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Brussels dating guide advises how to meet single girls. You just need to know the basic steps how to date Belgian women. Learn how to arrange dates with hot Belgian girls, how to take your relationship to the next level and how to find your soulmate and fall in love. Read more on how to date local women and where to meet girls in Brussels, Belgium.

Young hot girls having a good time at Zodiak club, Brussels

Girls in Brussels:

  • Looks of girls: 4/ 5
  • Attitude of girls: 3.5 / 5
  • Loyalty of girls: 4 / 5
  • Education level of girls: 4.5 / 5

Dating in Brussels:

  • Chance of arranging dates: 2.5 / 5
  • Casual dating culture: 3.5 / 5
  • Online dating popularity: 4 / 5

Sex in Brussels:

  • Women's sexual activity: 4/ 5
  • One-night stands: 4 / 5

More about Brussels:

  • Nightlife in general: 4 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 4 / 5
  • Moving around the city: 4 / 5
  • Budget per day: US$100 - $105
  • Accommodation: US$150 - $500


Brussels is the capital of Belgium and this is a city blessed with green and lush vegetation; the forestry of this city is one of its major selling points. Apart from its forestry, Brussels also has historic places that make this city a point of tourist attraction to many. Moving forward, let us drift away from its tourist sites and focus on the women of Brussels and the experience when it comes to dating them. As a tourist, this is sure to interest you.

You would be in for one hell of an experience when it comes to dating the local girls of Brussels as it is not in any way easy to score a date with these girls. In terms of their personalities, these women can be described as a little cold which makes it hard for you to make them emotional about you. They are not as open to strangers as some women in other cities might be.

It might take you countless number of dates before you can soften their hearts, but first, you have to strategize on how you would even get them to agree to go on a date with you.

You have to be good-looking and charismatic to score a date with a woman from Brussels. They are independent women who have a lot of things to focus on. So, to get them to agree on accompanying you for a date, you need to display characteristics which show that you are going to be worth their time. These women hate when it seems like their time is being wasted.

Being independent women, they cannot be described as gold diggers. They do not even mind paying while on a date but do not expect them to pay on the first date.

Dating Culture

Still on dating, the women of Brussels are quite uptight and it would be hard bringing down their walls. It would be good to keep this in mind as a tourist but also do well to remember that scoring a date with these women is not impossible. Remember, when there is a will, there is a way. Your determination is what matters most when it comes to these women.

It cannot be said that there is a specific dating culture in the city of Brussels as dating does not come with a manual. Dating in this city goes on according to the standards set by the individuals involved. It is understood that what might work for couple A might not work for couple B, hence, there is no set standard of dating.

It is a normal thing to date in this country. After all, how would marriage occur if dating does not take place? In Brussels, like in most cities of Belgium, early marriage is common so dating is not seen as a taboo.

Approaching ladies in places like shopping malls and cafes is quite common, but you have to make it count. These women might come off as snobby as they are intolerant to wasting time. Your first 30 seconds highly count when it comes to approaching them, so you have to be on your A-game.

The women of Brussels highly resonate with men who have a confident aura and dress well. They can access your whole from the way you appear. Causal dating can happen in this city; it is all left to the acceptance and willingness of your desired lady. There are also no set rules on public display of affection.


It is without a doubt that there are beautiful women in Brussels who have the capability of drawing men in and taking their breath away. These women, however, do not bask in their beauty or get overly cocky knowing that they are beautiful.

These women are always on the grind to strive and ensure that they are well established. Well over half of the percentage of women in this country are employed and can boast of their finances. This adds to reasons why these women have strong emotional walls around them.

They believe that they need to be focused and see men as factors of distractions. All they want when it comes to men is a man who would understand their tight schedule and still love them for who they are. These women are fragile people, hence, in a bid to ensure they do not fall prey to the games of some men, they tend to push even the good men away.

They have a prim and proper attitude and hate when things are disorganized. These women get turned off by men who appear extremely casual they believe that there is a certain level of effort that should be put into your dress sense.

Regardless of the fact that they are a little uptight, once you make them interested in you you would discover that these women are wonderful people who have a lot to offer. These are girls whom you would be proud to have as partners. Education wise, these women are also up there as they take academics very seriously.

People feel that these women might be prudes when it comes to sex because of their uptight nature, but do not be deceived. There is always another side to any woman once she is comfortable with you.

Belgian Girls (age 18 - 29)

Women from the youngest age group in Brussels are no different from others when it comes to their personalities. These women grow up looking up to the older ladies, hence, following in their footsteps.

