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Guide for dating in East Timor helps you to meet the best girls. This dating guide gives you tips how to date Timorese women. You will learn rules where and how to flirt with local Timorese girls. We advise how to move from casual dating to the relationship and find the real love. We also tell the best dating sites in East Timor. In this article below you will find more information where to meet and date girls in East Timor, Asia.

Museum of East Timor

Girls in East Timor:

  • Looks of girls: 3 / 5
  • Attitude of girls: 4 / 5
  • Loyalty of girls: 4.5 / 5
  • Education level of girls: 3 / 5

Dating in East Timor:

  • Chance of arranging dates: 3 / 5
  • Casual dating culture: 3 / 5
  • Online dating popularity: 3.5 / 5

Sex in East Timor:

  • Women's sexual activity: 3 / 5
  • One-night stands: 3 / 5

More about East Timor:

  • Nightlife in general: 3.5 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 3 / 5
  • Budget per day: US$30 - $50
  • Accommodation: US$2000 - $4000


An exotic island of maritime South East Asia, East Timor is an island country that spans over the eastern half of the Timor islands. Being a mixed bag of ethnicities, East Timor houses beautiful Portuguese, Chinese as well as Malay women. Women in this country usually have a brownish skin tone with wavy brunette hair and attractive dark eyes.

East Timorese women usually have roundish faces and curvy bodies, which make them quite attractive. Some of the beauties have sharp features and petite figures that add to their natural charm. Women here usually come from patriarchal societies and are therefore a little reserved when it comes to interaction with tourists. However, it is up to you, how you can flatter these exquisite ladies and have a nice time in the romantic islands of East Timor. Have a lady of your taste by your side during the stay or find the love of your life, East Timorese women will not disappoint you!

Dating Culture

East Timor has a subdued yet interesting dating culture. The women here might not be very upfront and flamboyant, but they surely have a touch of innocence, which appeals to most men. It is quite a challenge for men to overcome the shyness intrinsic to the native women and convince them for a date. Needless to say, women are interested in foreigners visiting this place and even hooking up with them.

All it requires is to bring them out of the societal consciousness and reservations. It is important to make definitive advances so that they don't shy away from your flirtatiousness and rather give in to it. The women here do not have many expectations when it comes to wooing. Usually, setting up a decent bond of friendship is enough to ask them out or express that you're in love with them.

Online Dating

Dating in East Timor can be a bit tricky due to not knowing if you have a solid connection, so your best bet is to sign up for a dating site before you venture to the night club or bar, so you can meet a few locals ahead of time. AdultFriendFinder.com lets you meet local members in East Timor and get to know them on a personal basis before you meet in person. Take advantage of site features like live chat and member to member webcams so you can begin flirting before arranging a face-to-face meeting.


East Timor has a wide palette of women from over 16 different ethnicities. Most of these women have simplistic features, a brownish skin tone, and petite figures. They might not be ravishingly gorgeous but definitely have pure, innocent beauty, which is always charming for men. From gorgeous Portuguese women to hot Chinese girls and the lovely Malay ladies, East Timor gives you plenty of choices.

Women here are usually dressed in modest outfits like a skirt and blouse, or a long dress. Even though the women are comparatively timid and soft-spoken, you should be careful about how you approach them. Women here are known to react very strongly if they feel threatened by someone's behavior. Maybe, you can start your conversation with casual topics of common interest and then slowly get to your point.

Timorese Girls (age 18 - 29)

Women of this age group form a larger part of the demographics of East Timor. Women in this place are married off at a very early age, sometimes even before their 20s. Therefore, the chances of getting laid with young girls are quite high in East Timor. Since most of the girls are aware of the early marriage scene, they might be interested in checking out men before getting married straightaway.

Girls belonging to this age group are naturally blessed with the prettiness of youth. They have smoother skin, elegant figures, and well-maintained glamor. These girls are also nice and jovial, and hence its easier to approach them. However, one needs to be a little careful with girls of this age group as contraceptives are banned for unmarried women in East Timor. Even though the East Timorese women have a more or less amicable characteristic, it is better not to be too persistent if a girl denies the offer.

