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Arequipa dating guide advises how to meet single girls. You just need to know the basic steps how to date Peruvian women. Learn how to arrange dates with hot Peruvian girls, how to take your relationship to the next level and how to find your soulmate and fall in love. Read more on how to date local women and where to meet girls in Arequipa, Peru.

Girls in Arequipa:

  • Looks of girls: 4 / 5
  • Attitude of girls: 3.5 / 5
  • Loyalty of girls: 3.5 / 5
  • Education level of girls: 3.5 / 5

Dating in Arequipa:

  • Chance of arranging dates: 4 / 5
  • Casual dating culture: 4 / 5
  • Online dating popularity: 4 / 5

Sex in Arequipa:

  • Women's sexual activity: 3.5 / 5
  • One-night stands: 3.5 / 5

More about Arequipa:

  • Nightlife in general: 4 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 3 / 5
  • Moving around the city: 3.5 / 5
  • Budget per day: US$35 - $200
  • Accommodation: US$20 - $250


Arequipa is a very nice place, almost all the buildings in it are built with white ashlar (sillar), a type of white volcanic stone. This is why the city is sometimes referred to as “The white city”. Arequipa is a city located in Peru.  Peruvians are great and friendly people, they always try their best to make foreigners feel welcomed. A lot of people that have visited Arequipa regard them as the warmest people in Peru and one of the warmest people in the world. Peruvian ladies are nice and gorgeous, they possess a beautiful face and a nice body shape. Their ladies have an attractive set of eyeballs, a contagious smile, a cute nose, glowing skin, and a great posture. The population in Arequipa is about 1 million with the women taking 50.6% of the population.

Dating Culture

The city of Arequipa is a very clean Peruvian city and tourism is the center of an amazing charm the city boasts, you get the opportunity to date different ladies both local and foreign ladies. A lot of foreign ladies pass through the city of Peru when traveling, and a few times they stopover for several reasons. Dating in Arequipa is a healthy one, you are allowed to date anyone as far as the feeling is mutual. Arequipa is a modern city in Peru with a lot of middle-classed ladies. The ladies possess average height, dark hair, brown skin, colored eyes, and a beautiful face. The ladies in Arequipa are naturally sweet, loving, and caring.  Arequipa ladies are ready to be with you if you are ready to offer them a good time and provide opportunities for them. 


The women in Arequipa are naturally beautiful and known for their caring attitude. They have a smooth brown skin which is similar to almost all ladies in Peru. Their eyeballs are cute and attractive, they also have a unique smile that shows their dentition. Women in Arequipa represents the minority in legal rights.  They have medium to enormous boobs, with astounding butt cheeks- although there are a lot of the ladies with big boobs, the majority of them possess medium boobs.  The official language of the country is Spanish, but a little percentage of them also speak Quechua.  One of the best things about these ladies is that they possess a great attitude towards becoming a better person in life, a lot of them are either independent on their own or aspiring to be independent. These ladies never live in denial of themselves, they accept the kind of person they are and work hard to improve it. They are always proud of their skin and color. Makeup is not a common thing among their ladies as they are naturally beautiful.   Do not be deceived by their delicate nature and honest looks, a large portion of these ladies, especially the young ones, are great partiers. They love to turn up in different styles, and you can not stand to miss this part of them. 

Peruvian Girls (age 18 - 29)

This is the hottest age group among the ladies in the city, the ladies aged between 18 and 29 are always so pretty. As anyone would expect, the young women at this age are full of fun and energy. These ladies also have the most attractive body shape. These ladies have a great fashion sense with their skimpy and revealing dresses, you can not help but notice the beauty they possess. These ladies visit night clubs, bars, cafes, pubs, resorts, and restaurants very often. Getting to see these ladies is characterized by visiting these places. A lot of these ladies are mostly single, although they are mostly dating one or two guys, you honestly have a chance with them, Most ladies in this age bracket are not ready for a serious relationship, a lot of them prefer casual flings and having fun, but if you show your dedication to the relationship, they would most likely oblige. Another place you can see them is on various social media and dating sites.

Peruvian Women (age 30 - 45)

These ladies are very experienced when it comes to relationships, dating, and sex. These groups of ladies might be available for casual flings or a relationship, it mostly depends on the lady you meet. Some of these women are mostly housewives, and businesswomen, with families to look after. They may not be as exciting as the younger generation, they know what sex and relationship are and importantly playing safe. The chance of getting laid with a Peruvian lady in this age range is a bit high. These women have a lot of experience with men from their marriages, so they know what they want, what they don't want, and especially how to satisfy men. Some of them also see sex as a way to relieve themselves of stress and gain experience. Some of these women love to dress gorgeously and in a classy way. It is easy for them to maintain this because a lot of them are independent and can afford these things conveniently.

