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Guide for dating in Fort Lauderdale helps you to meet the best girls. This dating guide gives you tips how to date Floridian women. You will learn rules where and how to flirt with local Floridian girls. We advise how to move from casual dating to the relationship and find the real love. We also tell the best dating sites in Fort Lauderdale. In this article below you will find more information where to meet and date girls in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States of America.

Hot young girls of Fort Lauderdale at the Sway club

Girls in Fort Lauderdale:

  • Looks of girls: 5 / 5
  • Attitude of girls: 3.6 / 5
  • Loyalty of girls: 3.5 / 5
  • Education level of girls: 3.8 / 5

Dating in Fort Lauderdale:

  • Chance of arranging dates: 4 / 5
  • Casual dating culture: 3.8 / 5
  • Online dating popularity: 4.5 / 5

Sex in Fort Lauderdale:

  • Women's sexual activity: 3.75 / 5
  • One-night stands: 3.7 / 5

More about Fort Lauderdale:

  • Nightlife in general: 4.2 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 5 / 5
  • Moving around the city: 3.7 / 5
  • Budget per day: US$120 - $800
  • Accommodation: US$35 - $700


Fort Lauderdale girls are some of the cutest girls you'll find around and this is quite incontestable considering the fact that Floridian girls do have this beauty that one cannot deny, especially girls from South Florida. The single local girls in Fort Lauderdale are without doubt a special breed of people and single guys who want to mingle with these girls can be rest assured that apart from enjoying dating some of the finest girls in the United States, they're getting hooked up with girls with a cute personality.

One of the things you'll find charming about Fort Lauderdale local girls is their glowing skin. In a city like this where it's almost impossible to avoid the sun's warm embrace, this isn't actually pretty surprising and it further corroborates why Florida itself is nicknamed as the "Sunshine State." And, when you consider the weird tan lines that aren't a problem that kind of blends perfectly well with the liberal dress codes in many workplaces in the city, virtually every time you come across the local girls in Fort Lauderdale, they often do look like they just got back from a cruise.

Just like most other girls from Florida, you're also likely to date girls who will keep you excitedly informed about some of the special gists and stories that surround the city and the state as a whole. One thing you'll surely enjoy about dating local girls in Fort Lauderdale is the fact that they do not get stressed about the small stuff and they know how to relax like a pro. In fact, most of the local girls you'll meet here are pretty much laid-back, they take things softly without rushing, and they know how to chill just to get the very best later. The fact that a lot of them do wear tank tops, shorts, and flip-flops also evinces the laid-back vibe they exude.

With Fort Lauderdale repleted with tons of beautiful single girls, you can never run out of options of single local girls to pick up in Fort Lauderdale. And the interesting part is that, meeting and hooking up with single local girls in Fort Lauderdale has been made quite easy owing to the fact that most of them don't like being clogged indoors and if you go outside often, you'll surely enjoy meeting and hooking up with local girls in Fort Lauderdale. Fort Lauderdale local girls are very open and warm and if you do not find this attractive about the girls, then you're not really opening your eyes to see because actually, these girls can be quite warm and welcoming irrespective of the fact that there are a couple of girls in the city who may appear to be peevish and selective sort of.

Dating a local girl in Fort Lauderdale can be a very captivating adventure for you because the local girls in the city know where all the city's finest beaches are and if it interests you to explore more beyond the beaches in the area, there are nearby beaches you can hit up, and aside from the beaches, there are some special secret spots that tourists haven't discovered yet that you'll get to know if you date a local girl in Fort Lauderdale. Fort Lauderdale girls know how to party and this is simply because the girls just want to have a good, fun time. So, if you're dating a local girl in Fort Lauderdale, there are two things involved; first, you may have to give her some space for her to party with some of her friends when needed and secondly, there would be a lot of clubbing and partying for you, and lucky you, this equals a great, fun time.

As you plan your visit to Fort Lauderdale, the city's constant humidity and high temperatures will make you see a lot of girls in a low-cut sundress or in a swimsuit. And with the tendency of the girls showing a lot of their skin often, you'll get to have a good glimpse of what you're going for before you finally subscribe to approaching one; after applying your filter. If you date a local girl in Fort Lauderdale, you can take advantage of the discounts they do get at theme parks. And thankfully, there are multiple theme parks nearby the city where you and your Fort Lauderdale can always visit to catch a great time together.

