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Casablanca dating guide advises how to meet single girls. You just need to know the basic steps how to date Moroccan women. Learn how to arrange dates with hot Moroccan girls, how to take your relationship to the next level and how to find your soulmate and fall in love. Read more on how to date local women and where to meet girls in Casablanca, Morocco.

Girls in Casablanca:

  • Looks of girls: 3.5 / 5
  • Attitude of girls: 3 / 5
  • Loyalty of girls: 3.5 / 5
  • Education level of girls: 3.5 / 5

Dating in Casablanca:

  • Chance of arranging dates: 2.5 / 5
  • Casual dating culture: 2 / 5
  • Online dating popularity: 2.5 / 5

Sex in Casablanca:

  • Women's sexual activity: 2 / 5
  • One-night stands: 1.5 / 5

More about Casablanca:

  • Nightlife in general: 3 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 2.5 / 5
  • Moving around the city: 3.5 / 5
  • Budget per day: US$250 - $300
  • Accommodation: US$120 - $180


Casablanca can be referred to as the heart of Morocco. It is the largest city in the country with more than 4 million people, including immigrants. It is also its economic and industrial center, although the political capital is Rabat. Located within is one of the largest artificial ports in the world, and the second largest in North Africa.

‘Casa’, as it is widely called, is home to headquarters of leading Moroccan companies and international corporations. Located within are also fishing, sawmills, furniture production, textiles, electronics, and leatherwork industries. It is divided into eight districts, which are further divided into sixteen subdivisions and a municipality.

It is a beautiful city with amazing architectural designs. It is also home to several galleries and museums. The culture of the local people is primarily Muslim. There are also influences from Arabic, European, Jewish, African, and Mediterranean cultures. The major languages spoken are Standard Arabic and Berber. Foreign languages such as French, Spanish, and English are also spoken in the city.

If you are visiting the city, or you have the intention of doing so, it would be beneficial to know what the dating culture is like with the city. Even if you do plan on doing so, who says you can not find yourself falling for a pretty local lady from Casablanca? A read through this article would equip you with all you need to know about love and romantic matters within the city.

Dating Culture

The culture of the local people of Casablanca is Muslim. It is one of liberal the most liberal and progressive cities in the country. However, there is still a conservative approach to life adopted by the people.

Gender roles here are more fixed. Women are expected to be homely and often found at home, attending to domestic matters such as cooking, cleaning, shopping, weaving, caring for the elderly while the man goes out to earn a living. Women are expected to be passive about most life issues while waiting for the man to take the initiative. This also applies to relationships.

Dating in Casablanca is seen as non-existent on the surface. However, it is commonly occurring underneath. It is only done very discreetly and away from the eye of the public. Young ladies are encouraged to ignore any proposals for dating and relationships. The only kind of proposal parents would be delighted to hear is that which relates to marriage.

Unlike many cultures where children are advised and expected to bring their dates to the house, the local girl would not attempt it with her parents and families. They would only do so when they are engaged and ready to marry. Parents want to believe their children are focusing on pursuing degrees and careers. Then, they meet a man who is interested in marrying them and they make it official.

Premarital sex is disallowed, to the point of being criminalized. Hoteliers must see a marriage certificate before allowing a couple in. However, Airbnb has helped to serve many unmarried couples who want some moment of sexual intimacy. Those who are either ignorant or cannot afford this service resort to cars, theatres, and hidden spots on beaches. The fact is premarital sex is still being practiced by young people, even though it is frowned upon by society.

Public display of affection is not allowed. It is taboo. The holding of hands and hugging between people of opposite genders is rarely seen, except they are married or the lady is a sex worker. Kissing in public is going to the extreme, even with the influence of western culture on young people. Family is the most important institution in the city. Children are constantly reminded to protect the family name and none of them would want to engage in any activity that would jeopardize this.

Online dating sites such as Tinder are becoming popular among young people. Reasons for the growing popularity include that it allows them to meet with people from different backgrounds and cultures. They can express themselves in any way they deem fit without the prying eyes of parents and family, or being judged by society.

