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Guide for dating in British Virgin Islands helps you to meet the best girls. This dating guide gives you tips how to date British Virgin Island women. You will learn rules where and how to flirt with local British Virgin Island girls. We advise how to move from casual dating to the relationship and find the real love. We also tell the best dating sites in British Virgin Islands. In this article below you will find more information where to meet and date girls in British Virgin Islands, Caribbean, North America.

A group of hot girls at the Hendos club in British Virgin Islands

Girls in British Virgin Islands:

  • Looks of girls: 3.5 / 5
  • Attitude of girls: 4 / 5
  • Loyalty of girls: 3.5 / 5
  • Education level of girls: 3.5 / 5

Dating in British Virgin Islands:

  • Chance of arranging dates: 3.5 / 5
  • Casual dating culture: 3 / 5
  • Online dating popularity: 3 / 5

Sex in British Virgin Islands:

  • Women's sexual activity: 3.5 / 5
  • One-night stands: 3.5 / 5

More about British Virgin Islands:

  • Nightlife in general: 3.5 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 4 / 5
  • Budget per day: US$30 - $600
  • Accommodation: US$15 - $450


Europe, as a whole, is full of so many wonderful and exciting areas that are resplendent with culture, landscapes, and modernity. Really, there is something incredibly beautiful and heartwarming about visiting these areas and many people do so with a passion. The British Virgin Islands in the Caribbeans is a commendable option. Many people go to this island group for a holiday, the maximum of whom are Americans.

This region is a great spot for tourism and boasts of a variety of beaches and other eye-catching landscapes. Nevertheless, while that is an attraction of this region, the British Virgin Islanders are the ones you would stay for, especially the women. They are smart and have a very friendly personality which makes it easy to talk to them and start a connection. Aside from that, these women have a voice in their socio-economic climate and they use it well.

Not to mention, as a partner, all these qualities they possess would make your interactions worth remembering, and maybe falling for. Indeed, there are many more good reasons why you can consider dating them when you reach the British Virgin Islands, and not only about the locals. If you are curious about that, this article would help you find the answers.

Dating Culture

There are many reasons why one may go to the British Virgin Islands, and the most prominent is because of touring purposes. Owing to this, the dating spectrum and attitude at this place is laid-back and interesting, and you would notice that when you try to date the women there. Indeed, they have a very nice personality and you would not have much problem approaching them for friendship.

While dating in the British Virgin Islands, you should know that etiquette is highly important and you would see the locals practice it. Politeness is the key theme in this culture; thus, even if they are not interested, the women would say so nicely. Therefore, it is important you maintain that level of patience and nicety while approaching them, and things would work out.

As for their reasons for dating, that depends on the preferences of the British Virgin Islanders, and that drives this culture onward. Notably, most of these women are a one-partner type of individuals and take that romantic life and promises seriously. However, this land is a great vacation spot, first and foremost; so you would meet many people who have a more casual view of love.

They want to have fun, and you would have the same while pursuing something intimate with these women. Yet, if a commitment is your thing, you would have success. After all, that is more likely what many of the ladies would aim towards. Either way, you should stay honest about your intentions with both.

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Online Dating

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British people, in general, have a lot of respect and adoration for culture, arts and also, economic and scientific brilliance. Indeed, they have very high regard for education too, and that is prominently visible in the womankind of the British Virgin Islands. Thus, when you have to describe the ladies you meet there, the first word you would come up with is 'intelligent'. Certainly, these women have an intense thirst for knowledge and growth and do have an independent streak.

Furthermore, they want to have a say in the administration of their land too, and many of them pursue high-level civil jobs. As a person, though, most of these are very polite in their behavior. But they are passionate about their views and desires and pursue them without appearing rude or rigid. In fact, many of them are reserved at first, which may make you doubt their fun side, but there is one. You need to make them feel comfortable with you before they would completely let their guarded fences down.

Not only are they attractive on the side, but also their beauty shines through their visage. Tall and well-built, most of the 'belongers' of the British Virgin Islands are of European descent. Thus, they mostly have a fair complexion, different hair, and eye features and a healthy appearance. Of course, there are many 'non-belongers' here too and they have different facial and behavioral characteristics of their own. To put it simply, you would not run out of variety.

British Virgin Island Girls (age 18 - 29)

From the perspective of the British Virgin Islanders, education is something that would give them a better lifestyle. Indeed, because of that, the local women of this region focus on their educational qualifications in their young adulthood. Moreover, many of them focus on their career aspects and put their energy into their professional endeavors.

