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Guide for dating in Dortmund helps you to meet the best girls. This dating guide gives you tips how to date German women. You will learn rules where and how to flirt with local German girls. We advise how to move from casual dating to the relationship and find the real love. We also tell the best dating sites in Dortmund. In this article below you will find more information where to meet and date girls in Dortmund, Germany.

Beautiful girls of dortmund at rush hour club

Girls in Dortmund:

  • Looks of girls: 3.5 / 5
  • Attitude of girls: 2.5 / 5
  • Loyalty of girls: 3.5 / 5
  • Education level of girls: 4 / 5

Dating in Dortmund:

  • Chance of arranging dates: 3 / 5
  • Casual dating culture: 4 / 5
  • Online dating popularity: 4.5 / 5

Sex in Dortmund:

  • Women's sexual activity: 3.5 / 5
  • One-night stands: 3.5 / 5

More about Dortmund:

  • Nightlife in general: 4 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 3 / 5
  • Moving around the city: 4 / 5
  • Budget per day: US$15 - $200
  • Accommodation: US$30 - $500


Dortmund girls are really beautiful. You wont need to look too far before seeing someone who is cute, beautiful and smart at the same time. The girls in Dortmund are open minded and are very welcoming. In fact, you might just start to mistake some random girls as models.

Everyone just tries to build her own style at Dortmund. Low self-esteem issues are not common here. So be ready to deal with girls that know their worth. Gone are the days when all you’ve to do is flaunt material things.

Things have changed a little bit now and the girls can see through you. As a foreigner, you will get a chance to date some of these cute girls. Getting to marry and settle down is the issue here because parents play a huge role in the life of their daughters. The tradition and culture of Dortmund goes against marrying someone from a foreign land. They believe they are losing their daughter to where she doesn’t belong.

Dating Culture

As a developed country, there are no strict rules for relationships outside of marriage. People are allowed to date whoever they want with no respect to age, class or other factors. Earlier girls from Dortmund were not allowed to date foreigners because of cultural diversity and family restrictions; though now situations have changed.

Things have changed in recent years, parents are more enlightened and they don’t stop their daughters from dating foreigners anymore. Although some regions of this place still follow the orthodox traditions and values.Therefore, tourists who are willing to settle down can search for serious partners in Dortmund. In a case you are just visiting Dortmund for a short tour, then you would probably only find girls for one night stand and hookups rather then any serious relationships.

Girls from Dortmund prefer long term relationships over short ones. Hardly any girls out here prefer to spend just few nights with a stranger . Therefore, finding love as a tourist will only be possible if you have some genuine plans for your partner. And its rather better if you’re ready to settle down in Dortmund. Another important thing to know about the dating culture that matters in Dortmund is loyalty.

They value loyalty above all other things in relationships. Therefore, to get a Dortmund girl to fall in love with you, you’ve to remind her that she’s the only one in your life. They need reassurance regularly in order to maintain a stable relationship.

Sugar Dating

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Online Dating

Dating in Dortmund can be a bit tricky due to not knowing if you have a solid connection, so your best bet is to sign up for a dating site before you venture to the night club or bar, so you can meet a few locals ahead of time. lets you meet local members in Dortmund and get to know them on a personal basis before you meet in person. Take advantage of site features like live chat and member to member webcams so you can begin flirting before arranging a face-to-face meeting.

Webcam Dating

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Women in this city are generally beautiful and appealing. In case you finally get to date a Dortmund girl, you should be proud to show her off anywhere you go. It will even boost your self-esteem because you will be respected among your friends. In order to get to date a Dortmund girl, you need some enough knowledge about them. The best way to do this is to study different age groups of the girls and what each group wants. The way you approach a 20-year-old girl is very different from how you approach a 30-year-old lady.

So you’ve to work on yourself, know the exact things that you want and search for your girl. Even though these age groups differ in almost everything, one thing is still common to all of them. This is the fact that every Dortmund lady tries to maintain her beauty. Medical procedures such as breast enlargement are not common here. As females in Dortmund prefer to maintain the natural beauty that they inherent.

Don’t be surprised when you see a 45-year-old woman with youthful glowing skin. She’s able to do this because she pays special attention to her skin and tries to maintain it. If you are determined and behave like a gentleman, no doubt you'll be able to date one of these beauties pretty easily.

German Girls (age 18 - 29)

This age bracket is when a girl is in high demand. Girls as young as 18 don’t mind changing partners frequently. You can’t blame them because they’ve lots of guys who are willing to go miles to get in their pants. Therefore, if you’re not ready for a great challenge, don’t date a young girl. As she’s still confused and yet to find her path and right partner.

