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Athens dating guide advises how to meet single girls. You just need to know the basic steps how to date Greek women. Learn how to arrange dates with hot Greek girls, how to take your relationship to the next level and how to find your soulmate and fall in love. Read more on how to date local women and where to meet girls in Athens, Greece.

A group of sexy girls having a good time at the Toyroom club, Athens

Girls in Athens:

  • Looks of girls: 4.5 / 5
  • Attitude of girls: 4 / 5
  • Loyalty of girls: 4 / 5
  • Education level of girls: 4 / 5

Dating in Athens:

  • Chance of arranging dates: 3.5 / 5
  • Casual dating culture: 3 / 5
  • Online dating popularity: 3 / 5

Sex in Athens:

  • Women's sexual activity: 3 / 5
  • One-night stands: 4 / 5

More about Athens:

  • Nightlife in general: 4.5 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 2.5 / 5
  • Moving around the city: 4 / 5
  • Budget per day: US$50 - $800
  • Accommodation: US$20 - $600


Athens is a beautiful city that houses several ancient monuments, museums and cultural sites thereby making it a delight to every tourist. If you are looking out for a hookup or a relationship with Greek girls in Athens then you are in for a great treat. Athenian girls have a hot seductive look that will arouse you and make you have a strong desire for sex. They are tall, with a well built and curved athletic body. You may be forgiven for confusing any of them to one of their legendary goddess.

All you have to know is that if you are confident and charismatic you will find it easy to hookup with these Mediterranean beauties or enter into a relationship with them if that is what you desire. All you need to do is apply the useful tips you will read here about how to woo Athenian girls. Also learn about where and how to locate Greek girls in Athens.

Dating Culture

In the past, dating an Athenian girl would have been close to impossible since Greek women are groomed to marry their men. But with time those ancient cultures is now giving way to a more liberal atmosphere whereby Athenian women can mix up and get married to foreigners.

Dating a Greek girl is very easy especially when she likes you. Athenian girls who are Greek do not know how to hide their emotions whenever they see a guy they like. You can easily detect their fondness of you from their facial expressions and gestures.

Greek women do not enter into a serious relationship just for the fun of it. This is because family is something very serious in Greek culture. Whenever they commit to a serious relationship with you it signals the fact that they are ready to go the distance with you. Dating couples who are Greek seldom make a public display of affections the way other European lovers do. This is because of the family values they inherited from their culture.

Most of the foreigners in Greece may have come for an holiday. Holiday dating is popular among the foreigners in Athens. You can date women from Athens if you show them that you are serious about them and they are not just a past time for you. However, casual dating is becoming a norm with changing times and it is just as likely to find women in the city who won't mind dating you casually.


An average Athenian woman is tall, slender, beautiful and tastefully built like a super model. They are fair in complexion except those who are of mixed race. They are curved in an elegant manner with well rounded buttocks and firm sexy breasts that always protrude from their well fitted outfits.

Athenian women like partying and dancing. So many people argue that it is their love of dancing that gave them their firm and athletic physique. So if you want to be their very good friends learn and master the art of dancing. Take her to bars and nightclubs and show her different dance steps and moves. Athenian women are very domesticated and good at doing house chores and cooking. They believe that the woman should take care of the home while the man should work hard and provide for the family.

So many Athenian women live into an advanced age with their parents. This is because it is very difficult to separate an Athenian woman from their family. You will also find wide arrays of other beautiful and sexy women from other countries and nationalities in and around the city of Athens.

Most of these women are here on holidays while others either work, study or live in Athens. Most of these foreign women can communicate well in English, so it will be very easy for you to approach them for a hookup or even a relationship.

Greek Girls (age 18 - 29)

Athenian girls of these age bracket are very beautiful and fun to be with. They like partying during the night. They like learning new things in just the same way their famous forefathers did. You can capitalise on their curiosity and try engaging them in an interesting conversation.