However, they like to enjoy their life too and dating gives them that fun opportunity. They do learn to behave nicely with everyone from an early age. Thus, you may find it slightly difficult to understand if they are interested in you, or just being polite. Yet, they are very honest about their feelings and attraction to someone, and you would find your answer if you directly ask them.

Many of these younger British Virgin Islanders have varied views when it comes to the longevity of their relationships. Without a doubt, many of them are fine with a temporary love affair at these ages, while the nearer-to-thirty women start feeling serious. Thus, in the matter of dating these gorgeous girls and younger women, you would get the best of both these worlds!

British Virgin Island Women (age 30 - 45)

Family is a topic that many couples have to come to terms with the older they get. And in the British Virgin Islands, this is a very important component that the society in general and women, in particular, think about. Thus, among the 30 to 45 years age bracket, you would find most of them as already married to someone.

Yes, there are women you would meet who are still thinking about socializing and trying out new affairs. Yet, the maximum of these women are looking for love too, and that is the main element of dating at this age. When you try to approach the local ladies in this age group, you would have more luck if a commitment is your end--goal too.

Of course, there are many who see dating as a way to have fun and genuinely focus on that alone in their love affairs. Also, their professional commitments can leave them less room to focus on romance, and many remain single. Owing to this, you get the opportunity to find love among the middle-aged females, but not each would feel like a hit.

British Virgin Island Ladies (age 45+)

To specify, this age group is possibly the most restricted bracket for you to find love when visiting the British Virgin Islands. Mostly because the women at this time of their lives give up on dating entirely and focus on their personal life. Of course, most are married, therefore that does affect the lack of options for you and their disinterest in the dating field.

These ladies are very family-oriented and have an interest in their well-being and safety. Plus, you would meet some women who are no longer attached in matrimony but they too prefer not to date. Nonetheless, you might get lucky with some of the older ladies in this land, if the attraction is present.

Love is not something that they disregard completely, and if a connection forms between the two of you, she might consider something more. However, when it comes to casual dating, many of the mature women who are okay with dating do not feel comfortable with it. Regardless, maintain a good attitude, and respect their culture and privacy, and you would have a good time.

Foreign Girls (tourists, expats, students, etc.)

To put it simply, almost half of the total economy of the British Virgin Islands is focused on the tourism spectrum. Owing to this, you would see many of the foreign nationals in this region, for either settling or just to tour around. While the locals are given more precedence when it comes to jobs and such, there are many opportunities the foreigners find interesting.

Therefore, you would get the chance to date them as well, and rest assured, they are extremely interesting too. Smart and adventurous, most of these ladies are there for fun, and thus, they keep drama comparatively in the minimum. Surely, many of them understand the complications that come with committing to someone on holiday and choose casual love instead.

Of course, this is not exclusive to all foreigners but mostly tourists. The ex-pats settled here, on the other hand, would give love a chance and you might find it easier to get it with them. Especially if you are from a similar culture originally, you would find it easier to adjust to their mentality.


If you want to engage in sexual contact with the women you meet in the British Virgin Islands, you would find your chance. However, you need to focus on winning their interest and trust first before making your move. Indeed, these local women have a comparatively traditional mindset regarding sex, and they do not engage in so with random men. Of course, some ladies may find the casual sex route appealing, but you still need to catch their interest. Good conversations and a friendly attitude would allow that for you.

Sex Culture

The sex culture in this region is fluid, but the people living there are very private about their sexual life. Thus, you would not notice many open displays or flirting opportunities. There are many women, both local and international, who would agree to such an opportunity, but some others would decline. Also, there is a commercial side to sex in some parts too, if that is something you are willing to pursue.

One-Night Stands

Indeed, with so many people visiting the region of the British Virgin Islands, you would find some women who would accept one-night stands. While the possibility is there, you would notice a ratio of more foreigners than locals among these ladies. There are some locals who would agree to such, and you can have one-time flings if you both consent to it.

Best Places to Meet Single Girls

Truly, both the local as well as foreign women at the British Virgin Islands are fond of the region and like roaming around. So, wherever you end up going to, you would have a good chance of meeting a charming woman and starting an interaction. In that regard, the place that you are at and the characteristics of it will help you craft a conversation.

Indeed, confidence will work in your favor when you approach, but sometimes, saying the right words does not come easy. Thereby, if you base your conversation starter around the area you are at or the activity you are doing, that would feel more natural. Some of the ladies would maintain a stoic exterior too, and you may feel uncomfortable going up to them.