Dating her might just mean you become a part of her journey to self-discovery. If you go higher in this age bracket, that is the age ranging from 22-29, you will find girls who are willing to settle down with their partners. This is when they start looking for relationships that can turn into a good marriage. And if you are a tourist who is willing to settle down, a 20+ girl will easily give you a chance. And hence getting a girl of this bracket to get laid on a bed with you is not that tough. They are hot and wild which will ultimately result in some great experiences for you.

You just have to convince her that you have true intentions and are willing to stay and spend the rest of your life with her. Another means of getting girls of this age bracket is to visit schools. As an international student, you don’t have much to worry about. You will get to meet new girls in classes, laboratories and so on. All you just need to work on is your fashion and style. You have to dress well and smell nice always.

Young girls love to party at different nightclubs of the city

German Women (age 30 - 45)

It is much difficult to get women of this age in Dortmund. Most of the women aged 30 and above are married. The single ones are either single moms or women that didn’t marry early. It will be easy for a tourist to get a 30+ year woman still looking for marriage. Sadly, the older you get, the more you lose your beauty.

Therefore, she will be so eager to settle down and start her own family with you. Since she’s a little bit late, she has little or no choice to make. That makes it easier for a foreigner to get a single lady around this age bracket. On the other hand, the married ones are loyal to their partner. As discussed earlier, loyalty is a virtue in Dortmund. And when it comes to sex with these females, so saying that they are well experienced and good at it wont be wrong!

Even in teenage relationships, you rarely see partners cheating on each other. Therefore, trying to get in bed with a married woman is almost impossible everywhere. Single women of about 40+ years don’t really want relationships anymore. They either have a child they are bringing up or are totally focused on their career. As we go further, we shall be enlightened on women above this age range.

Hot older women of Dortmund at Moog Garden

German Ladies (age 45+)

This is the last category of women in Dortmund that you can date or get into a relationship with. Here you will find women that are really independent unlike in the other categories. In fact, most of the women around this age try to limit their relationship with the opposite sex. As matured women, they are the people other age categories look up to. So they try to live up to that standard by being independent and choosing not to step into any wrong relationship.

It is important to know that the single women here are no more in relationships because either they lose their spouse or are divorced. A few of them still need partners to satisfy them sexually. This is the only chance anyone has to get women of this age. In exchange for sex, they take care of young men and pay them. In fact, some of them even invite their young lovers to move in with them.

Therefore, as a tourist or foreigner in Dortmund, you shouldn’t expect much from them. You will rarely find serious relationships in this age category. At times, you might find women who are willing to remarry but that happens once in a blue moon. You can focus more on other age categories if you want something serious and lasting.

Hot women of Dortmund

Foreign Girls (tourists, expats, students, etc.)

As a city with a good reputation in several fields, you will always find foreigners in Dortmund. It might be for research purposes or other things. At times, Dortmund hosts sports competitions and hence you get to encounter a lot of foreigners there. Therefore, Dortmund is full of almost all races and skin colors. At times, you might even be lucky enough to find someone from your home country.

You can easily find foreigners in schools. Dortmund schools offer scholarship opportunities to a lot of students abroad. This move has attracted a lot of international students to choose Dortmund over others. Everyone prefers free education than to pay hugely to attend lectures. In higher institutions, most students are either teenagers or young adults who come from various foreign countries to Dortmund for pursuing their education.

You will have enough time to meet and chat with a lot of them. All you have to do is to dress up and smile nicely. You should even be willing to spend some cash over these ladies, so that they get more attracted towards you. In fact, there is a popular saying in Dortmund, that women are more attracted towards the individuals who smell good. You don’t have to purchase a very expensive body spray to smell good. You only have to search for the one that matches your body type.


There are a few rules when it comes to having sex with Dortmund girls. First of all, it has to be consensual sex. That is both parties must have agreed to it. Anything different from that is referred to as rape. It is also illegal to sleep with a lady under the age of 18. And these few rules are strictly followed in Dortmund.

Apart from these two rules, sex with Dortmund girls can be fun if you’re doing it with the right person. Although Dortmund girls are brought up to abstain from sex, you can still get them laid if you play your cards right. You’ve to understand a few things about them and you will have to act accordingly. One important thing is they don’t like discussing sex. Most of them are shy when it comes to discussing sexual matters.

Imagine if a girl is shy to discuss sex with a native, how will she feel when a foreigner is trying to discuss sex with her. It’s a huge turnoff you need to avoid. You also need to know that these girls only offer sex to who they love. Therefore, you should be patient and be ready to give your girl the time she needs. If you’re impatient and can’t wait, you can patronize sex workers. Prostitution has been legalized everywhere in Germany and is no longer a crime.

