El Salvador

Guide for dating in El Salvador helps you to meet the best girls. This dating guide gives you tips how to date Salvadoran women. You will learn rules where and how to flirt with local Salvadoran girls. We advise how to move from casual dating to the relationship and find the real love. We also tell the best dating sites in El Salvador. In this article below you will find more information where to meet and date girls in El Salvador, Central America, North America.

You will be smitten by the beautiful girls of El Salvador

Girls in El Salvador:

  • Looks of girls: 3.5 / 5
  • Attitude of girls: 3.5 / 5
  • Loyalty of girls: 4 / 5
  • Education level of girls: 3 / 5

Dating in El Salvador:

  • Chance of arranging dates: 3.5 / 5
  • Casual dating culture: 3 / 5
  • Online dating popularity: 3.5 / 5

Sex in El Salvador:

  • Women's sexual activity: 3.5 / 5
  • One-night stands: 3 / 5

More about El Salvador:

  • Nightlife in general: 3.5 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 3 / 5
  • Budget per day: US$10 - $300
  • Accommodation: US$7 - $200


There are societies around the world with different cultures, beliefs, and histories. But one thing that is common among all is that each contains diverse communities and social balances. For many, this is something interesting to witness and assess, and people enjoy doing so when they go to a foreign country.

Thus, when you travel to El Salvador in Southern America, you would notice a difference in lifestyle and practices. The land is not overly populated, and the people who live there stick to their old customs and also focus on growth. Amidst that, the Salvadoran women are extremely interesting to get to know and form a bond with.

While this is something you would like, what you would enjoy more is dating them. Not only are they interesting characters, but also they have good values that would touch your heart. Yet, you cannot jump into something serious with no idea of the culture of the place first. Specifically, how they manage their dating lifestyle.

Dating Culture

In the society of El Salvador, there is a clear distinction present between social classes, with a lot of places having a rural living situation. The girls and boys have different lifestyles depending on their social status, based on education and job opportunities. Thus, when it comes to dating lifestyle, they have different mindsets of what relationships matter.

Usually, the Salvadoran women consider dating as something serious, and they commit accordingly. However, there are some people who choose not to date at all and try out more casual connections. While this may be true, the traditional mindset regarding women and their roles rely more on marriage as the endgame.

The ones belonging to more high-class families have more modern views on love and dating. They do go out with those they like and take time to choose their partners. As for the tourists in the area, they are more interested in having fun and treat dating life similarly. Thus, the culture of this in this country is very diverse, though love is given more priority than lust.

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Online Dating

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When you visit the various parts of El Salvador, you would come across several types of women. Some trust in their age-old values of family and childcare, while others have more liberal viewpoints. Either way, the ladies you would meet are strong individuals who focus on both individual identity and having fun.

Yet, their duties are something many women value more and live according to what is expected. They get an education and like knowing more things, plus they go forward with their work-life too. However, the end goal for a lot of them is having a good married life, predominantly seen among more traditional families.

These ladies are tough and they have opinions but they do not exert them on other people. For them, those they care about are very important and they invest a lot of their emotions on loyalty. As a person, they are friendly but maintain distance too, and like to build good conversations and connections.

Most of these ladies are not materialistic at all, and they care about the health of their loved ones and themselves. You would enjoy getting to know them better, and their appearance would not disappoint you either. Mostly with tanned skin and long dark hair, their beauty is natural and earthy, and you would have much to pick from.

Salvadoran Girls (age 18 - 29)

In the society of El Salvador, education is something that the younger Salvadoran ladies do focus on in their early years. However, not everyone decides to go to university, and they elect to work early. Whatever they choose to do, they give their full attention to it as they want to do well in life.

Nevertheless, there are some ladies who do not give this too much attention either and decide to prepare for home life. Food is a big part of this society, and most Salvadoran women are great at their hosting skills. As they grow older and enter in their late twenties, some of them do get married. Plus, some do this during their early twenties and younger years as well.

If you are interested in a girl from this society and specifically this age group, you would not find too many problems. A lot of them are single and open to trying new things and dating is not a 'strictly no' matter. So, if you approach them nicely and start a conversation, you can begin a good bond later.