In these situations, do maintain a calm and respectful attitude and give them their space if they show disinterest. Also, many of the ladies may not feel comfortable with your flirting technique if, say, you meet them at your place of work. While the ones who are sitting at a bar or dancing at a club would feel more jovial. Therefore, you should adjust your attitude based on the place you come across them.

Bars, Pubs and Nightclubs

In the question of the nightlife in the British Virgin Islands, these are the most prominent names you would come across. Of course, going to these spots also bring with it the possibility of meeting a beautiful lady! Therefore, take a look and consider your choices.

  • Hendo's Hideout (Jost Van Dyke) - Enjoy the smoothest cocktails alongside beautiful babes at this cozy and popular bar.
  • Pusser's Pub (Road Town)- You would love to eat the delicacies of this region and meeting the beautiful locals at the same time!
  • Soggy Dollar Bar (Jost Van Dyke) - You can enjoy the cool drinks and the hot company at this tropical bar.
  • Nicoles Beach Bar (Greenbank Estate) - Enjoy the view of the beach as you sip on your favorite drinks at this bar area.
  • Foxy's Bar (Jost Van Dike) - You would like the open yet cozy atmosphere at this popular bar.
  • Bamboushay (Tortola)- Eat some mouthwatering and engage with the interesting women you meet at this spot.
  • Willy T's - Enjoy a new experience at this floating bar in the British Virgin Islands, and meet women while at it.
  • Paradise Club Lounge (Tortola)- Drink, eat, and chat with the beautiful locals and tourists you get to meet at this bar and restaurant spot.
Party at the Foxy's club in British Virgin Islands

Shopping Malls

For women staying in this region, shopping is a very important activity for both luxurious and everyday purposes. Plus, the foreign ladies too reach these areas to buy things as a reminder of this experience. Therefore, you would get to meet many females of different nationalities when you visit the various islands in this region.

Some popular spots are:-

  • Mill Mall (Road Town)
  • Road Reef Plaza (Road Town)
  • Nanny Cay Marina (Tortola)
  • Tortola Pier Park (Tortola)
  • Spanish Town (Spanish Town)


Indeed, the British Virgin Islands is a wonderful region to tour, and each of its islands has its own attraction. The women who visit these areas understand the appeal as well, and visit these regions quite frequently, for both relaxation and fun. Thus, you would get to meet many young and beautiful girls when you hit the beaches and other tourist spots, for sure.

The following are the top places you should definitely check out.

  • Spring Bay (Virgin Gorda)
  • Cane Garden Bay (Tortola)
  • White Bay (Jost Van Dyke)
  • Devil’s Bay (Virgin Gorda)
  • Guana Island
  • Virgin Gorda Peak (Virgin Gorda)

Universities and Colleges

Without a doubt, studying is something that the women in the British Virgin Islands take very seriously. Thus, you would see many of the younger ladies going to their Alma mater, for both knowledge and socializing purposes. There are not many universities in this region however, but the ones present are great places to look for them definitely.

  • University of the West Indies (BVI Campus)
  • H. Lavity Stoutt Community College (Paraquita Bay)


In the matter of relationships, things are not two dimensional when it comes to the women living in the British Virgin Islands. Indeed, they are sure about what they want and most of the time, that is committed relationships. Ultimately, they want to have a well-adjusted and happy love story and take their time to know a person.

Without a doubt, they give love a major priority in relationships, and marriage, too, is something many wait for. Nevertheless, that does not imply that these women do not like having fun or know how to. On the contrary, many of the local ladies in this Britain-controlled overseas region put off marriage until they are sure of the partner they chose and their allegiance.

Although this is true, many of the islanders choose to go down another route, that involves more of a casual bonding. After all, with so many tourists entering this area, the chances of intermingling and exploring intimacy are more prominent. Also, the foreigners who choose to live here have their own demands regarding love and commit accordingly.

Holiday Romance

One of the most wanted types of romantic liaisons is the one that occurs when you stopover at another land. And with the variety of people you can experience it with, many find this possibility more charming. Indeed, if that is something you want too, you would have a wonderful time with the women in the British Virgin Islands.

They are charismatic and independent, and many of the young British ladies want to experience such passionate romances. However, since holiday love stories rarely have a chance of success, most of the local British Virgin Islanders would steer clear of this. Yet, you would still get to romance many women at this spot, especially those of foreign origins themselves.

Indeed, such love stories are a fun experience and many women enjoy the heat and excitement they bring. Plus, the passion and fun of these relationships are easy to give in to. You should keep the reality of your situation in mind though, and stay firm in your beliefs and honesty.

Tips for Successful Relationship

If you want to grow your relationship with the woman you met in the British Virgin Islands, you should focus on these following factors.