Pool parties are kind of inevitable when you're dating a local girl in Fort Lauderdale because a good number of residents of this city have at least one outdoor pool and this is why pool parties tend to be frequent in the city. Another important thing you should know about Fort Lauderdale girls is that they're always up for an outdoor adventure. There's plenty of kindred spirits in the city with numerous exciting activities to do ranging from fishing and boating to camping and swimming., just to mention a few, and when you start dating a local girl in Fort Lauderdale, you should ready yourself to go on some thrilling rugged outdoor adventures and the good part of this is that the girls know how to keep you safe somehow so, you shouldn't be scared.

In a city like Fort Lauderdale that is regarded to be one of the top tourist destinations in the United States of America, you'll find romance to be quite easy here. In fact, you don't have to struggle or force things to appear romantic because the city's setting is perfectly fine for a lovely atmosphere and with you dating a Fort Lauderdale girl, dancing in the rain together, sharing a sunset kiss, and seeing the stars at night will make some of your finest romantic moments. It could also please you to know that a large number of local Fort Lauderdale girls barely get scared and if you're seeking a partner with whom you can go on wild adventures with and at the same time feel safe in her arms, dating a Floridian girl in Fort Lauderdale will solve it all.

And, you're also likely to meet and date girls in Fort Lauderdale who are very passionate about sports of which they won't be able to conceal their intense love for their favorite team from anyone, and you might get to vibe quicker with some of the girls if you're a sports lover yourself. Considering the fact that Fort Lauderdale girls love adventures, most of them are exposed to different lifestyles and landscapes because they've stepped outside their comfort zone to garner different experiences and, of course, they've had their good share of road trips. Dating local girls in Fort Lauderdale is an adventure you should definitely explore and not miss out on because the local girls in this city do have an attractively pleasing vibe that makes them lovable and uniquely sweet. And if you get to fall in love with a Fort Lauderdale girl, do listen to your heart and let it lead you.

Dating Culture

One of the things you'll find lovely about the dating scene in Fort Lauderdale is the plenty of attractive women around. As a matter of fact, it's almost impossible for you to stay single in this beautiful city because there are lots of cute girls around who are looking for a charming guy with a good vibe to hook up with. The dating culture in Fort Lauderdale is quite liberal as you'll meet tons of pretty young girls who are comfortable with keeping things casual rather than getting involved in something serious that restricts them from having fun and living their lives to the fullest. As a city brimming with stunningly hot young girls, guys with good looks and those who have enough cash to spend will enjoy hooking up and getting laid with Fort Lauderdale girls with ease. And, in this city, it's quite easy to make friends and meet new people because the locals spend less time indoors and you're as well likely to get a fair taste of "friends with benefits package" too if you are lucky enough. Fort Lauderdale is a city that thrives with a good population of attractive, successful young professionals and some of the things that define and inarguably explain the city's scene are great waterfront properties, backward laws, weird people who work on the boats, rich people who own the boats, boats, and spring break.

Sugar Dating

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Online Dating

Dating in Fort Lauderdale can be a bit tricky due to not knowing if you have a solid connection, so your best bet is to sign up for a dating site before you venture to the night club or bar, so you can meet a few locals ahead of time. lets you meet local members in Fort Lauderdale and get to know them on a personal basis before you meet in person. Take advantage of site features like live chat and member to member webcams so you can begin flirting before arranging a face-to-face meeting.

Webcam Dating

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Florida is one of the beautiful states in the United States of America and it is home to unique and diverse people who are beautiful as well. Fort Lauderdale is a principal city of the Miami metropolitan area and it is 25 miles north of Miami. Although Fort Lauderdale women do have traits you'll find unique to Floridian women in general, they still have a couple of distinctive attributes that separate them from the other regular women you'll find around. In fact, once you start dating a woman from Fort Lauderdale, it may prove to be quite difficult to step back because the women do have a personality that will make you enjoy being in a relationship with them.

