer having sexual and casual flings with young men. They are hard to impress but are quite fun to date as well.

Foreign Girls (tourists, expats, students, etc.)

If you want to date girls with different nationality, then you can easily find such girls in Jamaica. The country is quite a tourist destination and single girls who look for having some relaxed and fun time, often visit the country. These girls are quite easy to approach and love to indulge in sexual and casual flings with the men they meet. The chances of meeting such girls are quite the same in day and night.


Suppose you want to just get laid with the local girls of Jamaica. In that case, the changes in your favour will be somewhat less because the local girls of Jamaica are more into meaningful relationships than casual or sexual flings.

These girls are easy to impress, but if you want just a sexual relationship with these girls then the best chances of you succeeding are in the night at the local bars, pubs, and clubs a lot of local girls love to relax. These girls are often ready to get some action at night after getting some alcohol in their system, so try to be straightforward with them and don't play any mind games. Visit these places close to midnight as a lot of girls tend to get drunk and are much easier to convince for sex.

Sex Culture

Unlike the other American countries, you will find that the local sex culture in Jamaica is quite open and liberal, but the local girls and women are a bit stereotypical. A lot of these girls are old school and believe that they should only engage in sexual activities with a man that is right for them and will be their husband in the future. There are no restrictions genders when it comes to sex or dating, but the local girls are a bit conservative by nature.

One-Night Stands

If you just want casual or sexual flings with the Jamaican girls, then your chances are low, but you can always visit the many bars, pubs, and clubs at night to try your luck. These places are packed with both local and foreign girls who look for some action at night. You can also opt for online dating platforms which are also quite popular amongst the locals. You can search for girls according to your preferences and what kind of relationship you want. You can meet up in real life for some action.

Best Places to Meet Single Girls

Jamaica is a beautiful country that is so rich in natural wonders that it has become quite a destination for those who want some relaxed but adventurous time. If you want to date single girls, then the chances are in your favour. The dating game is quite possible in both day and night. During the day, you will meet more foreign girls than the local girls, whereas you will meet an equal amount of foreign and local girls at night. The foreign girls are much easy to impress, but the local girls aren't.

Bars, Pubs and Nightclubs

The nightlife of Jamaica is one of the most happening ones in the Caribbean, and the chances of finding single girls that are willing to hook up with you or go on a date are quite high. The local bars, pubs, and nightclubs are packed with single girls that look for having a good time with a man. You can easily impress both local as well as foreign girls after getting some alcohol in their system.

  • Royalty Bar and Night Club, Ochi Rios (Cocktail Bar): Dj night and delicious food, they both can make be your best buddies to make your night memorable. They serve you with both of them and make your night worth it.

They serve exotic drinks at very cheap rates. Therefore this can be the right place for a person with a budget on holidays.

  • GEN-X Sports Bar & Night Club LLC, Ochi Rios (Bar): Traditionally styled interiors with smoky meats served with best-brewed drinks. They serve you with everything like great food, drinks, and music that will make your night awesome.

Great ambience with friendly staff. This pub has delicious food with exotic beers.

  • [Parisville Night Club & Bar], Kingston (Night Club): If you are looking for cheap drinks, nice ambience and lively atmosphere, this is the right place for you.

They have friendly staff who serves you with their exotic food and beer. This place is quite handy with the price.

  • Rocky’s Sports Bar, Kingston (Night Club): It is so perfectly made and gives you a sexier texture with great ambience in their looks. They serve delicious food with some of their exotic drinks made in their finely refined breweries.
  • The Jungle, Negril (Bar): It has cheap food and beer situated in a hidden base. Best brewed beers, pleasant atmosphere and excellent food served over here.
  • Fun City, St. Bran’s Burg (Bar): They have a crazy atmosphere with friendly staff. It serves mouth-watering food.

Shopping Malls

Jamaican girls aren't the best dressers and prefer wearing clothes that make them feel comfortable. You will find that these exotic girls don't follow the latest fashion trends but can be beautiful in their styles. You will find a lot of local as well as foreign girls at the local malls and other shopping places buying new clothes or doing their household chores. You need to be dressed great if you want to impress these girls.

  • City Centre Shopping Mall, Montego Bay
  • Blue Diamond Shopping Mall, San San
  • The Shoppes at Rose Hall, Montego Bay
  • Time Square Shopping Mall, Negril
  • Island Village, Ocho Rios
  • Pavillion Mall, Kingston
  • Sovereign Centre, Kingston


Jamaica is a beautiful country with incredible cultural and natural places. You will find that the local cafes, tourist spots, beaches, and other easily accessible places are the ones where you can find both local and foreign girls. The chances of meeting both local and foreign girls are quite good during the weekends at such places. You can easily approach and impress them with the right charms and tricks.