Same-sex relationships are illegal. Premarital pregnancies are heavily frowned upon and abortions are illegal. Cohabitation is not allowed. Prostitution is also illegal. The only reason why two people of opposite genders should be found in close interactions, such as sexual intimacy is that they are officially married.


Women in Casablanca are quite diverse. There is the line between modernism and traditions and each one has to choose where she deems fit. Among these women, you find the very religious ones who want to go the extra mile to adhere to the teachings they have received. They would be referred to as the ‘good girls’.

This set of women would not be interested in dating. Their major focus would be to marry a good man. This good man must have the same culture and religion as they do, so their families can be impressed. It would be difficult to get their attention or convince them to be flexible about their principles. You would mostly find these beautiful women covered in their hijab as a way of protecting their dignity.

The other set is the more liberal ones. These are heavily influenced by western cultures and seek a life different from what their present reality can offer them. They are more outgoing and adventurous. Though they would not take things to the extreme, as it is important to maintain the family name, they would still discreetly carry out acts that could be seen as indecent. Ladies within this category would not mind dating a man who is of different religions and cultural backgrounds. You would likely find their brown/black long hair uncovered. However, they would be decently dressed.

Generally, the women of Morocco are beautiful, gorgeous, and elegant women. They are strong women who have learned to lift their heads despite the heavy gap in gender equality and daily sexual harassment they face. They are loyal women who are content with the love and attention that can get from one man.

They are one of the best homemakers and partners any man can desire. These ladies have been trained from the early stage of their life on the importance of home management. They are also knowledgeable about how to please the man in their lives. The woman from Morocco would support and be submissive to her partner. Even though the man is regarded as the sole provider, she can take up a job to assist in the ways that she can.

You will find most of them in light skin complexion, oval faces, almond-shaped eyes, pouty lips, and slender body frames. The rate of literacy among women is quite high, so you can converse intelligently. It is also likely you meet ladies who can speak more than one language.

Moroccan Girls (age 18 - 29)

The young ladies within this category would be making decisions that would determine the course of their lives. Many of them would be in school pursuing a degree or waiting to get married. Among them you would find the very daring and open-minded girls who would not mind dating, and dating a man from a different culture.

These are open to studying together, hanging out at clubs, shows, and festivals while dating. They are very outgoing, social, and great fun to be with. However, premarital sex is a huge subject among local people. It would therefore, not be easy to find a girl who would be interested in short romantics moments such as one-night stands and holiday romance. Those are totally unlike the local girl of Morocco, despite how liberal she may be.

She would prefer to date, that is to have a committed relationship with emotions invested and parties getting to know themselves. This type of relationship should lead to marriage. They would want to be able to bring a man home someday and introduce him to their parents as their fiancé. This is something that would impress their families.

The other group is made of very conservative ladies. They are stuck on preserving their dignity and would strongly reject any proposal that would do otherwise. These girls stick to the teachings of Islam very religiously. While in school, they would be focused on their studies: no hangouts, parties, or shows. They would prefer to stay single and celibate than to be in illicit relationships.

Moroccan Women (age 30 - 45)

The Moroccan women within this category would have their eyes on their husbands and children. These women are encouraged and usually marry very early. However, you would still find a percentage who are yet to marry.

The single ladies among them may be practicing celibacy and are unwilling to date anyone from a different religion. Hence, if that is the case, ladies within this category may not be of any interest to you. You may still find the liberal ones within this group though who may not mind ending up as the spouse of a foreigner.

Extramarital relationships are a taboo for the married woman. You should take this set off the table. Although the same pressure and expectations are not placed on men who commit adultery, married women understand it is better to adhere to these rules or face the penalties and stigma.

Polygamy is only allowed for the man, and there are conditions attached. He must have the financial capacity to take care of multiple wives and he must have written permission for his first wife before he can take a second. However, this has not stopped divorces among marriages as it is at an increasing rate.