As a woman raised in a state like Florida, the women know how to be cool and calm in handling "changing situations" such as the weather climate. There are lots of things that make Fort Lauderdale women loveable and attractive and this as well connotes some of the things you stand to benefit from being in a relationship with them. One of the relevant things you should know about the local women in Fort Lauderdale is that are a large number of them love football.

Generally speaking, Florida women love their football and if you're dating a woman from Fort Lauderdale, know that you can't take away her love for football and it's just a matter of time before you start loving football as well. Another thing you'll enjoy about dating local women in Fort Lauderdale is that they're always ready for any adventure that comes their way. Whether you take them to anywhere by the water, treat them to an awesome trip to Disney World, or take them anywhere nice, they'll always be glad to tag along because they enjoy days in the woods, by the beach, in swampy lands, and virtually every other interesting places.

Fort Lauderdale women can be very spontaneous and they know how to fit in to almost whichever way you want them to appear whether in heels, flip flops, tall boots, rain boots, or even cowgirl boots. Fort Lauderdale women know how to have fun and their fun-loving personality is clearly one of the things you'll find appealing about them, and if you're in a relationship with a Fort Lauderdale woman, you can never be bored. More so, the local women in Fort Lauderdale are humorous and this is an addition to their fun-loving personality. With their humorous attitude, you'll enjoy being amused by your Fort Lauderdale sweetheart.

Fort Lauderdale women are smart and educated and this is quite glaring considering the fact that Florida is home to some of the best universities in the United States of America and this is actually one of the things Floridian women take pride in. Fort Lauderdale women are versatile. These women do know how to be productive with what they're doing and still get relaxed by having fun at their leisure time. During the week, they spend their day at the office and when it's weekend, they're down for a fun time at the beach or taking a road trip out of town. And, most of the local women in Fort Lauderdale know how to drive and this is a good thing for guys who want to approach them, considering the nature of the state.

Fort Lauderdale women are strong. Growing up in a city and a state like this, the women have experienced a couple of things that have built them to be the kind of person they are now. Fort Lauderdale women are not afraid to stand out and this does evince their uniqueness from other women you'll meet in different parts of the country. Rounding off, Fort Lauderdale women are sweet and spicy. Guys who want to date local women in Fort Lauderdale will enjoy their sweet, romantic attitude which will be further spiced up by their innovativeness and fun-loving personality. Speaking of the looks of Fort Lauderdale women, most of the women you'll meet in Fort Lauderdale are Caucasians and African Americans and you'll also get to meet a few Hispanics, Asians, Native Americans, and Native Hawaiians.

Floridian Girls (age 18 - 29)

There are three common stereotypes of these girls you're likely to meet and date in this city. The first is the party lover. For her, partying is bae and if you want to enjoy dating her, you have to be down for a lot of partying, but the good thing is, she has a good vibe that will make you enjoy being around her. The second is the rich young girl. It's either she has rich parents or she's just a pretty little girl with a high income. At times, she might be proud, and sometimes when you see her, she could have her guards down. The third is the Fort Lauderdale beach girl. The beach is her favorite spot and if you want to date her, you'd better clear out your weekends for a lot of fun time at the beach; in case you're always busy during the weekdays.

Floridian Women (age 30 - 45)

There are three common stereotypes of these women you're likely to meet and date in Fort Lauderdale. The first is the Craft Beer Nerd. She's probably working at Tap 42, the Funky Buddha Brewery, Laser Wolf, or a craft beer distributor. You'll kind of enjoy dating this woman because she has a very strong confidence, a good personality, and she has a laid-back vibe. The second is the professional woman. This woman tends to look good on the surface but deep down, she can be struggling with searching for deeper meaning in her life and indulging in self-loathing and depression. As a result, you'll probably find her where she's sipping alcohol to take away her worries but if you want to date this woman, it's better you just keep things straight, open, and honest with her. The third is the radio-active hipster. She has a great taste in music, some piercings, and some tattoos. She's more interested in people that are artsy and if you are, you'll get to bond quicker.