  • Communication - Talk to your partner about your favorite things and your ambitions. To put it simply, talk to them about everything, no matter how small you think it is or how mundane. Better communication would allow you to feel more comfortable together, and that would positively affect your bond.
  • Honesty - Do not lie about the big things, especially about yourself. Yes, trusting another person seems scary at first, but saying the truth is important for a healthy relationship. Especially because it would show they love you enough to stay in spite of your issues or doubts.
  • Respect - Certainly, a relationship would work best if both you and your partner understand and respect the other person. Sure, you would have some differences. But, if you show your partner you like your partner regardless of any differences, she would feel happy and secure.


Truth be told, when it comes to love, it is very subjective to the people involved and how they see love as. In general, the locals of the British Virgin Islands take their time to understand and then decide if the relationship they are in is something serious or not. Indeed, these women are open-minded about many things but they are cautious with their hearts too.

Consequently, when they start feeling more comfortable and attached, these British Virgin Islanders are very loyal. Not to mention, they try their best to make your life feel better and do so with a lot of passion. They have a fun personality as well and like to spend time with their lover.

In this society, families are very close and they would show you their seriousness about you when they introduce you to them. Certainly, your partner would give you privacy too, and stay on your side when you need someone. All in all, commitment is a serious matter to consider and they equate the same together. While they show hesitation at first, these local ladies are unwavering in their faith and care for their partners.

How to Make Sure She Is the One

If you are having doubts about your partner, here are some questions you should ask yourself. Certainly, they would give you a clue if you should ask them for their hand, or cut your losses.

  • Does she love you for who you are and accept that you have flaws? And does she try to help you change your bad habits or does she highlight them more? Yes, having an accepting partner is important, but not if your issues can harm you and others. In such cases, you should try to change your habits and live a better life. Notice how she reacts to such situations.
  • Is she there for you when you are going through a difficult time? And if yes, does she try to make you feel better, or put you down further? If she is not a supportive partner to you, it can hurt your bond down the line. Not to mention, how she handles your problems (or tries to) also gives you an idea about whether she cares about you.
  • Are your families in a good relationship with each other? Do your family and friends like her? Indeed, your loved ones are indirect members of your relationship and can subtly influence your life and mindset. Thus, notice this factor too, as that will affect your life later if you choose to marry her.


In the society of the British Virgin Islands, marriage is an institutional right that the people consider important. After all, it is the most important growth medium for a couple in the island group and identity passed down through generations. Thus, the locals consider this aspect very important to follow, and their land rights signify their social rights too.

Thus, marriages give you that chance to integrate with the family of your wife and settle in this society. Not to mention, it is an important and legal moniker for your union too, and their traditionalist mindset highlights that. You would notice a lot of family dynamics: and the legal intricacies behind the ceremony itself are also very simple.


When you are considering your wedding ceremony in the British Virgin Islands, you would notice that things are not too complicated. Of course, legal civil marriage is the first ceremony that you should focus on and the process is comparatively easy. Furthermore, if you choose to get married at another location, the Registrar-General would agree to go with you. However, you need to cover their expenses for this service.

Not to mention, the maximum people living in these islands follow the rules and traditions of Christianity. Thus, both you and your partner can decide to get married in a themed church wedding too. While this is accurate, you need to consider legal matters like Wedding Banns and plan accordingly. Furthermore, you need to let the church minister know about all this beforehand. As for the best venues for your wedding, here are some you can choose amongst.

  • Scrub Island Resort, Spa and Marina (Scrub Island)
  • Anegada Beach Club (Anegada)
  • Keith's Exquisite Touch (The Settlement)
  • Bitter End Yacht Club (Spanish Town)
  • Hodge's Creek Marina Hotel (Parham Town)

Family Life

After your wedding (and honeymoon, if you so choose), starting your family is the next main step. And with the ladies of the British Virgin Islands, this feels interesting because these women have a very inclusive and homely attitude towards the family. Not to mention, the family structure too is very united, and most couples have their other family members living with them.

Thus, your family life would include a vast majority of people and the responsibilities are shared amongst everyone. The ladies themselves focus on every aspect of your home life, with putting effort into your children's upbringing, household chores, finances, and much more. Also, other than the inner family dynamics, the region of the British Virgin Islands is a good and safe area to start your family. All over, you would have a good experience in this island region, for sure.


British Virgin Islands regions map.png
Jost Van Dyke
Southern Islands
The largest of the islands and home of the capital city, Road Town.
Virgin Gorda


  • Road Town - The capital city of British Virgin Islands.

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