Timorese Women (age 30 - 45)

Women of this age group might not be as slim and well maintained as girls of the younger group. However, they have a more developed personality and are not as shy as teenage girls. Women of this age group and mostly married in this place. They probably have children and are dedicated housewives. Hence, it is slightly difficult to hook up with these ladies in East Timor.

However, there is always a chance to meet a divorcee, a single mother, or a widowed woman who might want to enjoy your companionship. It is important to get on the right footing with these women so that your chances of getting a laid increase. Most of them are economically stable in this age group and are probably looking for only emotional dependency. A great opportunity lies in hooking up with tourists of this age group, who are also as new as you in the country and might be easily willing to get laid.

Timorese Ladies (age 45+)

In order to grab the attention of local women belonging to this age group, you really need to be able to strike proper conversations. It is almost equivalent to put in enough effort to make somebody step out of a loyal and moralistic family life. Women of this age group usually have large families with children and grandchildren. Therefore, it is quite a task to charm these ladies.

However, there is no need to feel hopeless. It is also known that East Timorese women have a high emotional dependency on men. Thus if you find a woman who has lost her spouse, or a single mother who has probably been divorced, who can easily make a decent approach, they might enjoy your company and take a step forward too. If you share common religious beliefs and ideologies, it can certainly enhance your chances.

Foreign Girls (tourists, expats, students, etc.)

Being an island country, a large number of tourists visit East Timor. There are a lot of ex-pats who have been staying there for a long time, and most such women are far bolder and approachable than the local girls. From Asians to Australians to Europeans, East Timor has an abundance of foreign girls.

You can easily mingle with these women as they too lookout for tourists for engagement of sorts. This is primarily because the local men are often conservative and misogynistic, which does not appeal to the foreign ladies. Additionally, the East Timorese Public University is quite reputed and attracts students from neighboring countries.


East Timorese women are simple, shy, and friendly. Therefore, there is not much to worry about when it comes to pleasing their personalities. But at the same time, society is regressive, and the women are very conscious of morality. Openly talking about hooking up might not be the right way to go about a woman you want to sleep with.

The women are generally introverts and have a pronounced timid side. However, they also have repressed sexual desires, which they are more than willing to fulfill. The best way to engage with these women is by striking friendly conversations in a common language.

Sex Culture

Even though primarily a Catholic country with a pretty conservative culture, premarital sex is common in East Timor. Women often get married after they end up being pregnant. Apart from the local East Timorese women, there are also a number of tourists, ex-pats, and foreign students in the country who actively indulge in sexual activities with tourists.

The young girls are mostly virgins and have attractive bodies that are bound to lure you. A vapid nightlife culture gives you enough opportunities to land up with one of these exotic ladies and spend some quality time at East Timor.

One-Night Stands

An exotic island country with women from diverse ethnicities is definitely a very happening place for exploring one night stands. There are plenty of foreigners and even local Timorese girls who would want to engage in one night stands as it is much easier than long time dating. Nightclubs and bars often double up as brothels where you can have greater chances of meeting gorgeous women willing to pleasure you all night.

Prostitution is legal in East Timor, and a lot of women engage in it to make good money. However, local women of the higher age groups might be a little hard to convince for one night stands as they want to remain loyal to their families. While most women are shy and soft-spoken, you might meet the more adventurous kind who would definitely come across as tempting hook up options.

Best Places to Meet Single Girls

In the cities of East Timor, the societal pressure is too much for boys and girls to engage in intimacies at public places. However, for the purpose of meeting girls, these are the best spots. Crowded shopping malls are a favorite spot to find lots of fine-looking women. A greater segment of the female tourists and students can be found in the nightclubs, who are usually more liberal and willing to experience varied sexual indulgences.