If your conversation goes well, befriend her first and once there is a good rapport going between the two of you, you can ask her out on a date. They are very good in conversation and can keep it going and interesting for a long spate of time.

Most Athenian girls from this age are dependent on their parents who pamper them with things like expensive jewellery and other expensive things. They do this to make them happy and comfortable. Greek girls value family a lot so don’t be surprised to learn that many of them within this age group still live with their families.

Dating a girl within this age does not come cheap. If you want to make her fall in love with you then you have to buy her gifts and take her shopping. This will give her the impression that you value her. With patience and enough care you can actually make an Athenian girl fall in love with you.

Greek Women (age 30 - 45)

Athenian women within this age group are fairly independent and will be less expensive to woo and maintain than the girls that are of younger age. To get the attention of such women you have to approach them at or around their workplaces.

Since Athenian girls are very friendly, it will not be difficult for you to obtain their phone numbers and arrange a date with them at a later hour when they will be free and ready to give you their attention. Once you set up a date, you can take them to dinner at any of the restaurants with amazing views.

Athenian women within this age are looking for serious relationship that will lead to marriage. If they sense that your intention is just to have sex with them they will not respond positively to your advances. Because of their fair level of Independence they can afford the time and freedom to visit Bars and Night clubs.

Women from this age group will want a relationship that is based on commitment and emotional maturity. There will be some women who will be okay with casual dating and even one-night stands and these women will be mostly found in nightclubs and bars.

Greek Ladies (age 45+)

Ladies that fall within this age are not only independent but are fast adopting the celibate attitude of their Western sisters. They tend to feel that they can live a happier life without men. But if you are skillful enough in seducing women you will find yourself getting laid or being in a relationship with these ladies. It is safer to target the single, divorced or separated ones among these age group. Trying to make out with a married Athenian girl is highly risky because their women are very loyal in marriage. Also their men are very jealous and protective of their wives.

Casual relationship and hookup is highly possible with ladies within this age. This is because many of them are divorced or separated from their husbands and the single ones may have given up any hope of marriage and have shifted their focus to having a nice time. If you can give them the satisfaction they crave in bed then they will be happy keeping a casual relationship with you.

Foreign Girls (tourists, expats, students, etc.)

There is a fair amount of foreign women in Athens. This is as a result of the City’s strategic business location and it’s attractions as a tourists' hub. There is no restrictions on foreigners in Athens,meaning that they are free to mingle. This represents a very good opportunity for you to approach any charming lady you may like and book her down for a hookup or relationship.

You can see all manners of foreign women in Athens. From ebony to blonde to Asian in short women from different race can be readily seen in the streets of Athens. If you want beautiful foreign women with big ass and breasts you can find them in Athens.

Foreign women in Athens are very friendly. Many of them are of a ripe age where they are ready and willing to enter into serious relationship with men. Many of them may be looking for opportunities for a hookup. All you need to do is send out a green signal that you are available. You can offer to accompany them to visit places around the city. You can also offer to hang out with them in Bars and Nightclubs. If you have the resources you should buy them gifts or offer to pay for some of their bills. That will go a long way in giving a good impression.

There are many locations where you may likely meet a foreigner in Athens. You will see a handful of them in Parks and Cultural sites like Mount Parnitha National Park, Attica Zoological park, Allou Fun Park, Galazia Akti, Cape Sounio Elixir Spa Retreat, Museums, Temples, Sites of Ancient Monuments and so on.

Starting a conversation with these foreigners is quite simple since most of them can speak English. They are also financially stable enough to afford a vacation in Athens. So you do not have to sweat about committing a large portion of your budget to making them happy or keeping them around you.


There is no doubt about the fact that Greek girls are very good in bed and can give you one of your best ever pleasure in bed. This is because they are good dancers with a firm athletic look. They are also passionate about whatever they do including in bed. They will make to one of the best sexual encounters you've ever had. All you need do is to learn how to get a Greek girl in bed. You can also use a dating app to locate a Greek girl and arrange a hookup with her. Dating apps are widely preffered to meet new partners for hookups and one night stands in Athens.