Salvadoran Women (age 30 - 45)

In many cultures around the world and in South America, women in their thirties focus on family life. And that is the case in El Salvador too, where ladies in the 30 to 45 years age bracket choose to start a family of their own. Hence, compared to the younger girls, dating someone in this group can become a challenge.

Salvadoran women care deeply for their families and they concentrate their energy and emotions on them. Plus, these ladies do not stray from their partners and focus on the proper development of their children. Owing to this, if they become single again, they do not go out in the dating arena once again.

However, there are some who are still single at this stage, and you can enjoy a romantic dalliance with them. They do not usually have casual love in mind though and do want to settle down. Thus, if that is not something you are in for, it is best you stay honest about it from the very beginning. In fact, you may meet someone who feels similarly to you and enjoy your connection together.

Salvadoran Ladies (age 45+)

Those above 45 years of age and much older do not have much interest in dating in the county of El Salvador. The older women are either still happily married or too busy taking care of their own home life. Plus, these ladies enjoy their calm lifestyle and oftentimes feel it unnecessary to find someone to spend it with.

Love is something pure and heart-consuming, and most of the mature ladies give their all to their children and their kids. A few keep other work on the side too, though most of the senior ladies do not work professionally at this age. Because of the less time and fulfilled lifestyle they lead, even those who are single do not think about trying again.

Plus, society is not too modern in some parts too, and many of these ladies prefer to lead private lives. If you wish to date older women in this country, you would not find the most success. Yet, there are some who may be up to it, as long as they feel comfortable with you. Indeed, these women are very aware of their own life and values, and you should respect that if you want their hearts.

Foreign Girls (tourists, expats, students, etc.)

With its breathtaking natural views and diverse settlements, El Salvador is one of the best places to visit in Latin America. And because of that, you would see and can interact with a lot of foreigners there when you visit. Many of them are single women, and you can choose to start something with them too.

There are, of course, many reasons why you would not regret your decision if you chose to go out with them. Not only are they jovial and cultured, but also they would have an interest in seeing more of the localities. If you, too, are there for traveling, you would quite like going out with someone who would enjoy the scenery as much as you. Furthermore, the local girls are not entirely impolite but often, they keep to themselves. Given that, you would not have the easiest time trying to date them; the foreign women would agree faster instead. Although not everyone would quickly say yes, the opportunity is easier and more with foreigners, especially tourists.


Sex is something that is important to discuss in the matter of romantic relationships, and Salvadoran women regard it accordingly. They do get into such relationships with those they like and are not opposed to doing so before marriage. However, most of these girls do focus on the emotional aspect too, and date according to that.

Casual sex is not something that many of the local Salvadoran women take part in, although there are exceptions. Society is leaning more towards the traditional side in most of the communities of El Salvador. And because of that, women tend to hide their sexual desires and do not engage in it too openly.

Therefore, if that is something you want to experience with these women, you would not have many willing partners. Yet, there are some girls who may feel differently to this and if you have a good attraction to each other, they can go forward with it. It is important that you treat them well and make them feel relaxed, and many can change their mind.

Sex Culture

Speaking of the overall sex culture in the El Salvador society, it is very active, but most are hidden. Women do not openly discuss their interest in men or go out with a multitude of them. But the ones who are in relationships do get into such acts more frequently, and it starts young too.

Some of the women get together with someone they do not know well enough, but usually, this is not a frequent habit. Plus, many of the ladies start having sexual encounters in their adolescence and sometimes get pregnant as well. This is more present among the rural areas, while some cities witness young marriages too. Moreover, the Salvadoran women enjoy hanging out and spending time at parties and spend some enjoyable time with the opposite sex there. Things can then sometimes lead to more. And if you want to engage in that, make sure the lady you are with is equally interested. Plus, some even go to dating sites, and getting together with a girl through such is not uncommon.

Aside from this, there are foreigners too, who do not ignore their intimate desires either. Many visit the region with partners, and the single ones find someone to spend their time with. Thus, committed or not, both types of relationships of local and foreign nationals equally contribute to the overall sex culture.