Being younger, they are more energetic and tend to engage in a lot of activities that would foster their growth progress. At this age also, these women are open to the prospect of marriage as it is common to get married at an early age in Brussels.

The culture or the ideology behind getting married early is to start a family early and later have ample time to enjoy with your family. However, this does not work out well for all. This is the age where the women are in school or fresh graduates are seeking jobs and other opportunities. At this point, they would entertain your offer if you are also offering something that would foster their growth.

These ladies know how to have fun and there are some who you would meet who do not mind casual dating with the inclusion of sex. For the women in the age range, you have to take things easy with them so it does not seem like you are rushing her towards something she does not agree with. If you secure a date with her, play it easy, ensure you make her smile, and try securing another date.

These women take caution, so do not jump in and start enquiring about her personal life from the first date. This would only make you seem like a creep. Take time out to establish a connection with her and with time, any information you need regarding her would flow out on its own.

Young local girls at La Clave Latinos club, Brussels

Belgian Women (age 30 - 45)

These women are much older, thus, reducing their tolerance for games. At this age, people already start wondering why such women are still single since early marriage is a common culture in Belgium.

Despite being single, these women stay highly focused as they cannot afford to lose in other spheres of life. They are very cautious at this age about going out with men because there is a high possibility that some men must have played games with their hearts in their younger ages, which explains why they are still single.

If you are planning of approaching women from this age bracket, be sure that you are ready to settle down. Note that they are much older now, so it is easier for them to spot lies coming from a guy. Even if you are not ready to fully settle down, do not lie to them. Come clean about what you want and let fate decide if you would get what you want or not.

Getting in casual relationships with women from this age group is going to be challenging and difficult as their minds are fixed on starting up their families. However, some do not carry this mindset and would want to play the game with you. If not for anything else, at least to fulfil their urges.

Due to their personalities, do not expect epic sex from this age group of women if they agree to casual dating. As time goes on though, they tend to become better. Their minds are not exactly settled at the initial time, but they tend to get better at sex with time in a relationship.

Although these women are independent, they still believe in chivalry. They could offer to foot the bills on dates, but they would rather that the guy pays the bills. After all, you asked her out on the date and not vice-versa. This is also their way of checking if the guy would be efficient in taking care of them.

Belgian Ladies (age 45+)

'It would be rare to meet single women of this age range in Brussels. If you do meet a single woman of this age range, it would be either because she decided to remain single, or she had been married earlier and got divorced. The latter is usually the case.

Now, these are those women who have experienced life and they know exactly what they want from their men. They are usually the hard ones that you would meet. Women from Brussels become more and more defensive as they grow older.

In securing a date with a woman from this age group, you have to ensure that you are focused on your goal, and not get distracted along the way. Walk up to her and engage her in an intellectual conversation that you are sure she would not turn down or want to walk away from.

Although coming off as authoritative, these women love and value their men even if the men are younger. Surprisingly, they are also freaks in bed. Their sexual performance is surely going to surpass whatever imagination you had of them in your mind.

Don't think that you can use your money to woo these women as they do not lack anything. These are women who have been striving from when they were younger, so money is not an issue to them now. They would be intrigued by what else you have to offer other than money.

These women are highly unpredictable, so it would be better for you to keep an open mind when dealing with them. Unlike some women who get less attractive as they get older, this category of women still have attractive bodies that would keep any man in place which is quite commendable.

Foreign Girls (tourists, expats, students, etc.)

Shifting a little focus away from the local women of Brussels, let us analyse the foreigner women who you are bound to meet in Brussels. Or, did you think only male tourists are attracted to this city?

Brussels serves as a home away from home for all tourists male and female included. Apart from its tourist attractions, some foreign girls choose Brussels' educational system to further their studies, hence, you would see a considerable number of students in the city.

These girls are very different from local girls, which would come as a relief to any male tourist in the quest of hooking up with a lady as the foreign ladies are more open-minded and would be easier to date and hookup with.

There are multiple ways to bond with foreigner women, especially when they realise that you are not much different from them in the sense that you are a foreigner just like them. This is a perfect conversation opener when trying to establish a connection.

There would be a noticeable difference in the personalities of the ladies, so it would be easy to differentiate them from local women of Brussels. However, some people who would find it hard to differentiate the foreign ladies.

Online dating platforms come in handy here. Many female foreigners tend to sign up for online dating platforms to meet people especially as they do not fully know their way around yet. Utilise these platforms to meet the available foreign ladies.

