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Berne dating guide advises how to meet single girls. You just need to know the basic steps how to date Swiss women. Learn how to arrange dates with hot Swiss girls, how to take your relationship to the next level and how to find your soulmate and fall in love. Read more on how to date local women and where to meet girls in Berne, Switzerland.

Girls in Berne:

  • Looks of girls: 4 / 5
  • Attitude of girls: 3 / 5
  • Loyalty of girls: 3.5 / 5
  • Education level of girls: 3.5 / 5

Dating in Berne:

  • Chance of arranging dates: 3 / 5
  • Casual dating culture: 2.5 / 5
  • Online dating popularity: 3 / 5

Sex in Berne:

  • Women's sexual activity: 4 / 5
  • One-night stands: 3 / 5

More about Berne:

  • Nightlife in general: 3.5 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 3.75 / 5
  • Moving around the city: 3 / 5
  • Budget per day: US$20 - $800
  • Accommodation: US$10 - $600


In the matter of dating, you would manage to woo a lot of different women and maybe fall in love too. However, everyone is unique in their own way, and there is no guarantee that your dating style will work everywhere. Like, for example, if you approach someone oozing with sexual charm when they are more into intellectual ones, success is impossible.

Of course, it is true that not each girl on this planet is a carbon copy of another, but there are some similarities too. If you look at the culture of a place in total, you can understand what the general mindset there is. To specify, if a society is full of old-fashioned and religious sentimentality, the women there would embrace that mostly.

Thus, if you want to date the Swiss girls in the city of Berne, you need to understand a lot of factors first. These women are smart and talented and do not hide that from the world. Not to mention, they have a very jovial and confident personality that further adds to their appeal.

These women do not believe in dependency and like to stay in charge of their own decisions. Of course, there are many more things that you should know first before you approach them in Berne. Indeed, how you face this subject would determine how your chance with these ladies are. Therefore, take a note of all these factors that would unitedly affect your outcome.

Dating Culture

Indeed, when you step into the beautiful city of Berne, your urge to date would get high. After all, with the landscape so eye-catching and the women so stunning, it is hard not to give in to your desire. While touring through the city sounds exciting, given the horse-shoe like basin it sits on, the opportunities are equally so.

Of course, what would excite you more is meeting the dynamic Swiss women living in this society. As for the dating culture itself, it is down-to-earth and laid-back, much like the people who live here. Certainly, you would enjoy spending your trip with them, although things would take some time to land.

It is not the winter atmosphere alone that is cold in Berne though; the people too take some time to thaw. Thus, if you want to date the Swiss ladies living here, you need patience and time in your hands. Not to mention, intelligence and success are common for the women in the city, and they have similar expectations from their suitors.

The way you approach them says a lot about your character, and these women are always keeping watch. Moreover, when you are dating someone here, or want to anyway, remember that going slow is important. Indeed, you do not need to know everything about her on the first date; leave some for the next ones.

Having a mysterious quality will work for some of these ladies, but not if you are aloof. After all, the Swiss women are quiet in the beginning because it is in their nature, but they can judge overconfidence from genuine introverted-ness. Therefore, respect them and their ideals and maintain an equal pace; they want a partner, not a controller.

Owing to this, you should maintain a dignified and cordial behavior with these ladies, focusing more on connection than flirting. However, they do not only look for romance, but some of these ladies are also okay with temporary flings as well. You need to show your interest and prove your seriousness first and then they give you attention.


In the grand scheme of things, dating in Berne is not something that you would like to miss out on. After all, Swiss ladies hold one of the top-tier positions when it comes to the ranking for the most versatile women. Without a doubt, there are various reasons that ultimately enable this statement and you would enjoy each.

The society in most of Switzerland is very affluent and propagates the modern way of thinking. Thus, the women hold major power, and also excel prominently in the fields of education and career. Not to mention, they take time out to enjoy the world around them as well and like performing outdoor challenges.

Owing to this fitness-oriented approach, it is no surprise that they maintain svelte and fit figures. As for their looks, the maximum of these ladies is the quintessential blue-eyed blonde bombshells, with some exceptions. Of course, with the incoming mix of tourists into this city, you would notice women of other nationalities as well.