Bars, Pubs and Nightclubs

Nightlife in East Timor is quite fun and exciting. Nightclubs are mostly filled by men because the local women are not given so much freedom and exposure. However, East Timor still has an attractive night culture, mainly in the capital city of Dili. There are numerous bars and nightclubs in the beachfront capital, which are hubs for single men and women. All are open till late at night and have free-flowing booze and food. These places are thronged by the female tourists and ex-pats as well who get drunk while enjoying the live songs or the DJ performances. Here are some of the famous nightclubs in East Timor:

  • Club 88 – It's a late-night dance club with a rejuvenating atmosphere and is frequented by tourists as well as locals. You do not have to pay an entry fee for this club, which is why a lot of people crowd the place.
  • Caz Bar – This is a bar cum restaurant by the beach. An extremely romantic spot for dates that serves excellent food. A lot of Australian women are found in this bar.
  • Skybar – This is a rooftop bar with an exotic panoramic view of East Timor. A lot of ex-pats throng this place for cheap beer and live music.
  • Castaway – It is one of the busier bars in the country and is, therefore, a great place to meet and interact with the women of East Timor.
  • Nautilus – This place is very attractive for people in East Timor as it has a dance floor. People from England, Holland, and Australia frequent this place a lot.
  • Dili Beach Hotel and Bar – It is a seafront bar, which is also known as Sports Bar. Because it's easy to find a location, it's a fine place to meet someone, preferably your online date.
  • Spooners Bar and Grill – This is a pretty cool place with a comfortable outdoor seating option. There are sports lounges with multiple screens too.
  • OsteriaItaliana – A fine dining place with an exciting bar, this place serves authentic Italian cuisine and is a favorite for tourists in East Timor.
  • Talema Bar and Restaurant – This place is famous for its delectable pork dishes and also has entertaining musical performances over the weekends.

Shopping Malls

East Timor is relatively new to the idea of shopping malls, having received its first in 2009. Due to the novelty of the concept, it remains popular among people of all age groups. You can expect to find teenage girls hanging out at the mall or older women catching up with friends and a bit of shopping too. Naturally, it makes the malls target-rich zones where you might win the attention and affections of a woman. Here are some of the shopping malls you can visit in East Timor:

  • Timor Plaza
  • Jacinto Plaza
  • Colmera Shopping Centre
  • Tais market
  • Prilamora
  • Audian Shopping Centre
  • HametinBerlian
Timor Plaza


The sprawling beauty of East Timor has perfect places for hangouts and dates. Not just romantic beaches and sea-facing bars, East Timor is a hub of picturesque outdoor places where you can always be lucky to find beautiful Timorese ladies. Some of these places allow for adventurous activities if you want to spend some quality time with your girl.

The shy nature predominant in Timorese women can be overcome if you take them to some of these lovely private outdoor spots where they don't have any societal pressure. These will definitely allow you space for intimacy and also a great degree of comfort. Some of the finest outdoor places of East Timor are listed here:

  • Jesus Backside Beach
  • Atauro Island
  • Bacau
  • Suai
  • Lautem
  • Lake Ira Lalaro
  • Areia Branca
  • Mount Matebian
Jesus Backside Beach

Universities and Colleges

East Timor has quite a few prominent educational institutions which not only enroll local students but also provide admissions for foreign students from neighboring countries. The most reputed institute is the National University of East Timor. It offers bachelor degrees in several courses, thus inviting a lot of students. If you are on the lookout for young Timorese women, these institutional areas, campus lanes and nearby places are great avenues for meeting them on a regular basis. Here are some of the famous educational institutions of East Timor:

  • National University of East Timor
  • Institute Superior Crystal
  • Dili Institute of Technology
  • East Timor Institute of Business


In spite of the conservative culture and restrictions imposed on women, relationships in East Timor can still be a valuable experience. And who knows, you might even meet the love of your life! The women here are sheepish and subdued by nature, but they also have attractive qualities and personalities. Some of them are extremely beautiful too, especially the Portuguese women.

Impressing these women doesn't take too much of an effort. They will not reject you with their flamboyance or arrogance. However, you need to be polite and wise not to hurt their sentiments. The hookup culture is not so prevalent with the local women but is definitely an opportunity worth exploring with the abundant foreign ladies who come as tourists and ex-pats.