Sex Culture

Greek parents are protective of their female children and they don't discuss about sex with them. There is not much openness about the topic of sex among the Greek folks in Athens. Since family means a lot in Greek culture there is a high sense of decency both in dressing and displays of affection that is inculcated into Greek women by their parents.

That is why public display of affection is frowned at in Greece. So while you can get laid with a Greek woman in Athens, you have to be sure to abide by a certain decorum making sure that you are not being insensitive to their values.

Once you have avoided all the possible red flags, be sure that any effort you make to lure a Greek woman living in Athens in bed is worth it and you will only be left with fond memories of it afterwards.

One-Night Stands

This is one of the coolest spot where you can meet an Athenian girl who will be willing to hookup with you. Most of the women here who will have a one-night stand with you would be fairly independent. Since there is no commitment,a one-night stand also offers you a good opportunity to select your choice from a wide variety of girls. You also have the opportunity to meet foreign women living in Athens for a one-night stand.

Once you have spotted someone who strikes your fancy or that is closer to you all you need do is to dress smart, be confident and be ready for the approach. Athenian women like handsome looking guys and if one is into you, you will really see it in the facial expressions. You can approach her and engage her in a discussion. Athenian girls like meeting new people and discussing new things. You can use that as a hook to get and retain her attention.

Try your best to make her night comfortable and fun. Try dancing with her. Athenian girls like dancing and a guy that can dance. You can buy her food, coffee and drinks. And then the chances are high that you will get her to go to bed with you.

Best Places to Meet Single Girls

There are some nice locations in Athens you have to visit in other to increase your chances of meeting singles who may be ready for a relationship or a hookup. Athenian girls move like free spirits in these locations but may be reserved like a recluse when you try approaching them in their offices or workplaces. These locations presents an informal setting and a golden opportunity for you to see her beautiful looks, characters and talents.

You will also find out that at these locations girls are more relaxed, more friendly and more open to anything you want to tell them than in a formal setting. You can easily get their attention through a wave of hand, a smile or a sincere compliment. There will be numerous opportunities for you to find a common ground and start a conversation with Athenian girls. This will be the start of your relationship with them, be it a serious one or that of just a casual hookup.

Another reason you should use these locations to locate singles is that it gives you a big insight into the kind of girls they are. If you are looking for good sex, then you obviously have to explore Night stands to find Athenian girls that like dancing, appears wild and will give you a good time in bed.

If you are looking for a relationship with girls that like adventures and nature then you have to look out for them in Zoos and National parks. If you fancy girls that like history then you have to visit the Museum, Temples and Ancient Monuments. If you are looking for a scholar then you have to visit the academic institutes and universities.

Every girl is attracted to a particular location because of a certain aspect of her person and character. So you have gotten the hint.

Bars, Pubs and Nightclubs

You can find beautiful and exotic girls at any of the following Bars, Pubs or Night Clubs.