With so many good qualities that make them so stunning, it is obvious that they have a huge sense of pride too. Thus, it takes a lot to make them soft and even more to fall in love. However, if you still want to impress them, your tenacity would work in your corner.

Swiss Girls (age 18 - 29)

When you meet the younger Swiss girls in the city of Berne, you would certainly see their focus on their studies. Particularly, they want to do very well in their lifestyle and like to lead their lives free of outside intervention. As a result, they concentrate on getting their degree first and put dating in the second compartment of importance.

Of course, they do like going out for some fun time with their friends, and bars are common areas for them. Thus, when you go to these places, you can get the chance to catch up with these young adults and start a conversation. If things go well, you can ask them out to meet again, but do not offer the usual dating selections.

Chiefly in Berne, you should go for a walk with them and become friends first before bringing up a romance. These ladies take time to let go of their inhibitions and become open to new emotions. Also, this is similar for them well into their late 20s; only their priority shifts to their career now.

Yet, you should not feel disheartened as many of the Swiss girls in Berne like exploring their sexual interests. If they feel that attraction for you, you might find the chance to enjoy such opportunities with them. However, do not equate this to everyone you meet; communicate your thoughts and they might answer positively.

Swiss Women (age 30 - 45)

As the Swiss ladies in Berne step into their 30-year landmark, and over that as well, their interest in dating morphs. Notably, they do not feel the urge to get married particularly but do want something long-lasting. And because of that, they focus on finding those who are in it for the same reason.

Most of these women have made a name in their career path and want to settle down. While some of them are not too happy to leave their professional bubble and want to work harder still. Either way, you would find quite a lot of options when it comes to dating someone in this age group.

However, that is not limited to everyone; many of the Swiss ladies in Berne have already found someone. In fact, you would see that many of them have stayed together for quite a while too. But because of their lax attitude towards the legal methods of marriage and such, they prefer to live-in.

If you are not in the rush to get hitched but do want commitment, you can opt for this with your Swiss mate. After all, they are very understanding if you stay honest, and might agree with the offer as well. Additionally, if you do not want commitment completely, you might meet someone who thinks alike in Berne from this age-group.

Swiss Ladies (age 45+)

The mature ladies in the city of Berne take their time to appreciate the life that they are leading. Owing to this, they do not find the time to jump into the dating field with quick fervor or interest. In fact, many of the Swiss 45-year-olds and older are already in committed relationships during this phase.

Many of them may not agree or abide by the constraints of marriage, but it is something important anyway. Thus, you would see most of the Swiss older women happily taking care of their families. Not to mention, the divorce rates are not too high in this city either; because these women form true and loyal connections to their partners.

Moreover, having children and taking care of their well-being is something the Swiss women take personally. Due to this, even the single ones focus on that more seriously, leaving them no time to date. They give equal attention to both keeping their family dynamic strong and also their professional commitments if they continue working.

Overall, compared to the other two age groups, you would have the least success with these full-fledged women. But, do not despair, as you might still get to meet someone who is the exception in this scenario. Approach them with the ideals of friendship, and if they want more, they would come forward about it. Regardless of your chances of success though, treat them with proper and well-deserved respect, and trust their judgment.

Foreign Girls (tourists, expats, students, etc.)

Generally speaking, the more beautiful a city is, the more people outside the region feel excited to visit. In the country of Switzerland, there are many places for such, but there is something exceptionally brilliant about Berne. Given that, more people want to visit this spot, and you would get to meet many female foreigners.

Aside from the tourists, there are many foreigners who stay in Berne for their studying or work purposes. Thus, if you feel attracted to them, you can ask them out on a date as well. These ladies are very friendly and light-hearted and have an interest in having fun.

Because of this, they are more likely to accept a dating proposal and leave things to fate and compatibility. In contrast, the Swiss ladies are pretty rigid in certain matters and do not like to sway from their initial perspectives. Therefore, you would notice an easier interaction with the foreign females, and that is attractive too.