Hence, if you are interested in dating a woman from this background, it would be a divorcee or a widow who is liberal enough to consider a foreigner. If this happens, you would have to be as understanding as possible as there may be children from previous relationships. The cultural differences that exist are reasons why you must be as tolerant as possible.

Moroccan Ladies (age 45+)

Local women within this age bracket would not be expected to still be interested in matters of love and romance, and it would come as a surprise if they are. These women should be married and probably expecting to be grandparents. Most of them may even be enforcing chastity and moral values among their grandchildren.

It is almost impossible to find these women involved in extramarital affairs. Even those who are divorced or widows within this age bracket would prefer to stay celibate for the rest of their lives.

However, there is nothing impossible when it comes to matters of love. It is safe to say that you may still find women within this category, who have never been married and are open to the idea of dating a foreigner. It is going to be very rare, but yet possible. Online dating sites can also be very helpful in connecting you with women with such interests.

If you date a woman within this category, you should be ready for marriage. She certainly would not be dating you for the fun of it. That would be for someone much younger. For her, she would be looking at finally being married and removing the stigma associated with being single at that age. Hence, you shouldn't approach if your intentions are not pure.

Foreign Girls (tourists, expats, students, etc.)

Morocco is home to many immigrants and foreigners. Casablanca is one of the major cities where you find them in large numbers. Meeting foreign ladies in this beautiful would not be so much as a challenge. However, you would have to bear it in mind that these foreign ladies are not exempted from the rules that have been put in place to promote chastity and morality.

You would not be exempted from being asked for a marriage certificate if you decide to visit a hotel. You would also not be allowed to have obscene expressions of affections in public. Being with a foreign lady in the city has its merits, however. The cultural and religious differences may not be so significant, as it is likely that the two of you might even be from the same or close regions.

A foreign girl would not also be limited by the many restrictions placed by family and societal expectations. You should expect her to be more adventurous and liberal in her decisions relating to sex. She may not also be under any form of pressure to get married, she may have even decided to stay single until forever. Hence, she would not be against having adventurous sex or short forms of romance.


Virginity is a big deal in this part of the world. It is important to mention again that premarital sex is a taboo. Therefore, if you are looking forward to having sex romps or any form of sexual adventure with the local girls of the city, you may be hugely disappointed.

Many of the single ladies are attached to traditional beliefs and have decided to keep themselves till the right man whom they intend marrying comes along. They also would not yield to any kind of pressure from a foreigner. People from this part of the world usually consider foreigners, especially those from the Western world to be loose and irresponsible.

However, there are exceptions to every rule. There is a very insignificant minority who would not mind rebelling against the norms. These are the set of girls who would lose their virginity before marriage as a way of sorting out their curiosity about sex and other sexually related topics.

For a city like Casablanca which has one of the most liberal Muslim societies, it would not be shocking to meet with this group of girls. They would hardly do it for money or pleasure. However, if they are in a relationship, they would go against their religious beliefs to please their men and keep the relationship alive. The influence of Western cultures is also a contributing factor.

Prostitution is illegal in the country but very widespread. Even though many of the sex workers are from neighboring African countries, there are still a few that are local girls from the city. Female sex tourism exists in the city, even though it is not often discussed. In Casablanca alone, there are about 5000 houses and villas dedicated to the industry.

Sex Culture

The sex culture in the city is such that the word is barely spoken of. The level of education and enlightenment which are given to young people is very low. The fact is when they are not given the room to express themselves, they have their questions unanswered and ignorance thrives.

These young ladies would resort to asking their peers, most likely foreign children who they feel should know better about the subject of sex to put them through. They would also yield to experimenting to demystify the subject.

The young ladies are taught from when they approach puberty to wary of men. They are strongly enjoined to keep themselves till marriage. For the local people, the lady’s virginity is the best gift she can give her husband on their wedding night. The reverse is the case for the boy child though. These are not under the same pressure or scrutiny as the girls. There is also no way to measure or check if they have been abstaining.