Foreigner women are also the ones likely to light up the atmosphere in clubs and bars. However, do not underestimate Brussels women as they would not want a stranger to take away their shine in their territory. You are bound to have a good time with female foreigners in Brussels.


Given that the ladies of Brussels have attractive bodies, it would be tough for one to go around the city without being attracted to multiple women. Would you be able to survive the town without having sex with at least one of these women?

Now, this task seems like mission impossible, which means you need to play your cards right. All humans have sexual urges, no matter how uptight they seem to be. This should be a consolation to you as these women also crave sex, but whether or not you get to have it with them will depend on how you approach them.

It is not easy to get the women of Brussels into your bed, so it would only be right for you to consider this as an achievement if you succeed. Even the most hardened ice gets melted with determination, so the women of Brussels are no exception.

It would interest you to know that once you can get these women in your bed, you would see another side of them. These women are the definition of sex animals as they are not conservative when it comes to sex. At this point, they have considered you worthy enough, so you need to brace yourself for what they would unleash. As far as the younger age bracket of women is concerned, they can go for many rounds without getting tired. Even older women are not exempted from this.

When it comes to sex, their prim and proper attitude seems to fly off the window. If you succeed in getting these women to agree to have sex with you, be sure that the sex is going to be mind-blowing, leaving you craving for more.

Remember, these women are smart. Their smarts do not just end in books or work scenarios, as they are also highly innovative when it comes to sex. They are always on the lookout for different sex styles and positions to try out.

Sex Culture

Growing up in Brussels and Belgium, women get teachings on abstaining from sex before marriage. There is a particular notion of more value being attached to the wedding when you go into marriage as a virgin. However, but there is no laid down rule concerning it in the city or the country of Belgium as a whole.

Because the parents say it, does not mean the children adhere to it as they grow up. It is more of a personal commitment and decision. In Brussels, sex is seen as a way of procreation to some, while others see it as a means of relieving sexual urges. Perception highly comes to play in this case.

Having conversations about sex in this city is not a taboo, neither is having sex itself. There are the occasional one or two persons who might give a distasteful look when this topic comes up, but there are no laid down rules about it, and no one cares.

With the independent nature displayed in the city, they believe that you are capable of your decision making once you are up to the legal adult age. Some people engage in sex before marriage, while some do not. This does not mean that those who engage in sex before marriage would be slut-shamed.

Sex is not new to any local of Brussels, as it is common in Belgium for children to gain sex education to equip themselves for whatever they may encounter in the future.

Once you get to talking with a lady and there is an obvious connection, you should not be shy to bring up the topic of sex as it is not a taboo topic.

One-Night Stands

As a tourist in any city, it would be more comfortable getting one night stands than going through the hassle of trying to get into a relationship. One night stands usually seems like the most comfortable way in some cities, but it is a dicey situation in Brussels.

In Brussels, women will make you work for it before you can get laid. That is because they want to be sure that you are worth it. Now, you might be thinking of one night stands, but it would not be as easy as you are imagining.

In Brussels, it would be rude for you just to present the cards of wanting a one-night stand with a lady. You would be viewed as a person with a callous attitude, and your request would not be accepted. First, you need to find a conversation starter that would break the ice.

For any lady you wish to engage in Brussels, ensure you observe her from a distance so you can decide on topics you would use during the conversation with her. From her body language, you should be able to tell if she would be receptive of your offer or not.

If you are someone who does not want stress in any way, then you should subscribe to approaching girls through online dating platforms. With these platforms, you get to have a direct talk with the women and no need to establish any connection or relationships. Online dating platforms are the easiest when it comes to getting a one-night stand in Brussels.

Best Places to Meet Single Girls

This write-up would be highly incomplete if we fail to give a guide to the best places where you can meet single girls in Brussels. After all, one of your major highlights as a tourist in any city would be having a woman by your side to show you a good time.

Now, there are places where you would go and be surprised to see women of Brussels in high spirits like they have no care in the world. Their behavior and character at these places would be a massive contrast to what is usually displayed of them, thus, providing the best avenue to strike up a conversation with them. Some of these places will be the parks, shopping malls, cafes museums and the nightclubs in the city.

At these places, their guard is down. They come to these places seeking a good time, and they are bound to bond with anyone ready to light up their mood and give them a good time. You do not have to be diplomatic in such places as everyone is in their free state of mind here.