Moreover, the Swiss ladies are gorgeous and ambitious, with intelligence thrown in the mix to form a brilliant personality. While not everyone is perfect, they do have standards in their dating and friendship determinants. Many do not easily allow people into their hearts and can appear stoic and haughty.

So, you might not feel entirely comfortable in their presence, while the situation is different with the tourists or foreign ex-pats. Overall, you would have a good time with them as well, and not worry about running out of chances and options.


With time, a relationship that started with dating starts evolving and includes a lot of factors within its matters. One such matter that is a huge part of this scenario is the sexual element, and people have different views about it. In fact, when you are dating in the city of Berne, you would notice a level of practicality when it comes to sex.

Indeed, most of the Swiss women do not get intimate with many individuals and have an entirely one-man mentality. However, there are some others who do want sex only, and you can enjoy a casual affair with them. Regardless of which they prefer, the Swiss are known for their honesty, and they would tell you their views from the beginning.

Thus, if you want to enjoy sex with these women, you have to play it according to who you approach. Also, keep in mind that in the maximum cases, they want the slow-burn effect, and wait a while before engaging in sexual intercourse. You need to win their trust and attention, and if the sexual chemistry is there, these women would act on it.

Sex Culture

As mentioned earlier, you would not have the best chances with the Swiss girls in the city of Berne if sex is your target. After all, they do not trust easily and can also appear too hard to please, and they are. But, if you play your hand correctly, you can get lucky with some of them.

Owing to this, the sex culture in Berne is normal at best, but not overly so. Not to mention, the women in this city do agree to sexual encounters, but with those, they have grown close to. If you are a stranger to her, 'no' is the standard reply you would get from most girls in this society.

Of course, there are some who might disagree with this, and can entertain such encounters with men, especially foreigners. However, you would get the best outcome with those you build a connection with beforehand. That is the usual culture in this regard among the younger generation, and it is what you should focus on too.

Moreover, as far as their sexual prowess is concerned, you would enjoy a lot of fun in that matter. The Swiss people keep their passion hidden, but when they give in to it, it is quite marvelous. Thus, the ones you would get this opportunity with, you would have a good experience regardless. However, do treat them with the utmost respect, as your success relies on their comfort level.

One-Night Stands

In the quest for intimate pleasure in the region of the Swiss Berne, one type you would consider is the one-night stands. However, while these are extremely easy to engage in, you would not get much luck for it in this city. After all, the Swiss ladies are very selective about who they include in their life. And the factor of sex is even more closed off, especially with strangers.

However, you would not completely lose out on it; as there are many foreign women in Berne too. While the Swiss ladies are harder to convince generally, many foreign tourists do want a fun experience instead. Thus, they are more likely to agree to casual dating or one-night affairs, if you connect well.

Best Places to Meet Single Girls

To put it simply, Switzerland is the origin of many beautiful regions and landscapes and is also filled with history. Whoever visits these areas can certainly see this beauty vividly, and they all enjoy the various regions. Of course, you also get to interact with the locals at these locations and get an idea about the overall culture too.

Therefore, it is obvious to see an interrelation between location and meet someone, and you would benefit a lot from understanding that. Especially when you reach a city like Berne, you would relish this opportunity and get to see loads of fun regions as well. It is then that you would notice the various women roaming around the many places, irrespective of nationality.

There are many advantages to approaching them this way too, as the locations can give you an idea about what their interests are. Thereafter, you can start talking to them about things related to the location, and soon a good conversation would commence. Not to mention, if you meet while performing similar outdoor activities, that would create a connection of sorts as well.

Indeed, the Swiss women like outdoorsy things, while some prefer leading a quiet and academic life. The tourists too roam around the different places, enjoying the various treats the city has to allow. Thus, whatever or whoever your attention falls upon, the locations themselves would act as a great non-living wing-man!

Bars, Pubs and Nightclubs

With the purpose of meeting beautiful women in the city of Berne, one area people look for is its night-scene. Indeed, many of the younger as well as the older crowd like to go to these spots to relax. And when you visit this city, you would notice many such options too.