One-Night Stands

In El Salvador, there are many tourists that decide to visit in order to enjoy the beaches and the Latin American experience. Plus, the locals themselves have fiery desires, although many are not overly open about it in public. Thus, the possibility of casual sex is present among the people living in this region and you can enjoy it too.

One-night stands are an interesting option for that and some people go ahead with this type of hookup. However, a big part of the El Salvador society is not Westernized like their northern neighbors, i.e., the US Americans. Therefore, many people do not understand nor do they like easy one-time-only hookup plans with complete strangers.

The foreigners though know it more clearly and some find it interesting to try out with the locals and other tourists alike. Also, there are some places where you can go and get professional experience too, and it is often similar to this type. Although, it is more exciting to flirt with the regular women you meet and mutually accept that attraction. Either way, this is an opportunity you can try out in El Salvador and enjoy the fun of it.

Best Places to Meet Single Girls

Without any hesitation, we can say that the best places to meet single girls in El Salvador are dating apps. Remember that we are in the digital age, and you can meet your loved ones through these apps only. They are only the best but also allow you to choose your life partner within a short span of time. For how long will you get frustrated and curse yourself for a boring life? So, this is the best option.

Even if you do not find them through any apps, then there are many other alternative options too. These choices can be like visiting a nightclub, bar, shopping malls, and many other places like them. But make sure that you should never try to approach them on the streets. This thing would be illegal, and you can also fall into huge trouble.

Beaches are also the right places, but the chances of meeting single girls there is minimum. Because they love partying and many other fun-loving activities which can easily fulfill their needs and demands. You will find them romantic and they can also have a wonderful conversation with you about their lives. But if you feel shy then forget about impressing because they only prefer men with strong personalities.

Therefore, build up an outgoing personality and approach them with manly confidence and style. If you have these two things, then no one can stop you from impressing a single Salvadoran girl. Try it out and see something which you have never expected before. You may hear a few rumors like impressing a girl is impossible. But rather than believing those statements, have faith in yourself and try your luck.

Bars, Pubs and Nightclubs

As we all know that the girls in El Salvador love to go to parties; so bars, pubs, and nightclubs are the perfect place to find them. Believe it or not, but these girls even enjoy midnight parties and alcohol with their changing moods. You can groove to the tunes of the music and dance with them in different sensual Latin dances. If you ever miss this opportunity, then you will blame yourself throughout life.

These bars, pubs, and nightclubs are famous all over the country, and everyone loves to visit those places. You cannot imagine that the crowds in those places are amazing and you would have a lovely experience. These are some bars, pubs, and nightclubs in El Salvador where you can visit and find the best life partner of your dreams.

  • Republik Bar (San Salvador)- The best bar of the city which is not only famous for alcoholic drinks but also for some starters and main course. You will see that the majority of the single girls come here searching for their suitable life partner. If you take the right opportunity, then you can be among the best ones to woo them. Another excellent thing is that this bar also has live music from Wednesday to Saturday. Experience it and get an enthralling experience with the most beautiful girls in the city.
  • El Establo (San Salvador)- This is another best bar where single girls visit at least once a week. Whoever has visited here have found their best partners and converted their dreams into reality. Though this bar is not so famous, you will get the best drinks and cocktails. Cherish every memory with a glass of whiskey, and you will have a wonderful evening.
  • De10 the house (Santa Ana)- A pub which is known for its discos and famous DJ's in the city. It is guaranteed that after visiting here, you will get the majority of the single girls. But they visit here in groups, and you have to approach them only when they are alone. Because this is the only way by which you can spend quality time with them and have the most romantic conversations.
  • Zanzibar Basileando (San Salvador)- You will see that on many of the websites, this nightclub has got great reviews and feedback. Though it is a small club, here you will get the most friendly atmosphere. Girls often visit here to have the best beer in the city. Thereafter, what you can do is to offer them a glass of beer and start a pleasant conversation...
  • Circo (San Salvador)- There is not too much information about this nightclub, but it is good when it comes to meeting the most attractive young women. Here they mostly visit alone, and you have to approach them with special confidence. If you can do it then only you will get a chance to sit and have a drink with them.
  • Seven 0 Seven (San Salvador)- If you have any doubt about this bar, then just go through its ratings and then give it a chance. Here, you will get not only a better ambiance but also a few extraordinary things which were beyond your expectations. After visiting this spot, women have always found the right person of their choice.
  • Cafe Bar El Necio (Suchitoto)- Disregarding the name 'café' in its name, you should first visit here and see how interesting the nightclub is. People always have a misconception that it is a cafeteria, and the place is a little bit boring. But the moment they come here, they change their minds and begin to love its amiable environment.
  • La Ventana Hostel & Bistrô (La Ventana)- It is not only a bar but also a restaurant that attracts you with its delicious meals. The girls who visit here enjoy the service and also the chance to meet their soul mates. If you utilize the opportunity, then no one can stop you from interacting with them. They like someone who would understand them and those who meet up to their expectations.
  • Bar Bass (San Salvador)- Make a note of this bar and mark it as very important so that later on you do not forget it. Here you will get your favorite steaks and drinks at a valuable price. If someone tells you that single girls do not come here, then it is a false statement. Because the truth is that they come here and they want to dine with someone special; visit here and you may just be one.
  • La Taberna (Santa Tecla)- If you are a cocktail lover, then you have to visit this place. The reason behind this thing is that you will get a wide variety of cocktails. Another great check-mark on this place is that you may meet someone who is right for you. Whoever misses this opportunity, regret their mistake; so make sure not to fall in the same category.