Peruvian Ladies (age 45+)

The women in this age bracket can be attractive or fun to be with, but the truth is that most of them are settled in life, divorced, married, or widowed. They are not interested in a one-night stand or random sex with a stranger or a foreigner. You should not expect too much as you might not get to opportunity to engage in a relationship with ladies in these age range. They are usually inflexible women that no longer see much sense in having random sex and hooking up with strangers. Although on the rare situation you can get some of them to give you attention, you must be ready to make something meaningful out of the relationship. Despite everything, these women tend to hold on to their beauty until their old age.

Foreign Girls (tourists, expats, students, etc.)

Getting foreign ladies in Arequipa is an easy task, Arequipa is a tourist hub in Peru, so it is expected. Arequipa has a root in the cultural heritage and history of Peru. It is a center of tourism as it contains places like the Santa Catalina Monastery, Chachani, and Museo Santaurios Andinos. Due to the tourist hubs in the city, foreign women visit the country in search of something different than what they are used to- Nature and history. There are several reasons why people travel to different places, some come to meet the people in the city, and some come for what the city possesses. The chance of seeing foreign ladies during your visit is so high. If you want to meet foreign ladies, try searching for places like pubs, bars, and night clubs. You can also meet ladies during tours, so always be ready to approach them when you see one.


Getting sex would not be any difficulty in Arequipa, its quite easy to hook up with ladies as a result of their friendly and caring nature. A lot of the ladies look alike, so it is easy for you to lose your target. These ladies love romantic and caring guys, they love it when you resonate with the same type of energy they give you in a conversation. The city has a lot of luxurious places to visit from their night clubs to bars, a lot of girls might be convinced to go with you if you promise them these luxurious visits.  You would easily get sex with foreigners, as a lot of foreigners troop in and out of the city. Most of these ladies love to dance so if you can dance so well, you have an advantage with these ladies. They also love to tell people about their culture, so they would be more interested in you if you ask about their culture. To easily get ladies to have sex with, the best place is to go on dating sites. This dating site would help to keep the whole thing private. Here you can find ladies considering whatever type you like.

Sex Culture

There are no specific laws forbidding sexual relationships between two adults, so there should not be any fear about being arrested or prosecuted for having sex with a consenting Arequipa lady. Sex is not a big deal in Arequipa, nobody will hold it against you or stigmatize you as far as you are an adult.  Prostitution is not also a big deal in Arequipa, the law does not hold its inhabitant from practicing such activity. Perusian ladies are so friendly and caring, so they tend to give sex easily.   

One-Night Stands

Ladies in this city tend to adore foreigners, so as a foreigner it improves your chances of getting laid quickly. Visiting spots like night clubs, pubs, and bars increases your chances of having a one night stand. One advice when approaching women for a one night stand is to be true with your intentions. You can also get ladies available for one night stands on dating sites, here you wouldn’t have a lot of explanations to do as your intentions are clear. Try and be careful in the city, no matter how good the people in the city are, there are also bad ones that will deal with you if you mess with their ladies. If you want a nightstand, you must be ready to pay for the service of these ladies. 

Best Places to Meet Single Girls

To be honest, there is no specific place to meet ladies, they are everywhere and anywhere in the country, although there are places where they are more concentrated and you get to meet ladies with the same intention as yours. The ladies take about half of the total population, so it is very easy to spot them. You can see them at gatherings like sporting events, clubs, restaurants, pubs, religious events, weddings, and political events.   The chance of getting a lady in Arequipa is high, so be rest assured you would get one. The friendly nature they possess makes them relate easily with people, either known or unknown. Dating sites is another nice place to meet ladies, you would see a lot of them on dating sites. There are a lot of places to visit in Arequipa and you would find a lady in these places.

Bars, Pubs and Nightclubs

Considering that you have a lady to yourself or you are still in search of one, night clubs and bars are the most obvious places to hang out, have fun, and meet women who have also come to do the same. Nightclubs and bars also set the perfect conditions for these women to come out of their shells, and truly show what they want.  They are lots of nightclubs, bars, and restaurant in Arequipa, some of them are:

* Museo del Pisco (Calle Moral) : This is a popular night club in Arequipa, it is a great place with nice music and awesome people. One of the things this place does effortlessly is providing one of the best Piscos. They are very popular with the quality of the piscos drink they offer. They are so cultured that you can’t help but notice their professionalism they also create a beautiful nightlife experience. It is a great place to meet local and foreign women. 

* Deja Vu (San Francisco 319-B) : This is a restaurant, pub, and dance club party, it is very popular for tourists and locals Thursdays and Wednesday nights are for free and fun dance lessons, you also get an introduction to salsa dance and a good opportunity to meet people and learn Spanish. This bar is averagely expensive because of the kind of services they offer. You will find both local and foreign women here. The terrace of the restaurant has a nice view, with great music, and amazing people.

* Qochamama (Calle Ugarte 300) : This spot is one of the funniest places in the city. They host parties from Thursdays to Saturdays weekly. They organize live performances, art performances, and DJ performances on some days of the week. They also offer good drinks, great music, good food good people, and a comfortable atmosphere. Meeting ladies should not be difficult as a lot of people troop in and out of this place.