Therefore, if you are curious about what the nightlife in Berne is actually like, give these areas a shot. Of course, you might come across a beauty that might hold your heart as well. Either way, do not be obvious with your interest or go up to them and start flirting.

  • Mahogany Hall- For the best nightlife, or more specifically live performance experience, give this nightclub a visit.
  • Grand Casino Bern- Casinos are fun places to spend your money and also enjoy the best drinks and activities. And you can find that experience in all its glory at this spot when you reach Berne.
  • Du Theatre- Dance to the heart-stopping musical beats and drink your favorite liquor at this exciting club. In fact, you would also meet many girls who would keep you company.
  • Turnhalle- Drink in pleasant company and especially a more pleasant atmosphere when you reach this outdoor bar.
  • Marian’s Jazzroom- Certainly, if you enjoy the dulcet tones of jazz, you would like to enter this wonderful location.
  • The Old City Irish Pub- Indeed, if the drinks do not attract you to this place, the locals who frequent it definitely would.
  • Rock Garden- Sit in this bar and enjoy a softer but hypnotic version of Berne nightlife amidst purple-lights.
  • Pub Crawl Bern- You would spend quite a nice time chatting and sharing a drink with the Berne locals in this place.
  • JetLag Bar Music Lounge- Listen to interesting music while you drink your favorite concoction in this lounge area.
  • Trybguet Bar- The drinks you would receive at this bar are great for taste, and so are the girls you would come across.

Shopping Malls

To put it simply, the women staying in Berne are very fashion-forward and take care of themselves well. Even the ones who do not dress according to occasions and like staying casual do not look out of place. Thus, it is quite clear to see that shopping is one of the more-used activities the Swiss women take part in.

They visit these areas for a variety of reasons, and some tourists like entering the major shopping malls too. Not only can you buy loads of things, but you can also see the normal citizens living their lifestyle like they do every day. Hence, whether you are people-watching or buying something, the added bonus of meeting a special someone is extremely appealing.

Here are some of the best shopping venues that you would like to go to in this city.

  • Welle7
  • Wankdorf Shopping Mall
  • Westside
  • Globus
  • Migros


There is no doubt that this capital city is beautiful through and through, and there are a lot of reasons why. Markedly, whether you are talking about the interestingly formed river or the old-school buildings surrounding it, everything is charming. Therefore, it is only obvious that the various women visiting or living in this city would like to go to these excellent locations.

You can do so too, and get to meet many exciting personalities and interact with them openly. These women enjoy traveling through the various landmarks in Berne and learning new things every day. Thus, when you go to these areas, the locations are not the only thing you would learn about. If you are wondering what the good tourist attractions in Berne are, here are some examples.

  • The Clock Tower
  • Rose Garden
  • Old Town
  • Zytglogge
  • Bear Pit
  • The Cathedral of Bern

Universities and Colleges

For the people living inside Switzerland, knowledge is a trait that many hold to the utmost importance, and is quite serious. Indeed, the women here find an interest in a variety of topics, including science, business, and politics. Not to mention, they are all well-versed in many languages too, owing to four major ones holding official status here.

Thus, you would find many study centers and universities in this region equipped to fulfill their learning desires. And these ladies, including those from other countries, go to these universities and enjoy the college lifestyle. Without a doubt, you would get to talk to them and enjoy their company immensely, and possibly get the chance to date as well.

In the matter of gaining an education and also meeting some girls, you can pay a visit to these areas.

  • University of Arts Bern
  • University of Bern
  • Bern University of Teacher Education
  • PHW Business School Berne
  • World Trade Institute Berne
  • Bern University of Applied Sciences


Significantly, relationships play a huge role in shaping your lifestyle and giving you some much-needed happiness. The more people you have in your life who you adore, the more you feel confident and sated. And that same feeling comes in full force when you develop different relationships in the city of Berne.

You can do so in different ways, from familial and platonic to lustful and passionate. And the Swiss ladies you meet are fine with them all, granted you manage to win their trust first. After all, these women are interested in various pursuits but do give getting to know people an equal opportunity in their lives.