  • Bob Marley Museum, Kingston
  • Emancipation Park, Kingston
  • Doctor’s Cave Beach, Montego Bay
  • Wata Land Park
  • Turtle River Park, Ocho Rios
  • National Heroes Park, Kingston
  • Trench Town Culture Yard Museum, Kingston
  • Jamaica Zoo, Lacovia
  • Columbus Park, Discovery Bay
Ex President Barack Obama at the Bob Marley Museum

Universities and Colleges

The local communities in Jamaica are somewhat poor, but with the recent development, education and career opportunities are quite good. You will find that the local girls and women are quite educated and can speak English quite well. You can find many of these girls near the local colleges and universities and are quite easy to approach.

  • GC Foster College, Spanish Town
  • Brown’s Town Community College, Discovery Bay
  • Northern Caribbean University, Mandeville
  • Portmore Community College, Portmore
  • Mico University College, Kingston
  • Edna Manly College, Kingston


Jamaican girls are quite unlike the other girls of Island countries. These girls are often mistaken to like casual and sexual flings, but actually, these girls prefer real and meaningful relationships. You will find that dating a local Jamaican girl is quite fun and also very profitable as well. Dating these girls will help you in finding the hidden and exotic places of the island that most tourists are unaware of.

Holiday Romance

Jamaica is a beautiful island country that offers not only relaxing beaches but also a lot of other things as well. You will find that the island is a great way to blow off some steam. Also, you both will be able to spend a memorable time together that will be with you both for a long time. You can indulge in lots of activities such as visiting the local tourist places, relax at the beaches, take part in water sport activities, go hiking or mountain climbing, explore the local flora and fauna, and learn about the local culture. If you want some peaceful and romantic time with your partner, then Jamaica is the place for you.

  • Negril Beach & Cliffs: If you want some peaceful time, then Negril beach is the one for you. It is a seven-mile beach made of beautiful white sand and aqua blue waters. You can either relax under the long groves of coconut palm trees or indulge in the water sport activities. Snorkelling is quite popular, and you can watch schools of fishes in the crystal clear waters. If you want a more romantic time, you can find a good spot before the sunsets, and enjoy beautiful views with your partner.
  • Martha Brae River: Martha Brae River is quite famous for rafting and is a great way to get some beautiful views of the scenery, and the Martha Brae Village as well. The tour is a guided one by local guides, but you can choose the level of rafting experience to get a more adrenaline experience. You can also enjoy some peaceful time with your partner while viewing the picturesque scenery with unique flora and faunas in their natural habitat.
  • Dunn’s River Falls: These beautiful waterfalls are a famous natural attraction of the island. The waterfalls fall over the rocks and limestone ledges before meeting the sea.
  • Blue & John Crow Mountains National Park: It is so rich in natural and cultural heritage that it has been marked as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The park is filled with lush green rainforests with exotic plants and animals. While exploring the place, you will also come across some hidden but beautiful waterfalls within the park—the park homes over 800 species of endemic plants, and about 200 species of birds. You might even spot the world-famous Ornithoptera Goliath or the Goliath Birdwing, which is the second-largest butterfly in the world.
  • Port Antonio: It is one of the prominent port cities in Jamaica with two harbours. If you want to explore the local culture, then Port Antonio is one of the best cities in Jamaica to do so. The city is set between mountains and can be a bit less crowded than the other resort towns. You can opt for many activities in the city such as hiking the jungle trails, rafting on the Rio Grande, visiting the many waterfalls, snorkelling, and diving, relax at the Boston Beach, and take a ferry to Navy Island for a day trip.
  • Blue Hole, Ocho Rios: It is a beautiful place that is near the city of Ocho Rios. It is situated deep and high in the rainforests outside the city, and the spot is also called Gully Falls and Irie Blue Hole. It is a picturesque place with enchanting blue water. You can visit the place with the help of local guides, and find the cliffs to jump off them into the beautiful pools of water of the falls. If you want some peaceful time, then it is the right place for you and your partner.
  • Black River Safari: The Black River is the longest river in Jamaica and homes over 100 species of birds and crocodiles as well. If you want to explore the river, then you will need to take the guided boat tours. The tours often include the seven waterfalls of the river where you can go for a refreshing dip or go zip-lining and river tubing to get the best experience.
  • Mayfield Falls & Mineral Springs: About an hour's drive from Negril into the rainforest villages will bring you to the Mayfield Falls and Mineral Springs. You can see waterfalls and take a refreshing dip in the 21 natural pool formed by them.
  • Rainforest Adventures Mystic Mountain: If you want a romantic time but fun activities as well, then the Mystic Mountain Adventure Park is the place for you.
  • Luminous Lagoon: It is a truly beautiful place that is a must place to visit if you are a nature lover or not. The lagoon is a true natural wonder where the water of the lagoon becomes glistening at night without any artificial lights. The water of the lagoon is filled with many micro-organisms that give the luminous effect at night. The place can be found in Falmouth city and is one of the three luminous water lagoons of the world. The place will give a magical and peaceful vibe that will make your time more romantic with your partner.
  • Sunken Pirate City: The Sunken Pirate City is a part of Port Royal City, which is a 17th-century city famous as the richest and wickedest city in the world. Some parts of the city lie in the sea because of the massive earthquake in 1692. The place isn't the richest in the world anymore but holds a big significance when it comes to learning about history. The city lies about 40 feet under the water, and you will need to take guided diving tours to visit the place. You will be able to spend an amazing time exploring the city and also be able to spot beautiful fishes and other aquatic animals.
  • Fire-Water Pond: It can be found in the Windsor Mineral Spring and is like a big Jacuzzi tub. The pond/ spring contains 'Fire Water' as called by locals because it can make fire. The water is believed to be able to create fire because it is high in the concentration of sulfur. The locals also believe that water has some healing and rejuvenating effects as well. It is a must-visit place in Jamaica, and you will be able to spend some amazing time with your partner here.