  • Cinderella Mykonos- This is a perfect location for you as a foreigner looking for a hot Athenian girl for a hookup or a date. Why? Because there are large number of Cinderellas in this Night Club looking for a Prince. And you can be just the prince one of these beauties are looking for. In this Night Club you will be welcomed by a breathtaking interior, Disco balls, epic music and non stop dancing with so much glitters and glints.
  • Toyroom- This Night Club is carefully set up for adults to have fun. There is a teasing sentence carved in light “Sinners Welcome” ;to prepare you for the kind of fun that lies ahead. This is a Boutique club with avant-garde artworks and captivating interior. Don’t be lost in so much fun as to forget what brought you here; the chance to meet a sexy Athenian girl and book a date with her.
  • Dyonysos Zonar's - This is an ultra-modern bar. In this bar you can order and be served a fresh cocktail and green wine. You can have a good view of the Parthenon and the Odeon of Herodes Atticus. You can see so many sexy Athenian women that live close to the Acropolis in this Bar.
  • Tranzistor - The music and crowd here are special. The interior is beautiful. You can bring your date here and buy her snacks, salmon, salad, burgers, chocolate, pizzas, omelette and whatever she desire.
  • Lohan - This Club is located in Alexandra’s Christopoulos. The interior is well decorated with flashes of supreme light. The drinks served here are very cool. Djs are invited every now and then to play good music at the venue. Beautiful Greek girls and foreigners converge here in the night to have a nice time.
  • Bouzoukia Night Club - If you are a fan of Greek folks and dance music then this is the venue to be. Also remember that many Greek women living in Athens like this kind of music made from Bouzouki a musical instrument in Greece. You can meet them at this venue and party with them all weekend. This is the venue of a typical Greek party but you will enjoy it better in the company of a Greek woman.
  • 7 Times Dance Club - In this venue there is live acoustic music performance, K-pop party and stand up comedy nights. And after you have danced and danced and danced, there is a provision for you to relax on sofas and enjoy a glass of coffee in the company of friends. The atmosphere is very romantic and it will open a big opportunity for you to mingle with beautiful and sexy girls in this City.
  • CV Distiller- This is a Bar that has wide collection of Whisky labels of different varieties. It is a cozy bar with a creative cork, stylish interiors and beautiful music. You can locate them at 115 28 Chatzigianni Mexi 7.
  • Rock and Roll - Just the way the name implies, it is a night club for disco parties. Visit here at Loukianou 6 to have a view of Athenian girls turning and twisting to the vibe of disco music. You can order a salad pasta as you game for a beautiful and sexy Athenian woman. Believe me you will meet a handful of them at this venue.
  • Dybbuk - If you are a fan of beautiful house music then you can visit this location at Stadium 7. You can be served drinks tailored to your taste at this venue. The drinks tastes good and are affordable. The customer service is very good. You can comfortably approach someone that you like at this venue amidst a friendly atmosphere.
  • Intrepid Fox - If you like heavy metal music then this is the venue to be. The atmosphere here is awesome. The drink are affordable. The bartenders are friendly. This Bar has a stylish interior designs.
  • Loukoumi Bar - This Bar is located at Aeschinias Square 3. If you are a lover of hip hop music then you will have a great party night in this Bar. Best Djs in town are invited every weekend to play some moving music and make you have a sweet taste of Athenian urban life. There are also comedy nights where the best comedians in town are invited to create a light atmosphere and make you laugh to the wrench of your gut. It is a great location for couples and lovers to have a great time.
  • Black Bird Bar - Located at Kleisovis 5 this Bar is hailed all over for the great atmosphere it generates. This atmosphere is as a result of the live music performances that takes place at the venue. This is a sure location where you can treat your date to lots of fun and thrills. You both can mimic popular music artists as they shout their lyrics. The unforgettable experience from this Bar is sure going to make your bond stronger.
  • Astron - Do you want your partner to feel that possibly you both have escaped into outer space? Then this Bar is the place to be. It is located at Evrimedontos 3. There are many animal shows and spectral display of graphic in this Bar that makes it look as if the audience are in outer space. There are thousands of spectators on this venue resulting in a regular sight of dancers parked on the street of the Astron Bar.
  • The Clumsies - Located at Praxitelous 30, this Bar prides itself to provide original Cocktail with a distinct taste. If you derives special pleasure from seeing a service rendered to you with all the trademarks that this service was prepared specially for you and with you in mind then you have to be here. Personalized and formal service are rendered at this venue. The Bartenders are very friendly at this venue and you can get your lady treated like the princess she really is at this venue.