Sex Culture

Most ladies in Dortmund are well disciplined when it comes to sexual relations. In fact, a good number of them are brought up to abstain from sex until marriage. They give sex so much value that they only give it to the one with whom they plan to spend their entire life with. Their approach to sex varies with their age. For instance, you can’t expect an 18-year-old girl to be open to sex the way a 24-year old will be.

Sex culture also differs with financial status. Although, this is not very general but yet it applies in most of the cases. Poor girls often believe they can offer their bodies in exchange for money and it works in most cases. That’s the approach rich tourists use mostly. Since they know most girls are materialistic, they just try to attract them with money and other luxuries, and to be honest this is a pretty easy way, to get some hot girl with you and have some amazing sex with her.

This approach doesn’t really work with girls from rich backgrounds. Dortmund girls from rich families don’t date a man only on the basis of money. They date because of love and they don’t even mind providing for you (if you’re not financially buoyant). It is also important to know that for dating these women, you need to make sure that the woman who is interested in having sex and one night stand with you ain't planning for a married life with you. As many a times these females seek a partner for sex with whom she can marry. Also citizens and foreigners can pay in exchange for sexual pleasure.

One-Night Stands

This works mostly for tourists who are in Dortmund for a few months. Since they’re not going to be staying long, there’s no need for a serious relationship. You can just look for a sex worker and pay her for the night. Prostitution is legal, so no one is going to prosecute you. In fact prostitution over here is high in demand. Ladies that offer such services cannot be found everywhere.

Hence, you’ve to know where to locate them. Approaching any girl and asking her for such a thing can be referred to as sexual harassment. Sex workers can be found in night clubs, strip clubs, and the likes. Therefore, you can just search for the nearest club if you need one.

Since not all the girls in night clubs are prostitutes, you can identify them with their mode of dressing. Sex workers wear skimpy dresses. It might be a very short gown or an overly tight legging. They just try to expose their breasts and buttocks as much as possible. To get their service, you’ve to approach them politely. You can’t approach them rudely because they are covered by the German law and any form of harassment will be reported.

Best Places to Meet Single Girls

Getting to meet girls in Dortmund depends largely on what you’re there to do. Getting to meet girls is far easier for tourists because tourism is basically a fun trip and hence their would be many spots where you can easily locate a beautiful girl and approach her. There are many beautiful spots filled with nature and greenery, like gardens and parks, these places are also frequently visited by the local girls of Dortmund. And hence you have a high chance of meeting some beautiful local girl over there.

Many girls out here prefer to visit new places just to explore, chill and have fun. Most times, you will even find out that most night clubs in Dortmund are dominated by tourists. Therefore, just go to social gatherings if you want to meet local girls. Especially during weekends, you will get the chance to meet and mingle with lots of single Dortmund girls. The easiest places to meet them are in movie halls, malls and such public places.

Bars, Pubs and Nightclubs

There is no better place to meet a new Dortmund girl than in the club. Although club activities go on in the city every day, girls are mostly available on weekends. Just find out the club closest to you and go there. Almost all the main streets in Dortmund have at least one club or bar, so you don’t have to go far. When you’re back from work, relax well and take a bath. Club activities usually starts very late in the night.

Put on a simple outfit to match the occasion. At times, nightclubs dictate dress codes before the party. Make sure you adhere to their dress code to avoid looking strange. When you spot a girl you like, just approach her and offer her a drink. If you know a few German dance moves, then don't forget to ask her for a dance with you. When you start talking, just be yourself and don’t try to impress too much. Girls will see through it and it turns them off. Some of the best bars and night clubs in Dortmund are listed below