Hence, you have men who want to marry virgins but are also interested in sexual adventures with the local young ladies. These are the same ladies who have been taught to preserve their dignity until marriage.

A lot of them would remain chaste until their special day. Others would only be sexually involved with someone they intend to get married to. Others stay celibate after failed relationships.

Early marriages within legal ages would have helped to simplify this reality because then it would be easier to keep virginity until the approved time. However, studies have shown that many single ladies from the city are inclined to marry in their late twenties or early thirties.

Despite the illegality of premarital sex, it is still ongoing especially among young people in the city. The reality is that it is a ‘Live and let live’ situation. Hotel managers would not allow unmarried couples in. The question is how and when does this happen?

Certainly not in the girl’s parents’ house or his house either. The entire eye of society focused on young people in the city would not let them happen. Some of them would have to tip hoteliers, so they can get access. Some make use of the back seats of cars or isolated places on the beaches. These may sound like some sort of adventure but getting caught is certainly not.

Girls who lose their virginity before marriage are regarded as spoilt or broken, and it is usually seen as a scar. These have led women to look for means to rectify the situation such as going through processes of hymen restoration and the use of false hymens that are designed to bleed on the first day they experience sexual intimacy with their spouses.

Same-sex relationships are not allowed. Public display of affection is banned. Extra-marital relationships especially by the woman’s part are not permitted. Polygamy is heavily restricted.

One-Night Stands

Frankly, the local girls from the city would have no interest in one-night stands. Religious beliefs and cultural norms are heavy restrictions. There is no reason for her to engage in sexual intimacy with a stranger, just for the night. Even though the rate of poverty is still significant, it is mostly in rural areas.

These ladies are not willing to risk their names, and their family’s reputation just for a night of pleasure. They may be willing to do so with someone they love and intend to get married to. They would assume that he is worth the risk.

However, it is almost impossible for them to do so for someone they just met and who has no plans for them. It does not matter how cute, rich, fashionable, or refined he is. You would be lucky to get one to date you despite religious and cultural differences.

The best option for anyone seeking the experience of a one-night stand in the city would be the foreign ladies. Some of them would not mind getting down with a stranger if he is handsome and charming. Some would do it for curiosity and excitement, and not for money. Others are immigrants from other African countries in search of greener pastures and better options. These may be interested in transactional sex.

Best Places to Meet Single Girls

Casablanca might be located in Morocco in North Africa, but it still gives off this European feel. Located within are many places where you can meet beautiful and graceful single ladies. They would be seen more often during the day and that is when you have the best of chances to approach.

You can find them in schools, shopping malls, markets, museums, parks, gardens, beaches, buildings of architectural beauty, landmarks, mosques, palaces, cinemas, universities, and colleges, etc. While at night, you would mostly find them in the company of another man. It is quite unsafe for women to walk alone at night in the city. It is also risky for you to approach them without confirming the relationship they have with their male companions.

Bars, Pubs and Nightclubs

The conservative life of the people would make you presume that they do not drink. However, this is not the case in Casablanca. While alcohol may be frowned upon and its consumption restricted, the city is filled with lively bars, restaurants, Irish pubs, exotic lounges, exciting night, and beach clubs.

Most of these spots may be filled with men and it would be quite dangerous for women to be found in such a drinking company. Most bars would also not allow them except they are in male company. However, there are some cool spots where you can find a beautiful single Moroccan lady drinking and dancing.

If you need a relaxed place to drink, you can try the European styled restaurants or hotel bars. Within the Corniche area, you would find many popular spots. You can also find many western-styled nightclubs within the Maarif and Gironde neighborhood.