In order to set up a relationship with the slightly mature women, its advisable to learn their language, speak about common interests and religious beliefs. Engaging in amicable conversations and carrying a polite demeanor is always of use with the ladies in a country like East Timor.

Holiday Romance

Holiday romances are wonderful chances at new adventures, where you meet a person for a while, share some experiences, and walk away with good memories. East Timor's conservative culture makes casual dating a little hard. But something like a holiday romance is easily manageable. You can live with your partner for the duration of your stay at the place, explore the sights through their eyes, and see the hidden corners that tourists often miss.

If you find your romance growing into something more serious, you always have the option to take it a step further. Most relationships in East Timor, once made official, gravitate towards marriage. Therefore, you might end up tying the knot if you find the one while on vacation.

Tips for Successful Relationship

  • Women in East Timor are reticent and not so easy to approach: This is because of societal impositions and has got nothing to do with an attitude problem. You have to be careful, amicable, and polite before striking conversations with Timorese girls. At no point should they feel that you can pose any threat to their dignity.
  • Women here are highly loyal and also very much dependent on their spouses. Once committed to a serious relationship, it is unlikely for Timorese women to cheat on you or abandon you. They can be devoted to housewives, caring mothers, and at the same time hard-working individuals.
  • The women here mostly belong to varied ethnicities and speak numerous dialects, Portuguese and Malay being the common tongues. It is definitely better to learn the local language if you want to impress a woman. However, English is commonly spoken by most tourists and ex-pats occupying the place.


East Timorese women are simple, shy, responsible, timid, and have most of the feminine qualities that men find pleasing. These women also have a very friendly nature, and it is quite possible to fall in love with them after a few dates. They usually do not have sharp striking features, which reduces the chances of love at first sight. However, East Timorese women are most certainly meant for more meaningful bonds.

They are simple and modest in their dressing sense, which reflects on their humble and innocent personalities. Some of the Portuguese women found here are, however, excellent fashionistas and also have attractive facial features.

Roaming hand in hand by the beachside, or enjoying a beer with your loved one at a fancy bar can make you fall in love with the woman you've found here. Nightclubs and pubs are also fancy places where you might meet a host of fascinating ladies who might want to explore and indulge with you!

How to Make Sure She Is the One

  • If the girl introduces you to her family, she is thinking of the relationship seriously. Casual relationships are frowned upon in East Timor, so once the family is involved, you know you're headed towards the happy end you both want.
  • If you spend time with her and want to make a major lifestyle change like moving to a new place and settling in with a new culture, you know you've found the girl. Love is about how much you're willing to compromise and sacrifice too, and if you feel you can start a new life elsewhere for a person, she's the one.
  • Although people are more conservative in East Timor, if you find your woman opening up to you in more ways than one, chances are she wants to spend her life with you.


Usually, women are married off at a very young age in East Timor. Hence if you feel you have fallen in love with a young Timorese beauty, and you want to spend the rest of your life with her, marriage doesn't need to wait too long. Women are usually from patriarchal families, and thus the consent of male members of the family is often important for a marriage to take place. East Timorese women have had a history of physical abuse. Hence it is important that you prove your love for the girl and make her feel safe before convincing her to get married.


Marrying in a different country, that too a conservative one like East Timor could be a little challenging. However, the effort is totally worth the kind of women the Timorese are. Loving, caring, and perfect to run households; they can be desirable life partners. Marriage in East Timor often includes a bride-price, bride-service, and certain marriage alliances. As an outsider, you might have to abide by these customs to have a peaceful marriage ceremony. It is a religious country, and therefore a grand occasion like marriage involves a lot of rites and rituals that you should hold in high regard.

Family Life

East Timor is a relatively new country. Thus, there are several ex-pats who move here from various parts of the world, and you could be one of them. If you're thinking of starting family life, it is best to live in a gated community near the American or Australian embassies. The schooling system in East Timor is quite well established with some international schools. As far as job prospects, there are several NGOs working tirelessly to develop the small island. You can easily find employment, as there are several opportunities.



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