So while having some fun and shaking your head to the beautiful background music don’t miss the chance of smiling or smiling back at a beautiful Athenian woman that will be enjoying similar fun with you. Try and engage her in a conversation and book a date with her.

Party at the Lohan nightclub, Athens

Shopping Malls

This is the place you may likely meet up with rich and independent Athens women in case you don’t fancy women that live under the beck and call of their parents. You can use a well thought out compliment possibly about her looks or outfit to capture her attention. Athenian women like compliments. You can offer to help her out in her shopping. A well thought out act of kndness can help you open up a conversation. You can then ask her for her number and later book a date with her. You can meet Athenian lady in any of these Shopping Malls.

  • Athens Metro Mall
  • Attica
  • 3Quarters Gift and Specialty Shop
  • Poua Creations Gift and Specialty Shop
  • Atrium Shopping Centre
  • Athens Millennium Bar
  • Osmine Perfume Bar
  • Cosmos Business Center
At the Metro Mall, Athens


Athens is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Where else do you see an oval and pyramidal shaped green shrubs squat ceremoniously in a tilted carpet of grass? There are colorful complexes, icy summits, National parks, Museums, ancient monuments temples and ruins.

These unique features make the city of Athens home to beautiful outdoor destinations, thus opening up numerous opportunities for foreigners to meet Athenian women, mingle with them, arrange for a date or just hookup with them.

You can add varieties to your search for fun by visiting outdoor sites like Allou! Fun park where you can play games, have a 4D experience, do crazy rotation and have other sort of fun while searching for beautiful women in Athens. You can walk, bike, do some canyoning and orienteering at Mount Parnitha National Park. You will be able to interact with many sexy ladies here. Just start a conversation with them and see how things go from there.

Or if you want to have a more expansive view of the city and their beautiful women you can take Athens Segway Tour. If you want to make the tour faster you can take a Scooterise Experience Tour where you can tour the beautiful city and view the many beauties it has to offer within two hours with electric vehicle.

The idea is that Athens is too beautiful to be explored only from one location. And you can meet hot and seductive women in Athens in each of these locations. So work against your body inertia, explore the city and uncover it’s many beautiful women and have a nice time!

Universities and Colleges

What else could you expect from a city which is the capital of a country hailed internationally as the mother of modern education? The birthplace of philosophers like Aristotle and Socrates? Athens is a city that bubbles with many research institutes, business institutes and universities.

Modern day Greek woman can be found in any of these academic institutes. They are very dedicated and passionate about their studies. So the chances are that if you want to lure any Athenian girl into a relationship from their campuses you have to do it with care. You don’t want to give them the impression that you want to distract them from their studies.

Since visitors and foreigners are allowed into many campuses in Athens, you can try to establish a common ground with them using matters of national importance as common ground since Greek women are very patriotic. It may take a lot of energy and hardwork to get these academically inclined Greek women in Athens to fall for you but the wait is worth it. You will then find out that they have become passionate about you the way they were.

There are numerous opportunities to meet Athenian girls and foreigners in these Intitutes and Universities:

  • Athens University of Science and Business
  • Alba Graduate Business School
  • International Management School (IMS)
  • The American College of Greece
  • National and Kapodistrian University of Greece
  • National Technical University of Athens
  • Athens University of Economics and Business
  • Mediterranean College Athens
A university building in Athens


Approaching a local girl for relationship or a hookup in Athens can be challenging because of some basic factors. In ancient times Greek women were groomed to marry only their men. They were forbidden from public places and education. They were trained to be good cooks and to manage their households. But with the fight for women equality those traditions have faded away but it still provides useful insight into the basic things you should expect when trying to build a relationship with a Greek girl.

Greek women in Athens came from a strong family structure. They have so many persons to answer to as to their choice of whom they want to marry. For that reason they find it difficult committing to any man for serious relationship especially foreigners. Another challenge you may also encounter while approaching an Athenian girl for a serious relationship is that they keep clique of friends. To prevent the inconveniences that may arise while trying to ask her out in the company of her friends it may be better to visit her somewhere she is not in the company of her friends and use some of your gaming skills to get her phone number or set a date for later.