Floridian Ladies (age 45+)

Floridian ladies of this age range are cute and attractive. And the good news is, there's a good population of cougars and mature ladies in Fort Lauderdale to hook up with. These Fort Lauderdale cougars, irrespective of their age, do not mind taking things slow because what they care about more is spending quality and fun time with someone they love; you. There will be some beach fun and you'll be treated to some nice seafood; probably, but good wining and dining is essentially expected when you're dating these ladies, and these women do believe in love.

Foreign Girls (tourists, expats, students, etc.)

Fondly referred to as the Venice of America, Fort Lauderdale is a popular tourist destination in the United States of America and data reveals that as of 2013, the city welcomed over 13 million visitors, compared to the huge number of visitors from far and near it welcomes today. Most of the foreign girls you'll meet in Fort Lauderdale are in the city to have a good time and this is why it's quite easier to approach them. If you have a cool personality as a fun person, you'll definitely enjoy hooking up with foreign girls in Fort Lauderdale and with the plentiful higher institutions in the city such as Broward College, City College, and many others, there will always be options of cute college girls around to meet and hook up with.


The casual atmosphere and the fun vibe in Fort Lauderdale makes it quite easy to get sex in Fort Lauderdale. Fort Lauderdale is a city brimming with tons of young single hot girls and most of these girls are often attracted to guys with good looks and a fun personality. If you have these two, you'll actually enjoy hooking up and getting laid in Fort Lauderdale. However, you should also take caution with how you throw money around because you might get to attract gold diggers.

Sex Culture

Women in Fort Lauderdale are sexually liberated and they are more open when it comes to sex.

One-Night Stands

Getting a one-night stand in Fort Lauderdale can be quite easy to achieve. Considering the fact that a large number of the local girls in the city just want to have a great time, getting a one-night stand in Fort Lauderdale is actually not difficult because there are plenty of singles girls available to hook up with in Fort Lauderdale ranging from the laid-back locals and pretty tourists to the sexy college girls.

Best Places to Meet Single Girls

Fort Lauderdale is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful cities in the United States of America and if you're a single guy looking for single girls in Fort Lauderdale to hook up with, what you should first know is that you're not alone because there's a whole lot of single ladies in Fort Lauderdale who are looking for a charming and attractive guy to hook up with. With the city's fun and eclectic atmosphere, it's quite compensating to understand the fact that there are some people in the city who are often eager in meeting new people and making new friends. In fact, Fort Lauderdale is a city where people are more interested in making new friends and widening their social circle. As you plan to meet and hook up with single girls in Fort Lauderdale, it's also advisable to look more beyond "places" but explore other potential ideas that can help you connect with single women in Fort Lauderdale and all what this requires is just a little effort.

Fort Lauderdale Beach is regarded to be one of the best places where you can meet cute single girls in Fort Lauderdale during the day. This spot is not just regarded to be a great spot to day game but it doubles as a great place to pick up hot single girls in Fort Lauderdale at nighttime. As it is peppered by an exciting nightlife scene, you'll get a good chance of getting hooked up and even finding a one-night stand here if you play your game well. However, make sure you don't lose concentration and focus solely on gaming here when it's dark because this spot is considered to be the main draw for the city and you can as well pick up single Fort Lauderdale girls at daytime here.

Boasting heavy foot traffic, the Las Olas Blvd area offers a lot of opportunities for you to meet and hook up with single girls in Fort Lauderdale. You can just take a walk around this area and approach as many pretty ladies as you can.

Beaches generally are great places where you can meet single local women in Fort Lauderdale because this is where some of the local women in the city come to have a great time. If you ever consider meeting some pretty ladies outside of the city, beaches like Hollywood Beach and Delray Beach are cool places you might want to check out.

Shopping malls are cool places you should also check out if you seek places where you can meet sexy single girls in Fort Lauderdale. And thankfully, there are a couple of malls in the area where you can meet and hook up with single Fort Lauderdale women;

  • The Galleria at Fort Lauderdale
  • Harbor Shops
  • Beach Place
  • Coral Ridge Mall

Meetup groups and online dating sites can also be very helpful in meeting and hooking up with single Fort Lauderdale girls. Tinder and are some of the popularly used online dating sites in the city and meetup groups on the other hand will help you get connected with women you share the same interest with.