Jamaica is a beautiful island country and is the ideal place to visit with your partner as it will help you and your partner spend an amazing time with each other. The unique places, beautiful beaches, and amazing culture will surely bring you both closer to each other.

Martha Brae River

Tips for Successful Relationship

Jamaican girls aren't the most beautiful ones in the world, but these girls possess a unique charm and beauty to them. Unlike other girls, these girls are very friendly but can be a loudmouth. Dating these girls can be a lot of fun for you, especially on foreign land. If you can land a date with a local Jamaican girl and want a successful relationship with her, then you will need to impress her enough. Here are a few tips on how you can impress a Jamaican girl and be in a successful relationship with her.

  • Be patient & calm: Jamaican girls can be a bit aggressive and loudmouthed. While dating one, you need to be a perfect gentleman and be patient with her. These girls don't date a man for casual flings so you won't need to worry about that. When you act calm and patient with the girl, she will be attracted to you even more, and you will be able to increase your chances of having a successful relationship with her.
  • Be clear about your intentions: The majority of Jamaican girls usually prefer to date men who they find eligible enough to become their husbands in the future. They are very clear about the type of man they want and what kind of relationship they want. If you want to date a local Jamaican girl, then you need to make sure that she knows your intentions with her and what kind of a relationship you want. If you don't make your intentions clear to her in the beginning, she might get hurt, and you may land in some trouble.
  • Be straightforward: If you want to date a Jamaican girl, then the key to impressing these girls is to be confident and taking control of the conversation. These girls don't like it when men beat around the bush or waste too much time in saying something.
  • Be confident: The key to impressing the Jamaican girls is to be confident in your approach. Although these girls can be somewhat aggressive and arrogant at times, they still prefer the men they date to be bold, confident and take control of the conversations. These traits are preferred by the Jamaican girls and will surely attract them to you in no time.
  • Relax and Enjoy your time together: Jamaica is an island country and the locals, as well as tourists here, prefer to be relaxed and easy-going. For a successful relationship with a Jamaican girl, then the best way to do so is by enjoying the time together.
  • Create a good first impression: Dating on a foreign land depends a lot on the initial impressions. While going on a date with a local Jamaican girl, you will find that you will need to show yourself as a trustable and reliable man in front of her to increase your chances of going out again. These girls can see clearly if a man is genuine with them or not, so make sure to create the best possible impression on the first few dates.
  • Get to know each other: Dating is a lot of fun when you are in a different country and a whole different atmosphere. You will find that casual or sexual flings are quite common in such places, but if you want a successful relationship, you need to show the girl your true intentions. You can do so by going on regular dates with her and try to get to know her rather than trying to get in her pants. It will increase your chances with the girl and impress her a lot.
  • Be a gentleman: Jamaican girls aren’t the most beautiful girls, but these girls don't accept anything less deserving. If you are going on a date with a local girl, then you need to be a perfect gentleman. It means that you need to show sweet gestures such as picking her up, buying her a thoughtful gift, opening the door for her, paying the bill, dropping her back home safely, etc. Also, you will need to be on your best behaviour as well by trying to be polite and respectful to her.

You will find that these girls are not interested in casual or sexual flings; rather, they prefer meaningful and committed relationships. These girls don't possess a bad attitude and are quite fun to date as well.


Jamaica is a beautiful country that is quite famous for its unique places that are no less than little heavens on earth. The locals are also quite friendly and polite. Dating in such an amazing country is bound to be filled with loads of fun. You can explore both your relationship as well as the beauty of the country with the girl you are dating. If you are dating a local girl then you can be sure that she isn't dating you for casual or sexual stuff, rather, these girls prefer to date men who possess enough potential to be their perfect husbands. These girls are a bit stereotypical and aggressive, but they are loads of fun to date. While dating a Jamaican girl, you might even fall in love with these local girls. You might feel uncertain of your feelings because of the easy-going and relaxed atmosphere of the country, but you can even find 'the one' girl for you.