You can call her later and decide when you can meet her without the company of her friends. If she gives you her attention then try and buy her gifts, take her to exotic bars and nightclubs and to many outdoors and indoor attractions in and around town. Don’t forget that a Greek woman expects to be showered with love and taken care of by her man. With time she will fall in love with you and introduce you to her family.

As a foreigner, starting a relationship with a foreign woman in Greece is much easier. You may experience no language barrier. Most foreign women in Athens are rich and independent. You may therefore need to spend less money and time before you can make them fall in love with you.

Holiday Romance

There is no better location where you can have the ideal holiday romance than in Athens, a historic city that attracts tens of thousands of tourists and visitors in it's shore on a daily basis. Basically these visitors and tourists may stay in Athens for only a few days and weeks. All they may be looking for is a man show them be good company and can show them a good time in bed. You can find these women in tourist centers, museums, universities, parks and resorts in Athens.

When approaching these women you have to be very friendly and show them that you care about them. Offer to some form of kindness to them like assisting them with their luggage. Try and engage them in an interesting discussion and afterwards try to set up a date with them. You can easily have sex with them multiple times before their holiday will come to an end and they will fly back to their country.

If you are sure that your stay in Athens is going to be temporal you can approach locals girls living in Athens with a temporary relationship in mind. Young Athenian girls who have not started thinking about marriage but are instead only thinking about fun and casual relationship should be targeted. There are Athenian girls within the age of eighteen to twenty three years who will fancy such a romance.

You can also target divorced or separated women who are looking for good sex and establish such a relationship with them. The benefits will be mutual and the memory will remain for a long time even when you have gone back to your country.

Tips for Successful Relationship

Once you have entered into a relationship with a Greek woman in Athens there are a few benchmarks that you are expected to live up, to as well as pitfalls you are expected to avoid in other to sustain the relationship.

As a rule of thumb the importance of showering her with money, gifts and care cannot be overstated since it is in their culture. And that is how she will start believing that you love her.

In Greek culture friends and family are highly valued. So never speak ill of her friends or family member. She may get very mad at you with a temperament you will not find funny if you are ever in a situation like that . So try to love her friends and family and say all the good things you know about them. If ever there is any negative thing about her friends or family you want to draw to her attention you can present it to her in an adroit and diplomatic manner instead of being critical.

Make sure you take her to bars and nightclubs where she can dance and have a great time with you. Athenian women like dancing. So try and make her dance and even dance with her. Also, Greek women in Athens like learning about new things. So try engaging her in interesting conversations. Tell her about yourself, about your country and people and about places she has never been to.

Don’t also forget to speak well about her country. Local girls in Athens are very patriotic. Any time you notice that your discussion with her about her country or anything else segues into an argument please wisely concede defeat. A Greek woman is very passionate about everything and does not like to lose an argument.

If you also treat any foreigner you meet in Athens with similar love and care according to their culture you will have a successful relationship in Athens.


Finding love in Athens is not that difficult but challenging. You have to be patient because it takes a lot to convince an Athenian girl who is under care of her parents that you are the right person for her. They may be more interested in casual relationship and hookup at first but with great skill you can make her realise that you are the right man for her.

So whenever you get her attention, try and keep the conversation interesting. Tell her about all that she wants to hear. Shower her with hearty complements. Buy her expensive gifts. Learn about any park or attractions that fascinate her and take her there. But once she falls in love with you then you are on for an exciting times with her. There are no dull moment with them.

You can also find love with foreigners in Athens. But be sure to learn about them and their culture. And try to spend quality time with them. By the time you get back to your country you must have built a strong relationship that may lead to marriage.

How to Make Sure She Is the One

How do you know that you have met the right Athenian woman and that she is really in love with you? You have to look out for any of the following indicators before you can conclude that she has fallen in love with you.