Thus, you can get to learn more about them and understand how they tick, and with time, form a strong bond. If you are looking for something romantic to come out of it, you need to know that it does not occur in a quick manner. Owing to this, they are very methodical and practical about their connections, but if they feel comfortable in your company, they would open up.

Of course, this is not the only type of romantic relationship you would witness here; the women in this city are passionate too. They understand and sometimes crave physical intimacy, and many of them go forward with such relationships relying only on that. Overall, whether you want to spend your life with them or just a night, you would get some willing partners; both Swiss and foreign.

Holiday Romance

When you are out on your holiday, there is no limit to your plans and excitement regarding everything you can do and see. And when you reach your destination, everything feels exciting but you also want to share the experience. Therefore, you start going out on dates and getting to know people, and in Berne, you would not regret doing so.

After all, a lot of different types of women live in this city, all with their own desires, world-views, and emotions. During holiday romances, you get to experience all of that and do so with another person so different from you. In fact, the Swiss ladies are wonderful choices in this regard, and you can enjoy dating them casually.

Yet, the drawback of such a relationship is that it cannot promise to stay good always, and is only momentary in nature. Thus, it can result in heartbreak for both you and your partner if you are serious about each other, as long-distance does not always work. Besides that, the woman you choose to do so with may not always stay honest about their marital status.

Thus, when you are considering such partnerships, it is best to always stay vigilant with your heart and know the reality. Of course, the passion-filled exchanges you would get to experience with the Swiss or foreign ladies would always stay in your mind. The entire scenario is an exciting opportunity to experience in Berne and will leave you feeling refreshed afterward.

Tips for Successful Relationship

After you have been dating someone for some time, you figure out if you want to get serious with them. Also, there are some variations to this story as well, where you both get together from the get-go. Of course, either way, you would notice a lot of other things that would affect this overall.

However, whether that effect is a negative or positive thing takes some time to deduce. You can take some precautions from the first moment to ensure healthy growth for your relationship. Indeed, these would allow you to have a better foundation and result in lesser problems in the future. If you want to know where your main focus should be, they are mentioned as follows.

  • Privacy is important- Truth be told, many couples break up because of a reason that seems redundant at first- privacy. Indeed, when you are with someone in the romantic sense, there is not much you can hide from your partner. In fact, you should not either. But, spending all of your time with them and spilling all of your secrets are equally improper. You should have your private times, and not force your place into hers either. This would allow you both to grow individually, and also, have the chance to miss the other. Without a doubt, that only makes the next meeting so much sweeter..!
  • Deep conversations- When you are in a relationship, your conversations play a really important part in your love story. After all, that is how you get to know the person and what their feelings and tastes are. Therefore ask them about various topics that you can think of. You can start with something general and then lead to a more heart-to-heart area. This would allow you to know who they are as a person, and that would positively affect your bond.
  • Respect the differences- When you are from another country or city, there are some things that you would not recognize. This is an obvious problem that many couples face, but more magnified for inter-regional love stories. Thus, when you are in a relationship with them and you want it to last long, you should try to understand their perspective. Not to mention, do not expect them to accept everything that you believe in or behave as. Let them stay the way that they are comfortable in, as they would do the same for you.
  • Show them your appreciation for them- When you are together with someone, you are making a promise to stay that way for a long time. However, if you do not appreciate them for who they are, this promise seems fake. Indeed, the woman you are with is her own person, and that means that she has her thoughts and tastes too. Sure, you might not relate to all of them, but understand that they do to her. And because of that, you should appreciate those parts of her as well, since it celebrates her.
  • Couple time- Indeed, when you have been together for some time, your partner feels like a part of you. Then, you do not feel like making the effort anymore and completely ignore the romance. You begin to spend less time with them and focus entirely on your own issues and problems. While this may appear unimportant at first, you should not completely disregard this either. After all, the less time you spend together, the more the distance between you grows. Thus, keep an eye on that and spend more time with them instead. Not only would this remind you of what you are missing, but also fix the doubts they have.


The concept of love does not occur in the blink of your eye when you are talking about Swiss women. Especially in Berne, you would notice the slow but steady pace that people take, in daily lives and their personal ones too. Indeed, practicality is the ultimate belief of these Swiss ladies, and they are very straightforward about your requirements and wishes.