You can also check out parks during the day to meet single Fort Lauderdale women because when the weather is nice, you'll find a good number of women here who came to have a great time soaking up the sun and having as much fun as they can get.

  • Colee Hammock Park
  • Snyder Park
  • Hugh Taylor Birch State Park

Museums, definitely, you should check some of them, and you might be lucky to find yourself a woman there. Rather than checking out common places, hitting up a museum could be a great idea to meet single sophisticated women in Fort Lauderdale and you'll also enjoy a great time overall.

  • Museum of Discovery and Science
  • NSU Art Museum Fort Lauderdale
  • The Fort Lauderdale Antique Car Museum
  • Art Walk at Fat Village

There's a whole lot of other ideas that can help you meet and connect with single women in Fort Lauderdale; you can join a club, volunteer, attend events, or take a class.

And of course, bars and clubs are quality spots where you can meet single girls in Fort Lauderdale considering the fact that people love parties here, and night owls will definitely have a whole lot of options to choose from. You can see the list of bars and nightclubs below and make your pick; if you wish.

Bars, Pubs and Nightclubs

Fort Lauderdale is often referred to as the Venice of America due to its beautiful setting and it does host a number of nice bars and clubs with an exciting and interesting nightlife experience.

  • America's Backyard: There's a DJ spinning all your favorite music at this club that's situated in a 15,000 square feet and it offers occasional live bands and dancing. This spacious and festive bar is patronized by a collegiate group, it's situated in the downtown area, and it offers a fun outdoor setting as a bar, a nightclub, and an outdoor party venue that is 21+. Come here to dance to high energy mash-ups and remixes and stay refreshed with drink specials during the weekend. It has the capacity to contain 1600 guests and you can as well plan your events and gatherings here. There are two large projection screens, eighteen plasma TVs, and a LED lighting that beef up its fine outdoor setting.
  • Club Euro Night Club: With its back bar, smoke lounge, seating, main room, DJ, and dance floor, it gives an ultimate party experience and it takes pride in being one of the city's energetic nightclubs. The manager of this club is Yves and there are nightly drink specials with DJ spinning everything from reggae and top 40 to hip-hop. Popular artists, 40 actors, and hottest celebrities from the NBA and NFL do come here to dance and enjoy listening to good music and there are as well nightly, holiday events, birthday parties, celebrity-hosted events, and bachelorette parties hosted here.
  • SWAY Nightclub: This club features three full-service bars, elevated VIP stage, indoor and outdoor seating, and a spacious dance floor as it offers VIP bottle service, DJs, and dancing. This spacious club and lounge offers a premier nightlife experience in Fort Lauderdale, it serves as a nightclub and a private event space for it's located in 14,000 square feet, and it's capable enough to satisfy your clubbing wants. With proximity to its dance floor and all live performances, there's a more intimate experience offered by its stage level and VIP seating.
  • Blue Martini: This bar has a lot to offer its patrons to keep them in school party mood as it offers an extensive list of spirits, beers, and wines plus 42 handcrafted martinis. It's situated in the Galleria and aside from the drinks, you can also order tapas. If you seek a night of entertainment, come here to forget your troubles, start dancing, and mingle with the pretty women loosening up as you enjoy the DJ performance.
  • Bar Red Beard: This bar offers rotating taps list of over 50 beers to enjoy and beyond this, it has good company, juicy burgers, chalkboard beer menu, and every other essential ingredients that are pivotal to helping you catch a great time. This bar has not relented in surprising its customers with a dynamic, jocular team, inventive menu items, and fun events. As a family-owned bar, it got its name from the son of the owner.
  • The Elbo Room: The prices here are surprisingly affordable but take note that this bar is cash-only and it has its doors open to visitors from 11 a.m. until 1 a.m throughout the week. This bar is popular for throwing a wild party late into the night, it's a favorite spot among spring breakers, and there are bands that often perform at its small stage.
  • Tap 42: It's all about craft beer at this singles bar and this singles bar is a potential location where you can meet the craft beer nerd stereotype lady in Fort Lauderdale. Remember? Good. True beer aficionados will enjoy it here as there are rare and commemorative beer plus lagers, drafts, ales, and IPAs available here. Come here around 10 p.m. on Wednesday; ladies night, and you can pick up a local lady. You can as well hit up this bar on Sundays and Saturdays to enjoy bottomless brunches on Sundays and from 4 p.m. until 11 p.m on Mondays, there are half-priced veggie burgers awaiting you.
  • Royal Pig Pub & Kitchen: Its elevated bar bites and cuisine which include cheese sprinkled with Andouille bread crumbs and nachos topped with spicy duck are some of what ring the popularity of this beloved gastropub. Infused with refreshing and zesty fruit flavors, you'll as well enjoy the plentiful signature cocktails and the equally tantalizing drinks menu of this spacious bar with vaulted ceilings. This bar is indeed a smart choice for foodies in the city.
  • Laser Wolf: "Yes beer. No jerks" is the motto of this bar and there's no reason why you won't love it here irrespective of you being an enthusiastic drinker, an art enthusiast, or a hipster because the vibe at this bar is cool. This neighborhood bar is so full of fun, flavor, color, and plenty of opportunities to mingle and socialize with the locals. And, it does promise its patrons a good time.
  • Rhythm & Vine: The prevailing vibe here is #justchill and if you ever feel like chilling, you already know where you should patronize. This bar is one of the most popular hangout spots in not just the city, not even the state, but in the whole of South Florida. The drinks here are very nice, they taste so good, and they're reasonably priced. Situated in the city's downtown area, this bar has a laid-back style of partying and a beautiful atmosphere with its designs and decorations.