Popular night clubs to visit include:

  • Kasbar
  • La Bodega
  • Brooklyn Bar
  • Petit Poucet
  • Sky 28
  • Duplex
  • Maison B
  • Papagayo
  • Rick’s Café
  • Le Cabestan
  • Alias Club Mazagan
  • Black House
  • La Java
  • Bar CasArt
  • Armstrong Official
  • Le Jefferson
  • Irish Pub
  • Le Kimmy’z
  • Peter’s Lounge
  • The James’s Rooftop
  • Chester’s
  • Sky 28

Shopping Malls

As the economic center of the country, it is expected that you find many shopping malls and plazas. Within them, you would find several items ranging from traditional souvenirs to exotic brands. You would also get to meet pretty single women window shopping, hanging around, or just getting items off shelves and stalks.

If you must approach any of them, ensure you do so politely and decently. You should not be seen or caught using lewd or vulgar languages on these women. You should also bear in mind the reserved nature of these girls, so when starting a conversation, you would know the right thing things to say.

Top Shopping Malls in the city include:

  • Morocco Mall
  • Anfa Place Shopping Center
  • Old Medina
  • Maarif
  • Exposition Nationale d’Artisanant
  • Quartier Habous
  • Marina Shopping Center
  • Centre Commercial Dawn
  • Gandhi Mall
  • Strapex Moroc
  • Empire Trading
  • Centre Commercial
  • Mon Ami
  • Tachfine Center
  • Derb Ghalef Neighborhood


Casablanca is home to many beautiful places outdoors. Some of the best places that offer you great chances of meeting and mingling with beautiful single women include:

  • The Corniche: This is a neighborhood on the ocean where you get to see many fast-food chains, cafes, and a western movie theater while enjoying the view of the ocean.
  • Old Medina: This is a walled traditional town on the northern side of the city. You may meet an elegant damsel there.
  • Mahkama du Pacha: This exotic building is certainly worth your visit. You would enjoy the Hispanic-Moorish design while hoping to meet the lady of your dreams.
  • Plage de Ain Sebaa: This is a neat beach that makes an excellent spot for surfers.
  • Villa des Arts: This villa is home to many authentic and beautiful artworks. You should pay a visit.
  • Arab League Garden: What could make a more romantic place to meet your heartthrob than this garden with overhanging Palm trees? A stroll there can make you cross path with ‘the One’.
  • Tamaris Aquaparc: This is an excellent spot for families, couples, and friends to hang out during the day.
  • Sindibad Park: This Park in Casablanca is the only one in the country. Loads of fun await any visitor
  • Museum of Moroccan Judaism: This is the only museum dedicated to Judaism in the Arab world. A visit there may give you a chance to meet a beautiful Jewish Moroccan lady.

Universities and Colleges

There are several universities and colleges within the city. If you pay a visit, you can come across a gorgeous single local lady. However, bear in mind the people’s conservative way of life while trying to get acquainted.

Top Universities and Colleges include:

  • University of Hassan II
  • Universite Mundiapolis
  • Universite Internationale de Casablanca
  • Academie Internationale Mohammed VI de l’aviation civile
  • Ecole Hassnia des Travaus Publics
  • Ecole Nationale Superieure d’Electricte et de Mecanique
  • Ecole Royale Navale
  • Institut Superieur d’etudes Maritimes
  • Institut Superieur de Commerce et d’administration des Enterprises


Relationships can be found with Moroccan single ladies. However, you need to know that the dating scene in the city is not one in the eye of the public. It is done discreetly out of the glare of family and society.

A Moroccan lady is one of the best choices you can make as regards a partner. They have strict training and upbringing making them women with high virtues. They are trustworthy and loyal. These women would go the extra mile to please their men.

If you need a woman who understands her place beside her husband, you would find her in Casablanca. Despite understanding the man’s role as the provider, these women are not lazy. They are strong and independent women who love to support their men in the best ways they can.

They are educated and exposed and you would certainly love their company. The conservative nature of the people’s life should not fool you to believe they are boring. These ladies can be very fun-loving, outgoing, and social.

Holiday Romance

It would be great to find love in the beautiful city of Casablanca. Everyone searches for it with the hope that it lasts forever. Luckily, the ladies of the city can be trusted to handle the matters of your heart with care and not let you down.