Thus, you would get to meet with them occasionally, and go out around the city. Things are very open in this culture too, which means that you would not have to worry or guess where your relationship is heading. Certainly, these women would tell you if they want to see other people as well, and also when they don't.

To put it simply, these women are not overly romantic, but they do have a soft spot for it. You would notice that through their words as well as their behavior; subtlety is not their favorite medium. To enumerate, they would show you their adoration and care through their unsaid support and helpful attitude.

Moreover, equality is something that the society in Berne, like any other Swiss city, takes into account seriously. Thus, in the matter of love relationships too, they would share your problems and the duties and do so without question or complaints. The Swiss women do not spare their hearts easily, but when they do, it means a serious promise.

Aside from them, you would also get to meet many ex-pats too, and choose to settle down with them. These women are slightly different from the local Swiss but do have the same seriousness towards commitment and loyalty. Likewise, they show their love in the way their upbringing asks for, but in a more open and free-flowing manner.

How to Make Sure She Is the One

Picture this: after dating for some time, you are finally ready to settle down. Consequently, you decide to pop the question to them, but there is a nagging part of your brain asking you to rethink. Of course, most of the time it is just nerves, but sometimes, you really should listen to it. To understand which criteria you fall under, here are some questions that you should ask yourself. Really, marriage is a major life plan, and staying safe is always better than feeling sorry later.

  • Is she the one you want to confide in first?- When something good happens, or even something bad, there is one person everyone first thinks of. Is she that person in your life? And does she react to your happiness like it's her own, and comfort you when you need it? You should consider your answers to these.
  • Does she make you better?- Of course, it is not a good look if your partner constantly asks you to change. Sure, if it is about some bad habit that harms other people and you, this request is understandable. But if her presence makes you better on your own, or makes you want to change, that is a good sign. It means she is highlighting the best parts of you, and helping you realize that too.
  • Does she like even the bad sides of you?- Indeed, acceptance without question is something that not everyone manages to find. But in a good relationship, that is important. Especially notice if she accepts you entirely, with warts too and if you feel confident with her.
  • Is there equality between you too?- A healthy relationship that will definitely stand the test of time is one where both individuals are equal. Both of them are contributing equally, and the balance of power is stagnant too. Indeed, if you want to marry your girlfriend, notice this factor before asking her the life-changing question.


In the matter of love stories, the penultimate goal that couples reach is centered around marriages. Due to this, it is a very important phase of a person's life and legally very important for couples to engage in. In fact, the same theory is availed in Berne as well, but the legalities are the more important matter.

Many couples in this Swiss society engage in civil courtships, but they do so late in their life. Moreover, practicality is the main theme they follow, which is why the ceremonies are generally held in courts. Of course, you can also choose a hotel venue or church later, but that is not common for everyone.

Also, as an antithesis, it is important to mention that divorces are availed by some couples too. After all, this society gears towards the protection of the people, and marriage rights are well preserved as well.


Assuredly, the first thing you should focus on in the matter of celebrations is the legal version. You need to register for the marriage at the civil office and then do so within three months. After that, you can proceed with a grand ceremony in the church, and reception at hotels.

Indeed, tradition is important in Berne and the wedding parties involve many interesting and fun activities. How you choose the theme depends on you and your partner, and so does the ceremony itself. However, your families and friends are intimately involved in the planning too, with the maid-of-honor and the best man at the helm of it. Here is a list of some great wedding venues that you would find when you reach the city of Berne.

  • Hotel Schweizerhof Bern & THE SPA
  • Bierhübeli
  • Bellevue Palace Hotel

Family Life

In the matter of good living, you would surely experience such in the municipality of Berne. Truly, the place is great for you to raise your children and includes many progressive amenities. Whether it is about good schooling or a high-standard medical system, you would find all in this city for sure.

And the Swiss woman you marry would help you out in every regard, both physically and financially. Indeed, these women are self-sufficient and good at most things, and family life is mainly under equal control. When you settle down or decide to do so in Berne, you would not regret your opportunity.

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