Shopping Malls

When it comes to shopping malls, then El Salvador always remains in the topmost place with the best options. The simple reason is that the city has an ample number of choices where you will get your preferred accessories. Girls visit every city malls and want to meet someone who is romantic and can prove their love.

Here are the best shopping malls where you can visit if you are in El Salvador.

  • Plaza Futura (San Salvador)
  • Metrocentro Mall (San Salvador)
  • Centro Comercial La Gran Vía (Antiguo Cuscatlán)
  • Plaza Malta (Antiguo Cuscatlán)
  • El Paseo Mall (San Salvador)
  • Centro Comercial Los Castanos (San Salvador)
  • Metrocentro Lourdes (Lourdes)
Plaza Futura fountain


There are many outdoor places in El Salvador, like some famous parks and beaches. You will get to see the most charming women with their bikinis on those beaches. They also visit the parks, but the beaches are the most romantic places where you will get a completely different feeling.

In the beginning, you will think of only relaxing in such areas. But after visiting these places, you may just find more to your life and meet someone special too. Not only will you get an incredible feeling but also find the energy and strength to get rid of all your pains and depressions.

These are some best outdoor sites where you can visit when you are in El Salvador.

  • El Sunzal (La Libertad)
  • Tamanique Waterfalls (Tamanique)
  • Lago Suchitlán (Suchitoto)
  • Juayua Waterfalls (Juayua)
  • El Tunco Beach (La Libertad)
  • Mizata Beach (Mizata)
  • Parque Nacional El Imposible ( Apaneca Ilamatepec Mountain)
  • Playa El Cuco (El Cuco)
  • Lago de Coatepeque (Santa Ana)
  • Playa San Blas (La Libertad)

Universities and Colleges

Now, if you are looking for some young girls, then universities and colleges are the right options for you. There, you will notice the most attractive young girls who will give you a very good company. If you spend some quality time with them, then you will know their taste and preferences.

You can learn a lot at these places too, as the faculty and curricular are of a good standard. In the meantime, you can have a word with these young women and ask for any special help. This way, you will develop a friendship, and you can later grow your bond into something more romantic.

Indeed, college girls are more open to dating and you would quite enjoy spending time together. Mentioned below are some colleges and universities in El Salvador where you can try out your luck.

  • Universidad Modular Abierta (San Salvador)
  • Universidad Politécnica de El Salvador (San Salvador)
  • Central American University (San Salvador)
  • Francisco Gavidia University (San Salvador)
  • Don Bosco University Campus of graduate studies (Antiguo Cuscatlán)
  • Higher School of Economics and business (Santa Tecla)
  • Autonomous University of Santa Ana (Santa Ana)
  • Universidad Nueva San Salvador (San Salvador)


In terms of relationships, a Salvadoran woman is open to adjusting, as long as there is a level of understanding. They are a wide assortment of personalities rolled into one and want people who would appreciate them entirely. Certainly, equality and partnership is something that these women focus on when going into a relationship.