There are several odds to this though. This is due to the religious and cultural differences that may exist between you and your date. Nevertheless, you may still find some of them who are not so conservative in their views and would be open to dating a foreigner.

The next phase would be to be optimistic about the family’s response to you as a foreigner. Nowadays, many parents overlook these differences and still give consent to foreigners engaging and marrying their daughters as long as he loves her, can take care of her, and allows her to practice her religion.

Tips for Successful Relationship

To have a successful relationship with anyone, not just a local girl in the city, you would have to have mutual love and respect for each other. You must be willing to support and encourage your partner through thick and thin. Your affections should not be seasonal or conditional, only based on when things are going right. Rather, it should be consistent.

You should also get the consent and blessing of the family. This is especially for a local girl from Casablanca as the relationship becomes more serious. The family is one of the most important institutions to the people.

Communication is also a key factor; you should learn to speak and listen. Express your feelings politely, and be patient to hear what the next person has to say. Understanding and tolerance for the differences in your cultural and religious views are also needed traits for a successful relationship.


It would be quite difficult to have a local lady interested in a holiday romance with you. This short form of romantic ventures that have no promise of the future and requires no attachments of emotions is not what these ladies desire.

Their desire is a long-lasting relationship with a man who is ready to be committed to loving them. The goal is for this type of relationship to lead to marriage. Whether they are celibate or sexually active, the local girl would want a stable relationship that has a future.

The best option for holiday romance would be the foreign ladies in the city. These are more liberal and open-minded in their views. This is especially for those who are on a short stay in the city. They would not mind spending a couple of days with a sexy, charming man.

However, note that most hotels in the city would require a certificate of marriage before hosting you. With discretion, you can find suitable places, away from the eyes of the public and law officers, that would serve as accommodation during your stay.

How to Make Sure She Is the One

Finding love with a local girl from the city is on feat. The next would be ensuring she is the right person for you. This is important so you do not invest your time and emotions in the wrong relationship.

The right girl for you would love and support you. You would look beyond the religious and cultural differences you have, to the content of the man. She would see you beyond the lens of her immediate environment.

She would also go the extra mile to ensure you have a good impression before her family and friends. The right girl for you would be loyal and respectful. She will value your opinion, ideas, and suggestions. The right local girl for you would willingly submit to your leadership.


Marriages in the city are a big deal. Family systems are built on early marriages. However, in recent times, forced and arranged marriages are almost non-existent. Couples take time to know themselves and decide if they want to spend the rest of their lives together.

There are proposals and engagement ceremonies. Then, the traditional wedding ceremony follows. After which are the church or Islamic weddings are conducted. Marriage contracts are signed during these ceremonies to make the union official. There are a lot of feasting, dancing, singing, and group pictures.


Weddings are one of the most memorable days in anyone’s life. It is the day you inform the world that you have chosen to settle and commit to one person for the rest of your life. To make it more special, it would be great to get cool wedding venues.

Some nice wedding venues in the city are:

  • Salle des Marriages
  • Palace Layali
  • Dar Laaziza
  • Kasr Arryad
  • Kasr Talib
  • Four Seasons Hotel
  • Sheraton Casablanca
  • Sofitel Casablanca Tour Blanche
  • Radisson Blu Hotel
  • Ibis Casablanca
  • JM Suites Hotel

Family Life

Casablanca is a beautiful city with rich architectural designs, arts and cultural scene, exotic landscapes and scenery, and a strong culture. There are many options for family and kids entertainment. You also have many places to chill and have fun at night.

The cost of living, including housing is considerably low. This would enable you to save more. There are also many shopping malls where you can get basic and luxurious items needed for the family. Casablanca has a good road network, and quality medical services are available. Children also get to go to very good schools. Everyone has access to clean water, cooking, and heating fuel.

The family is the center of the life of the local people. Children stay with their parents until they are ready to get married. Marriage is also important and young people strive to marry early. It is a male-dominated society and women face certain restrictions. The man is regarded as the head of the family while the woman acts as his support system.

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