If an Athenian girl introduces you to her friends and family then know that she has gone head and heel in love with you. This is because Athenian women love their families and friends and hold them in high esteem. If she did not love you she would not introduce you to her friends and family. Athenian family is usually large and they will not want to introduce the man they are not in lot with to their family. Once her family accepts you, they will love you and treat you like one of their own.

Another way you can be sure that she is the right woman and that she is in love with you is if she starts cooking for you. Athenian women are well domesticated and very good at handling house chores and cooking food. By the time she is in love with you she will start cooking for you and taking care of you as her man. She will be more open to you and give you more keys to unlock her inner world.


Once an Athenian girl introduces you to her parents then know that she is on for something very serious. When you are before the parents you should try to observe all the etiquettes of respects and good manner that is expected of someone that is presenting himself as a prospective in-law. Respect for the elderly is highly valued in Greek culture. The elders you have to answer and respect in this instance include her grandparents and uncles who do not basically live far away from each other.

Also don't forget that if you fail the family test, the chances are that you have lost the girl. Family means everything to a woman in Athens. And even after you have married her she is still expected to visit home at least once every year.

There are peculiar requirements you have to meet if you are arranging your marriage in Athens. As a foreigner you are expected to submit a signed letter that shows that you are legally free to marry as well as your passport and birth certificate. You have to present a Newspaper that published your intentions to marry. And after marriage you are expected to obtain a Marriage Certificate. Without the Marriage Certificate it is assumed that you are not legally married in Athens.

Note that all these marriage documents may take you up to twenty days to process. So proper and diligent planning is required so that you don't get frustrated midways. Marriage Certificate takes forty days to obtain after your wedding ceremony. It is good for you to be legally married so that you can be well respected in Athens. If you are married to an Athenian girl her family will accept you as part of their family. They will love you and fight for you as one of their own.


The love and romance between you and your partner in Athens will push you to give her the befitting wedding your relationship deserves. There are two kinds of wedding you can do in Athens. Civil wedding or Religious wedding. The average cost of a wedding for middle class in Athens is approximately twenty thousand euros. This includes the cost for paperwork and registration, accommodation, refreshments and the rest.

The wedding ceremony is a beautiful and joyous one in Athens. During the wedding ceremony a koufeta is served to wish sweet life to you and your beautiful bride. You will also be serenaded to the sight of the Sirtaki circle dance. You will also see most of your audience in blue and some who will be spitting three times which are done to wald away evil spirit and wish good luck to you and your beautiful bride. Then there is a section where bed is made for your bride to wish her fruitfulness.

Once the wedding is over, don’t throw away all the cares and displays of affections that brought your relationship this far. If it is a Greek woman living in Athens that you married don’t forget that you are expected to take care of her. She may have a job and is supportive of you but don’t shy away from your responsibilities. Your major job is to work hard and take care of the family while hers is to take care of the house.

That is the way it is in their culture. Athenian women are very sweet and loyal in marriage. They are good cooks and they will take good care of you and your future children. So any sacrifice you have made to get this point in your relationship is fully worth it.

Family Life

Athens is a beautiful, calm and peaceful city. It is a fairly affordable city compared to all the other mega cities in the world. You can get a decent job in the city and start a family here. Your children will grow up to be trained in one of the best schools in the world.

The tuition fees in Universities is free for citizens and affordable for foreigners. The transportation system can rival any in the world. The environment is clean both in sight and in morals. So don’t be scared of getting yourself a decent job and settling your family here.

Family life is sweet in Athens. Children are taught from childhood that family is everything. So if you have married a Greek woman you can be sure that the training she has received from her family about the importance of family will serve you well. She will not be looking for a cheap excuse to run away from the marriage because that is not what she saw from her parents. And as your children are growing up she will take good care of them and teach them to see their family as everything.

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