  • Domicil- This place is one of the most highly rated clubs out here in Dortmund. The place is very comforting; with best seating arrangements and the music flowing in there won’t let you get bored up. The club offers some of the best drinks and cocktails. This place is often very crowded so pre-booking a table is the best option available. Talking of girls, you will find hot and sexy girls dancing to the beats of the DJ. The place is great to approach young girls and ask them out on a date. The club hosts many different concerts and live shows hence if you are lucky enough you can witness one of such shows.
  • Marlene - This is the best rated night club of Dortmund when it comes to music. They play some of the most unique and interesting tracks which when combined with their special drinks can make your night fantastic. The club is a small and cozy one but is very famous. You can easily see foreign girls having the exclusive drinks of the club out there. It is a favorite place for hot girls to hang out with affordable prices. The music and the environment in the club is very positive and the vibes are really very good. It’s a perfect place to party and dance hard all night with those sexy girls of Dortmund.
  • Grossmarktschanke - Grossmarketschanke is a place that receives a lot of mixed crowd. You can see locals and foreigners both in appreciable numbers at the place. The place is famous for its unique setup of the dance floor and the interiors. You will see a big disco ball at the center of the dance stage and sparkling lights all over the place. They also offer a wide variety of drinks including some of the local and traditional ones. People like to hang out here especially during festive seasons.
  • Diskothek Village - Now this place is not one which the young generation enjoys a lot. It is one of the few clubs in Dortmund who are still running with same old infrastructures. They still have the big size sofas on the corner of the club and have the old styled lights all over the place. The music though has changed a lot and basically is the modern one. The only reason for this club to be in the list is because it still attracts a lot of girls who like this kind of old setups.
  • Rush Hour - It is a renowned club in Dortmund and is famous for some of the biggest live performances from huge celebrities around the world. The club is a little costly one and hence is comparatively limited with the people visiting the club. It has great atmosphere and have a crazy bar setup. Though the drinks are costly but they are worth it. The girls here are the ones who usually have a high standard of living. They are not easy to date and maintaining them can cost you a lot. If you have the accommodations for having such a date the place is perfect for you.
  • Daddy Blatzheim - This night club is very popular among all the sections of girls of Dortmund. The place literally is overcrowded every time you visit the cub. It has some restrictions which are not usually at any other club but still is great place to find girls. You can’t expect having a peaceful time in this club , but the things which we can guarantee you out there are fantastic drinks, great dance music all over the place and a lot of girls. This is the best place to find and approach different types of girls and further selecting one of them and asking her out.
  • Moog Dortmund - The club really looks very beautiful during night. It is well planned and decorated club. The smooth and elegant lights inside and the fancy seats makes it the best place to hang out. The entrance security is quite hard sometimes and you won’t have an access inside if your dressing sense is not up to their mark. The drinks are costly but are well recommended. The girls are limited to the one who are working and independent as it is not a place that everyone can afford. You can see some of the most beautiful hotties in sexy dresses out there. A lot of them remain in search of a partner to spend a wonderful night with hence you can approach such girls and can have fun.
  • Lsix - Here comes a club mainly focused on girls dancing all around. It is called the adult boutique and has some of the hottest girls with sexy boobs and perfect body dancing around all over the place in bikinis. The drinks are fantastic and one can enjoy the specials food dishes they serve out there. The club does not have a lot of girls coming in as visitors and the one who are there are in a search of a partner to have some amazing sex. If you got lucky and met girls out there you have a great chance of asking them out and eventually you will be ending the night getting laid with her.
  • Der Weinkommissar - In English it means “The Wine Commissioner”. It is a famous bar in Dortmund. You can have some of the amazing wines of Germany out here. The place is somewhat typical with its style and is like a normal bar. The music played is very smooth and relaxing and drinks are just more than amazing. You won’t find a better place to taste the flavor of Germany. You can find girls out here but most likely you will find more mature girls here. These girls are not that much open to random hookups but rather are more comfortable with long term relationships.
  • Strobels - The place looks very classy and have the best and affordable snacks to offer. They serve drinks but are limited to the common ones. The place is close to the football stadium hence is very crowded on match days indeed increases the chances of meeting some hot girl out there. The staff is really friendly. It is perfect place to grab a beer and enjoy your evening. The place is full with different types of girls. You can easily grab a seat next to hottie and ask her out on a date.
Party at the Diskothek Village in Dortmund

Shopping Malls

Since almost all items are available in shopping malls, you’re going to meet many beautiful and gorgeous females out there. Recently, shopping malls in Dortmund were made to have cinemas and restaurants inside. So you can even get to meet someone and take her for lunch within a few hours. Or maybe watch some romantic movie with your date, in one of these cinemas.Just go there when you’re free and approach someone you like. You’re going to put on a good look and avoid looking desperate by all means. If your conversation flows well, you can take her to a restaurant in the mall.

It won’t even be much of a big deal to her as the restaurant is in the same place. If you are rich and don’t mind spending much, you can offer to pay for what she wants to buy. Dortmund girls appreciate and fancy generous men a lot. Just know the right time to do things and you will get to date a lot of them. Out of all the shopping malls in Dortmund, the ones listed below are very good and reliable. Here are some of the amazing malls of Dortmund-

* Thier-Galerie

* Indupark e.V. Dortmund

* Ruhr Park

* Primark


Meeting girls outside is the best you can do if you don’t have much to spend. Unlike the other options where you’ve to take them out on a real date. You’re just going to talk and have fun in this case. You’ve to be a good conservationist if you’re going to get a girl without taking her out on a date. As a tourist, you’re not going to be staying indoors for long. So you’re going to meet a lot of girls especially when you visit tourist attractions.