How to Make Sure She Is the One

Finding 'the one' is one of the most difficult things to do. It is not easy to be able to find the right partner for yourself. While dating, you are often swayed by your feelings and think that the girl you are dating is the right one for you, but she isn't. To be able to decide whether the girl you are dating is the right one for you can be a difficult task. But you need to decide as it will help you both in avoiding any more wastage of time, efforts, and feelings if you both aren't compatible together.

While dating on foreign land, deciding about the girl and your relationship can be a whole lot difficult as often the different atmosphere and vibe sway your feeling, and you end up making a decision that you regret later in life. To help you make the right decision, here are a few tips based on questions to understand your relationship and the girl better.

  • Do you both want a future together? To find about her future wants, you need to spend some time together and talk about your relationship and your future. You can directly or indirectly ask her, whichever suits you, and you will be able to get insights into her thoughts.
  • Do you find her flaws irritating? No person is perfect, everyone has some flaws, but you need to decide if you can ignore her flaws or irritating habits for the rest of your life or not. These small flaws and irritating habits often create huge fights between couples. To avoid that, you need to see if her flaws and habits are bearable to you or not.
  • Did you both meet each other’s family? Meeting one's family is a step that is taken when they are sure that they are in the relationship for the long run. If your partner hasn't introduced you to her family, then there might be possibilities that she isn't sure about you and your relationship. Also, introducing your partner to your family will serve as a good way to get your family’s approval as well.
  • Does she put your needs before hers? Relationships are based on the happiness of each other. Before you start your analyzing game on your partner, make sure that you both put each other's needs first and are happy together because that is all that matters. Doing so will help you and your partner to be able to build a strong relationship together, which can even turn into a marriage.
  • Is she willing to go to any length to be with you? Willing to go to any length includes adapting to your partner's family, culture, traditions, and country. These things play an important role in a person's life, and if your partner isn't able to do so, then she might not be the right one for you.
  • Did you try living together? The best way to find how compatible and comfortable you both are together is by living together. You will be able to spend a lot of time with your partner and not just the limited time of a date. It will help you both strengthen your relationship and also see if you both can continue doing so in the future after marriage.

Another way of finding if the girl you are dating is the right one for you or not is by going on trips together. It will help you both get away from the hustle-bustle of the city, spend some time together.


Jamaica is an island country, and most people often think that there aren't many rules or regulations when it comes to marriage in Jamaica. But actually, Jamaica has some rules and regulations that a bride and groom must follow to get legally married. First of all, the couple should be in the country 24 hours before the ceremony for it to be valid.

Other things that a couple needs to do to get legally married are to contact a wedding planner or the Marriage Registrar General's Department about two weeks before the wedding to get a secure issuance of their marriage license. The couple also needs to present birth certificates, passport, driver's license, occupation status, and divorce paper or death certificate in case of ex-wife or ex-husband.

Along with these documents, the couple needs to pay the fees for issuance of the certificate. The couple can get their marriage license from the Marriage Registrar General's Department after their wedding. The license will be recognized as legal in the United States, and no blood tests will be required.


The majorities of the people who reside in Jamaica follow Christianity or are Protestant. If a couple wants to get married in Jamaica, then it is quite simple. There are no religious laws that restrict different religious people to get married. First, the groom will need the approval of the bride's father for giving their daughter's hand in marriage. Then the couple can start with their wedding preparation. They can opt for an outdoor wedding or a church wedding, whichever is suitable. The wedding follows a celebration program where the friends and family of the bride and groom gather and take part in wishing the couple a happy married life ahead.

Family Life

Jamaica is a beautiful country, and the locals are the ones that make it much more beautiful. It is filled with loads of natural wonders and amazing places that will take your breath away. The locals are also quite welcoming and friendly ones which will make a living in the country, not a difficult task.

If you want to settle in Jamaica then, it can be a good decision for you and your family as it will give you a lot of opportunities to live an adventure-filled life. But, in the case of career and education, you might not be able to get the best as the country is still a developing one and the local communities are not that well off. It is not the safest country either but is filled with new opportunities that will make your time here quite worth it all.


Map of Jamaica
Cornwall County
The western region consisting of the parishes of Hanover, Saint Elizabeth, Saint James, Trelawny and Westmoreland.
Middlesex County
The central region consisting of the parishes of Clarendon, Manchester, Saint Ann, Saint Catherine and Saint Mary.
Surrey County
The eastern region consisting of the parishes of Kingston, Portland, Saint Andrew and Saint Thomas


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