The best advice is that you throw caution to the wind whenever you are in such areas and just go with the flow of things. Acting with caution here is going to portray you as weird as all that is needed is good vibes.

The places which would be highlighted below are considered as some of the best places to meet singles ladies in Brussels because these are places where there is never cessation of the ladies.

One might begin to wonder, is there a tell about women who visit these places and are in relationships? The answer to this is no! However, in such situations, it would be obvious to differentiate between those who are in relationships and those who are not.

At these places, those who are in a relationship are seen with their partners, and even if they are not with their partners, they would tell you off in a non-hostile manner.

Bars, Pubs and Nightclubs

What comes to your mind when you imagine a time at the bar and night clubs in Brussels? The experience here is always uplifting as everyone present is nothing short of a smile on their faces.

Have you ever tasted Belgian beer? The locals do not play with this as they know how soothing it can be! That is why the locals try making time to chill at these places, thus, giving these places good traffic of the ladies. Some bars and night clubs you should check out when in Brussels include:

  • Poechenellekelder: This is one exciting bar as the interior design is something that leaves you hooked. In addition to its internal features, this bar also has outdoor seating, which a variety of beers to choose. Its conducive and enabling environment makes it one of the best places to meet single ladies in the city of Brussels.
  • The Music Village: You are sure to meet the ladies at this place that offers excellent jazz music with refreshing cocktails. The atmosphere here is lively, and the vibe is contagious. That makes it a hot spot.
  • Delirium Café: This place stays open till as late at 3 am, and should be a top choice of yours if you desire to drown yourself in beer as it has a continual collection of excellent beer.
  • Au Brasseur: The settings of this bar is cozy and inviting. You are bound to meet ladies who would be in high spirits at this bar, and you all are going to have an exciting time.
  • La Pharmacie Anglaise: Variety they say is the spice of life. If cocktails are your ideal guilty pleasure, then you should find your way to this place whenever you are in Brussels, as it also has a good number of ladies that can feed your eyes.
  • L’Archiduc: This is a great jazz club in the city of Brussels that has a relieving interior, as well as a cocktail bar. This bar has been in existence for years and has kept on improving as the years go. Also, this club also has an art gallery which endears the hearts of the local more.
  • Zodiak: This night club is a bubbly one where fun is the definition and order of the day. Everyone is always on their toes at this place, as you cannot afford to miss out on whatever is happening. The girls here are inviting, and you might be lucky to get any of them in your bed.
  • La Clave Latino’s Club: Tie your dancing shoes and get going to this club as no tourist should sleep on this disco club when in the town of Brussels. This club is the true definition of dance till you drop, and the girls here enjoy a good, fun, and healthy competition when it comes to dancing.
  • Monk: This pub offers good drinks and food for all that you cannot resist. The women of Brussels are suckers for good food; hence, you are bound to meet single women in this place.
  • Le Cercueil: This place is a bit more quirky than the other bars you would find in the city of Brussels, but that is what brings about the thrill that people enjoy here. The cups in this bar are skull-shaped, which gives it a mysterious kind of vibe. Sounds sketch, but one of the best places to meet single women in the city of Brussels.
A party at Zodiak club, Brussels

Shopping Malls

It should not come as a form of a surprise that shopping malls are some of the best places where you can meet single women in the city of Brussels. As much as the women of Brussels are not people who are excited about fashion, they still enjoy a pleasant shopping spree.

Shopping serves as a form of therapy for both genders. You do not necessarily need to purchase items, all that is required is just walking around and looking at things that interest you. Doing this, you would not realize when a smile would slip on to your face.

The women of Brussels are regulars to the shopping malls in the city. Singles and married women alike have these malls as places of interest. However, it is common to find married women in the malls with either their spouse or children as more heads are needed when deciding what to purchase for the home.

The single ladies tend to hang out as groups of friends when at the mall, or sometimes even alone. Not to be creepy, but you could walk up to these ladies if they are in a group, and offer to take a picture of them. That would bring a smile to their faces as ladies love to get photos taken for the sake of memory keeping.

In the case of a single lady shopping alone, you could decide to ask for her opinion on something you wish to purchase, or you can give her an idea on something she wants to purchase. All these are ways through which you can start a conversation with these women.