However, they do not forget their values either and are very respectful towards who they meet. These ladies like talking about things they find dear to them but are great listeners too. Nice communication is a need for them as that builds comfort, and with time- love, and commitment.

While this is what most Salvadorian girls want, some do desire to experiment more as well. They do not do so too openly, but casual dating is not out of the window for many of them. Plus, the foreigners staying in this country also feel a similar way, and they try to go out on many dates to see if they want more.

Holiday Romance

Another coveted style of dating that many people find fascinating and want to try out is holiday love. In its essence, it is fun and relaxing and many people find the calm yet passionate companion-ships more freeing. Most of the time, the two people in it know that commitment is not a goal and they leave expectations out.

This brings a sense of comfortable camaraderie but also keeps the physical intimacy active. Many of the Salvadoran girls would hesitate regarding the definition-less bond though, but some find it interesting to try. Additionally, fellow tourists who want to enjoy the excitement of the trip with someone like flirty interactions too. Thus, you would not have a lack of choices, as long as you treat them well and maintain a respectful and friendly nature.

Tips for Successful Relationship

Love is something that one should cherish, and if you found that in your relationship, that is wonderful. But valuable things are not easy to maintain and you need to pay a lot of attention and care too. Making an effort is highly important to keep a good thing going, and that is no different in relationships.

Indeed, you and your partner need to work together on the core values and improve your connection over time. This would ensure that your relationship enjoys a long span, and you can think about permanently settling down too. If that is what your aim is for your relationships, these following things are what you need to work on.

  • Honesty - To be fair, this factor is important in connections of most types, and especially so in romantic ones. After all, when you are together with a person, you and they become liable for each other. In a relationship, it is crucial to maintain good interaction and openly talk about things you find important. It is also necessary to stay honest about things that happen to you and that you cause. Therefore, to maintain and grow a good bond, you should focus on always telling the truth. While privacy about certain things is important, some circumstances can affect your partner too. Whether it's something boring or big, do tell them your side truthfully always.
  • Respect their upbringing - When you live in different places and have grown up in different family structures, you would see differences. This, of course, is more prominent if the two people in a relationship belong to two separate cultures altogether. In that case, you should respect your partner's heritage and not put them down or think of them as unimportant. Salvadoran women especially are very serious about their lifestyle and their traditions. So, even if you do not understand something, ask them about it and try to learn more about them. Similarly, try to learn Spanish too, as that would improve your communication. This would definitely affect their sentiments and these ladies would appreciate your efforts.
  • Understanding - To survive a relationship without much cracks is never possible because people, in essence, are flawed creatures. Truly, everyone has something that they are not great at or some fear that they cannot escape. Sometimes, these are nothing big, while in a few cases, the faults are too loud to ignore. Here, it is important for you to maturely handle the matter and accept them for who they are. Small mistakes are forgivable, like a Salvadoran woman's disregard for punctuality. However, bigger things require more attention and knowing the context, and you should consider them with an open mind.
  • Having fun together - Many of the Salvadoran ladies like to party and visit the many beautiful regions around their homeland. Similarly, there are some others who live more simple lives and like spending more quiet times. In a relationship, it is crucial to put the needs of the other at higher importance and enjoy each other's company. Both of you need to give each other that time, enjoying things together that you like. Also, you should do new things too, and these experiences would make for great stories later.


Notably, love is an emotion that the Salvadorans are not opposed to and actually want in their lives. For them, romance is about finding the right match, but also enjoy yourself along the way. Thus, when a Salvadoran woman finds someone they can bond with accordingly, they hold on firmly.

Indeed, loyalty and commitment are two things that these girls can promise, and they are very caring to their love interests. When you fall for each other, she would expect romantic gestures, but also focus on the little moments. They want their partners to get along well with their family too.

Indeed, after they are sure about their feelings, these girls would introduce you to their family. It is a big sign that they are thinking of you in the long-term sense. They would try to share most of their life with you, and if you feel serious about her, you should reciprocate similarly.