Since most Dortmund girls are excited to meet foreigners, you just have to be yourself and impress them. Converse with girls that seem to be interested and don’t waste your time on others. In fact, forcing a conversation won’t help if she doesn’t like you. She will just continue turning you down until you start doubting yourself. Try to avoid these kind of people as much as possible. They give you bad energy and it might demotivate you in your journey of finding a good partner.

In fact,Dortmund girls often prefer meeting foreigners. The only turnoff is if the foreigners can't sleak fluently in the German language. Since these women don't pay special attention in other languages like English, Spanish, etc. There are many outdoor places where you can meet these beautiful girls, social gatherings,weddings, parks are few of the recommended places to find local girls.

Universities and Colleges

Dortmund is among one of the biggest cities of Germany and hence receives a lot of students. The colleges and the universities out here offer different courses and scholarships to the students. You can find many hot girls in these universities. They are young, bold and welcome short termed relationships.

A lot of foreign students from different parts of the world join these universities. These girls are relatively easy to approach and are more interested in dating a tourist than the locals. They prefer holiday romance as one of the best concepts for having a relationship.

Some of the universities where you can look for girls are.

* TU Dortmund University

* International School of Management (ISM)

* Fachhochschule Dortmund University of Applied Sciences and Arts


Dortmund is place which is open with different relationships. Girls of different age groups have different approach to relationships. You can find the young, sexy girls full of energy with their maturing body looking for random fun. These girls are more into random hookups. You can easily find a girl of such category for a one night stand or a holiday romance. You can easily try some local dating sites to mingle up with the ladies out there

On the other side the mature girls, the one who are independent and work for their living appreciate serious relationships. They are looking for a guy whom they can trust and share feelings moreover they are in a search of a life partner. It completely depends on you which type you prefer.

Holiday Romance

The concept is not that much new in Dortmund. The place is a favorite tourist destination hence the idea of holiday romance is common. This type of relationship involves a short period bonding between two unknown people for having fun. No strings attached so it becomes easy for these people to get separated. Within this period they explore, have the best time with partying hard and spend some quality time on bed.

In Dortmund the young and the modern girls appreciate such relations. You can find one of these girls and can enjoy your time in the city of Dortmund.

Tips for Successful Relationship

Any relationship must have some basic setup of rules and one should keep them in mind.

Honestly is the base of a relationship. Never hide things from your partner even if your relationship is for one single night. Another main point safety is the main priority. Having fun, making love and even sex is appreciated when your lady fells comfortable with you and the place. It never matters how good the situations look to you she is the one who decides.

And lastly, use the city. Make yourself accustomed to her culture to reduce the gap between you two. The city connects you both so use it to impress her.


Love is something which can happen to anyone, anywhere and with anybody so why not in Dortmund. If you feel for her more than just a random relationship, if you think you have found your soul mate, the one with whom you are going to spend your entire life yes then definitely you are in love.

Love is a feeling and a great one, so never hide it. If you feel it for someone express it. The girls of Dortmund are sensible and mature with these things. They respect feelings and if she feels the same for you can take things forward.

How to Make Sure She Is the One

The big question of dilemma is that is she the one? But let me make it clear deep inside your heart you know the answer to this question. Just go deep down your heart and ask yourself. Just imagine your further life without her and if this thought scared you out, yes she is the one.


It is one of the biggest steps in a relationship. Make yourself sure and if you really love her make the move and ask her to marry you. Once the families are agreed you both can plan forward. Dortmund is a great and a wonderful place to get married.

The location is perfect and is considered as one of the best in Germany. You will have to go through some legal procedures to get married in Dortmund. Once you are done with them you can plan you wedding day.


If we talk of a typical German wedding, it involves a lot of rituals. The friends and family are invited by a wedding card. On the wedding day, the bride wears a white dress and the man is dressed in black.

They have rituals such as wearing of the gold bands and cleaning the tables together. The weeding involves a gathering of the quests for having food, dancing and many of such ceremonies for fun. This whole setup is called Polterabend.

Family Life

Beginning your family life in Germany is always great. You will adjust to the environment with time. You will have to find a job for your family life. Once you feel settled you can plan your child. It completes your family. People in Dortmund are very supportive and they will easily accept you. Friends and family complete your life.

And you always have the love of your life by your side. Once you are a daddy things change and all your primary concerns would be about the baby. You have to plan accordingly for his life. It never matters how fast and busy your life becomes you always have time to grab a couple of bear and enjoy it with the love of your life.

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