If your choice lady happens to be in a bookshop, you could offer to buy her coffee while you both talk about a similar book of interest. Some of the best malls to meet a lady in this city are:

  • Royal Gallery of Saint Hubert
  • City 2 Shopping Mall
  • Kings Gallery
  • Galerie du Roi
  • Passage du Nord
  • Docks Bruxsel
  • Centre ville de bruxelles
  • Jeanpaulknott
  • Rommelmarkt
  • Galerie Ravenstein
  • Grand place CD
City 2 Shopping Mall, Brussels


Drifting away from specific places a bit, let us talk about the outdoors in general. As a tourist in any city, you would be attracted to those sites which serve as spots of tourist attraction in the city. At these spots, you would surely meet and bond with other singles.

No tourist turns down an offer of sight-seeing, and if you eventually decide to tour the city, you would see other female tourists doing the same, who are bound to be single. Luckily, Brussels is blessed with some fantastic spots that you should definitely visit.

Don't waste opportunities to visit beautiful places and meeting single women by remaining indoors when you are in Brussels as this would ruin the whole aim of tourism. When you are in a new city, the code is to explore, explore and do more exploration!

Going outdoors to spots of attraction would be a good idea for you as there would be female locals handling these places. It is common knowledge that there is a higher percentage of females as tour guides, which would be an advantage for you.

Apart from the tour guides, there would also be other females who would catch your interest. A fantastic thing about the outdoors is that it usually provides a topic of discussion which people can bond over. That cancels out the idea of situations being awkward.

No one can say they are too old for the park! You should check out the Mini-Europe when you are in Brussels. This place has a variety of European attractions in the settings of a miniature park. The museum is also an excellent outdoor place to visit where you can meet single women. One major museum you should go to while in Brussels is the Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium. Remember, Brussels is the capital of Belgium, so it has a good number of outdoor locations that are awaiting you to visit.

A view of Mini-Europe from the Atomium, Brussels

Universities and Colleges

At these institutions of learning, you would get to meet all sorts of single ladies. These places are open spaces offering you a variety of women to pick your preferred choice from.

At the universities or colleges, you would surely find female foreigners. Some of the foreign ladies are in the city to attend college or university, so where else can you get them than in their central hub? They say that if the mountain does not come to you, you should go to the mountain! Are you serious about meeting single girls? Then leave your comfort zone and go to their territory!

Still, at the universities and colleges, you can also find the local Brussels women aged 18 -29. These women could just be starting their educational journey, so this is where they would spend the vast majority of their time.

For women in the age range of 30 – 45, you can also find them here as either students or lecturers. Also, the women aged 45+ can still be seen at the universities and colleges. There is not a kind of woman you wish for that you cannot find at learning institutions.

Now, some institutions might not freely allow everyone on the campus. But given that Brussels is the capital city of Belgium, tourists should be allowed to take a tour of its public campuses, which gives you an edge at approaching several women.

These ladies also tend to hangout around snacks and coffee shops near the universities and colleges during the mid-day, which should give you an idea of where you should be at that time of the day. Some of the best universities or colleges in Brussels are:

  • Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management
  • Hogeschool-Uniersiteit Brussel
  • Fiscale Hogeschool
  • Ecole Superieure des Arts
  • Haute Ecole Libre de Bruxelles Ilya Prigogine
  • Brussels School of International Studies
  • ICHEC Brussels Management School
  • UCLouvain Saint-Louis Brussels
  • Vrije Universiteit Brussel
Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management


Entering into a relationship with a local of Brussels is one that would pay off as a good result as the women are people who are loyal and dutiful. Women from Brussels make faithful and dutiful partners, who would always be supportive of their men.

Knowing that these women have a mind of their own, they cannot be manipulated easily, nor can they be swayed negatively. While in the relationship, you are assured of adequate love and care as she would always make out time for you despite her tight schedule.

The typical woman in Brussel is a competent planner and time manager, so her man can never be sidelined. Women here are also ambitious, which ensures that they would contribute meaningfully to the relationship. That way, you won't be the only one bearing the financial burdens of the relationship.

Sex is also essential in any relationship, and these women do not fail in that area. When it comes to sex, they are open to trying out new things to spice up the relationship. They need to ensure that their man does not go outside seeking for pleasure.

If you eventually get married to a woman from Brussels, you have the assurance that your children would be well trained with values as your partner ensures that she passes the grooming she received when younger to her child.

These women are people who love food, so cooking is not a hassle for them. They love to eat healthy and delicious meals and would also ensure that their partners are well fed.

With them, there is the assurance that she has your back anytime, any day. Do not let the guard they put up hinder you from approaching them as it would be a fantastic relationship to enter.