Shopping Malls

Here are some of the best places to shop in Fort Lauderdale;

  • Las Olas Boulevard
  • The Galleria at Fort Lauderdale
  • Coral Ridge Mall
  • Harbor Shops Mall
  • Forget Something Gift Shop
  • Sawgrass Mills
Party at the Sway club in Fort Lauderdale


In Fort Lauderdale, fun is around every corner for the city offers a lot of things to do ranging from strolling along the historic seaside promenade to enjoying the miles of beautiful beaches and many others.

  • Bonnet House Museum and Gardens
  • Las Olas Boulevard
  • NSU Art Museum
  • Fort Lauderdale Beaches
  • Fort Lauderdale Beach Park 
  • Museum of Discovery and Science
  • Fort Lauderdale Antique Car Museum
  • Everglades Holiday Park 
  • Broward Center for the Performing Arts 
  • Stranahan House Museum
  • Naval Air Station Fort Lauderdale Museum 
  • Fort Lauderdale Historical Society & Museum
  • Parker Playhouse
  • Hugh Taylor Birch State Park
  • Colee Hammock Park
  • Fort Lauderdale Symphony Orchestra 
  • Riverwalk Fort Lauderdale

Universities and Colleges

Some of the higher institutions of learning in the city are:

  • University of Phoenix (Cypress Creek Learning Center)
  • Nova Southeastern University NSU (satellite campus)
  • Jersey College
  • Keiser University
  • Florida International University FIU (satellite campus)
  • Florida Atlantic University FAU (satellite campus)
  • Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University (satellite campus)
  • City College
  • Broward College BC
  • The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale


Fort Lauderdale girls have a personable personality that will make you enjoy being in a relationship with them. Though one cannot categorically emphasize on their loyalty, the fact that they're laid-back and lovely makes going into a relationship with them worthwhile.

Holiday Romance

It's quite feasible to find a local girl in Fort Lauderdale to go on a holiday romance with.

Tips for Successful Relationship

Honesty, integrity, respect, trust, and love expressions are some of the helpful tips that can help you build a successful relationship in Fort Lauderdale.


Fort Lauderdale has an active social scene and an interesting dating scene so, it's quite easy to fall in love and find love.

How to Make Sure She Is the One

If she sees you as a priority and exudes a vibe that makes you want to be with her often, these are tangible indications that she's the one.


Couples interested in holding their marriage in Fort Lauderdale are to obtain their marriage license from Broward County Clerk's Office. The fee for a Florida marriage license is $93.50.


Fort Lauderdale has a beautiful setting and gorgeous scenery that is perfect for weddings.

Family Life

Fort Lauderdale is a great place to visit but raising a family, not really.

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