How to Make Sure She Is the One

Love is a tricky business to get into, and when successful, it is even trickier to keep it intact. Nevertheless, if you want to spend your forever with that someone, it is crucial that she is the right one for you. In case you have any doubt, think through the following matters and judge your situation accordingly.

  • Family values - In a life-partner, it is important that they have a good idea of and interest in maintaining family values. While a Salvadoran girl takes this aspect seriously, does it match with yours? After all, there are things that you may agree with and some you would not. See what the differences are between you and then decide if you want to go ahead with it. Plus, you both have to compromise on some things; see what her reaction to that is as well.
  • Treating others well - When the two of you get married, it is a marriage of two lives too. And that involves a lot more people aside from the two of you. Thus, notice how her compatibility is with your close ones and if she behaves nicely with them. If she is trying to interact and grow something with your family, it shows that they care deeply about you. Someone who has no real interest in making a future with you would not put that much effort.
  • Easy to talk to - While communication compatibility is something you may check in the early stages anyway, it is actually important throughout the relationship. Especially when you get married, it is necessary that conversations do not go stale over time. If you both can naturally discuss anything and not feel bored, that is a good thing.
  • Conflict resolution - Of course, in relationships, fights are inevitable but how you deal with that is more important. Does she try to talk things out with you, or get too angry and storm out? Can she calm things down easily, or does she care about proving herself as right more? It is important that you notice and understand the differences between the two.


Marriages are, without a doubt, a very big life decision for people and Salvadorans are the deciders of their own destiny. Thus, a local woman you meet in El Salvador would prefer a love marriage, with blessings from their family. Their culture is definitely something that these women think of as important, and want to follow their customs.

In terms of long-term commitment, a lot of people decide to forego marriage completely and live together instead. If that is something you are interested in, that is an available option for you. Plus, the society of this culture considers matrimony as a significant bond and divorces are not common. Some girls get married at a very young age as well, for a variety of personal or societal reasons.


Of course, when speaking of marriages, the next gradual step to focus on is the ceremony. And in El Salvador, such celebrations are done with a lot of fun and excitement in the air. Most of the people here follow the religion of Roman Catholicism and that has a lot of influence on the planning process of weddings.

Nevertheless, this is more prevalent under the church version of nuptials, if couples choose the traditional route. One can do this in a reception hall as well, with their loved ones in attendance. There are some slight variations to the process for the marrying couple; for example, the married couple you are the closest to stands as a support at the altar.

Although such weddings are interesting, a lot of couples prefer the civil ceremony version better. It is a more intimate affair, and you can invite your close ones to the location, usually a reception space or your house. Unlike the church version, the officiant-in-charge is a public notary, and the rules are more legal oriented. Yet, people do have fun and enjoy the beauty of such moments all together.

If you want to celebrate a beautiful wedding in El Salvador, these following venues are what you should consider.

  • Cardedeu Hotel (Santa Ana)
  • Cajamarca El Salvador (San Salvador)
  • Morrison Hotel de La Escalon (San Salvador)
  • Montemilia - Elite Events (Santa Tecla)
  • Linda Vista Garden (San Salvador)
  • Sheraton Presidente San Salvador Hotel (San Salvador)

Family Life

To the Salvadoran women, family life is an important life step that they need to think about. And many start doing so from a young age; they know what is expected of them in the future. Indeed, these ladies focus a lot of their attention on their new family after marriage and their children later.

These females stay in good contact with their maternal relatives and occasionally go for a visit. As for their household duties, your Salvadoran wife would attend to them too, aside from their other responsibilities. Not to mention, they adore their offspring and want to see them grow happy and well, but do practice a huge degree of discipline early.

In the question of financial support, a Salvadoran woman tries to be an equal partner and many still work after marriage. The places of El Salvador are also quite great to start a family in, focusing more on cultured and peaceful lifestyles. Thus, if you want to settle down with someone who is fun yet focused, a Salvadoran lady would fit you well.


Map of El Salvador with regions colour-coded
Western El Salvador
Eastern El Salvador


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