Holiday Romance

It is understandable if a relationship is not exactly what you are aiming for as a tourist visiting a place or the first time. It is also acceptable if you need to test the waters to understand the terrain. That is where holiday romance comes to play.

Despite the locals being very cautious, there are a good number of them who are down to having a holiday romance with tourists, but they do not know how to express themselves. For such women, it would be better to meet and engage with them at bars where they can let loose and say precisely what they want.

Do not be too straight forward with these women. You have to be honest with your mission, but you cannot pour it out on the first meeting. Make her comfortable in a couple of meetings, then state your proposal for a holiday romance. The worse that would happen is for her to reject the offer but life continues.

The foreign ladies in the country are more likely to accept holiday romance offers. These women get excited at this sort of proposal as engaging in a holiday romance with a tourist gives them a homelike feel. There is a higher chance of you scoring points with these women, and you have the assurance of sex throughout your stay in the city of Brussels.

You could also find your holiday romance partner at online dating platforms. For the women who do not know how to express themselves, online dating platforms become their haven. There is nothing to lose in this case, and you have a variety of women to choose. You could even decide to have quite a number for your satisfaction.

Tips for Successful Relationship

A big congratulation to you if you succeeded in getting a Brussels woman to agree to be in a relationship with you. That means there is something you are doing right. However, your efforts should not stop here as you need to put in some effort to better the relationship.

There is no specific rule book to dating or relationships as no two persons are alike. However, specific tips that can be dished out on a general level to give you a broad idea of what needs to be done. These tips do not give you 100% assurance, but to a great extent, it would work with the women of Brussels.

  • Be Flexible: You should be a flexible person to nurture a successful relationship with a woman from Brussels. These women are usually assertive and love to have a say in the decision-making process. Her input might not be comfortable with you, but you have to go along with it for the sake of the relationship. This way, you make your woman feel valued and vital.
  • Be straight forward: For your relationship to survive, you have to be straight forward with your woman. The Brussels woman appreciates when called out on her wrongs, rather than lying to her to please her. She believes that she embarrasses herself, the more you lie to please her. Ensure you are honest with her at all times.
  • Be Charming: This is a skill that comes in handy always. Be charming to your woman; this cannot be overemphasized! Learn to serenade her with sweet, meaningful words, give her little surprises, and go out of your way to show that you care. A typical Brussels woman appreciates the small efforts put in by her man.


Going to Brussels as a tourist with the mind of falling in love? Why not if the opportunity presents itself?

Fate always has a way of doing its thing, and it could be that the main aim of why you will be in Brussels at that particular time is to meet your life partner. If you feel yourself falling in love with someone in the city, do not fight it.

Remember, these women make fantastic partners. So why would you not want to fall in love? The environment is an enabling one for love as you are encouraged to grow and do exciting things with your partner. Give love an opportunity while in Brussels!

How to Make Sure She Is the One

For a lady to qualify as the perfect woman for you, then she has to exhibit specific characteristics.

Does she feel worried when she has not heard from you? Does she always want to be with you? Does she feel more shy than usual when she is with you? Is she always concerned for your wellbeing?

These may seem like basic questions, but if her characteristics tick yes to all these, then she is the one for you.

A woman who is the one for you would find all means to ensure that you are always in the right state of mind.

In return, do your feelings for her also tick yes to those questions? Yes? Then she is the one for you!


If you have decided that you want to get married in Brussels, then you should check that you must have stayed at least three months in Belgium as the law would not permit you to get married if you do not have at least three months residency.

If it has not been up to 3 months, then you should use your waiting time to learn more about the rules and regulations of the country, so you do not act out of line.

One interesting fact about Belgium is that there are certain months which are recognised as the peak seasons for marriages. Those are usually between May and September. You might as well play to fit into their calendar and pick a date within those months.


Civil marriages are what is recognised in Belgium, and it is absolutely compulsory. Whatever is done after that is the decision or preference of the couple. Usually, couples decide to have a religious ceremony in a church where they can get blessed in the presence of family and friends. After this, they can decide to have a wedding reception.

The reception ceremony is a way of honouring those who came to honour them. That is their way of saying thank you for gracing the marriage at the church with your presence.

The wedding reception is a time of merriment, with a lot of good food and good music.

Family Life

Family life in Brussels can best be described as the dream of happily ever after. Your children get to grow up in a serene enabling environment where they are taught and educated on the things of life from an early age.You also get to have places where family bonding is done in a relaxing manner.

Cheers to a happy life!

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