* Alfa – Meat Culture (Calle Las Orquideas) : This place offers a variety of cuisines like steakhouse and barbeque. This place is a little above average because they necessarily provide a great experience. It is a place where people visit to relax, eat, have a drink or two, and talk about anything. The service here is great plus the waiters are attentive and nice. You can get to meet both foreign and local ladies here.

* Pasta Canteen (Calle Puente Grau) : This is a restaurant in Calle Puente Grau, Arequipa. They provide home-made pasta together with a local artisanal beer. They mostly offer lunch and dinner with European, and Italian being their major cuisines. Some other features are, takeout, seating, serves alcohol, wine, beer, free Wifi, and accept credit cards. You can come here to have a nice time with any woman you meet, especially to set up dates with ladies on dating apps. 

Shopping Malls

Arequipa does not have lots of places for shopping, but there are some notable places available. Women generally love shopping. They love to buy different items such as groceries, foodstuffs, and personal stuff like bags, shoes, cloth, and makeup. Many people are always coming in and out of shopping malls to get one thing or the other, especially ladies. A lot of the locals do not visit the expensive malls in Arequipa, its mostly the foreign ladies that visit these places. 

Some of the shopping Malls in Arequipa are :

* Mercado Central (Arequipa)

* Parque Lambramani (Arequipa)

* Mall Aventura Plaza (Paucarpata):::

* Mercado San Camilo (Calle San Camilo)

* Consulta Arequipa (Victor Lira)


Arequipa is one of Peru’s most prominent tourist hub and it has a lot of outdoor locations. Getting ladies to engage or woo in outdoor locations is very easy and possible, you have to be smart enough to know the specific events or tours to attend. The only way you're meeting these women is by visiting the outdoor places in Arequipa like Monasterio de Santa Catalina (Santa Catalina), Plaza de Armas (Arequipa), Volcan Misti (Arequipa), Salinas y Aguada Blanca National Reserve (Arequipa), and the Mundo Alpaca (Arequipa). Tours in places like this with nature and history create a unique feeling with people. You should feel free to go with your camera to create some memories.

Universities and Colleges

People in Arequipa are highly educated. There are lots of universities in Arequipa, but they do just well enough to impart knowledge to their students. These universities consist of a lot of intelligent and pretty women from different parts of the world. Most of the women enrolled in these institutions are mainly young women who make education their priorities, but they also love to have fun. If you want to hang out with these young and energetic ladies, the universities are the best place to go Some of these Universities and in Arequipa include: 

* Universidad Nacional de San Agustin de Arequipa (Arequipa)

* Universidad Catolica de Santra Maria (Arequipa)

* Universidad Catolica San Pablo (Arequipa)

* Universidad La Salle, Peru (Arequipa)

* Universidad Autonoma San Francisco (Arequipa)

* Universidad Privada Autonoma del sur (Arequipa)


Hooking up with ladies is easy, getting to meet ladies is easy but when it comes to starting and maintaining a relationship with them, it becomes difficult. A lot of the ladies do not want to have anything serious with the foreigners, because they are scared you might leave at any time and leave them stranded. Some of these ladies just love to have a ton of fun and appreciate a decent life, and as a man coming into their lives, you should be ready to bring that to the table. A lot of the ladies in Arequipa are lively and fun to be with, they always don’t want to see the possibility of getting married to you in the future, especially when you are a foreigner.

Holiday Romance

It's beautiful, it's exotic, it's exhilarating, and it's usually bound for disaster. Sure, there are success stories. Some have met that random guy or girl in a hostel or a bar somewhere overseas and managed to turn that exciting fling into something long-lasting and beautiful. Holiday romance is what a lot of ladies want either local or foreign. A short romantic affair with a foreigner or local without any commitments. 

Tips for Successful Relationship

You most likely have found that lady that makes you happy to be interested in this session. Building a solid relationship is what everybody craves for.. To have a successful relationship, here are few things to adhere to.

* Be A Good Listener : We all want to be in control at all times, forgetting that we need to understand another’s point of view, you need to listen carefully. Listening births understanding which is a very important ingredient for a successful relationship.

* Be there for your partner : It’s obvious what you need to do when your partner faces a major life challenge like the loss of a job or the death of a loved one. But it’s just as important to be supportive when your partner faces life’s little challenges, too – an argument at work, a rough commute, a misplaced check. Be supportive and motivate your spouse today and build a stronger successful relationship.

* Show Gestures of Love : Compliment goes an extra mile than vague verbal pats on the back. It helps to reinforce a real connection with your partner. It gives them a memory to remember. Never in your lifetime, hesitate to give a warm hug or kiss to your partner. It gives a calm feeling even when they are angry.


Falling in love is not something you can control or resist, our heart decides who they feel at peace with. Love is not a far-fetched thing in Arequipa. Love is sacrificial and selfless acts, it gives rise to marriages, and family.  Family is an essential concept to Peruvians, they prefer to put the need of family ahead of any other thing, ladies in Arequipa will try all their best to know whoever they are going into a relationship, they want to know you so well. The women in Arequipa believe so much in love that they will do anything to make you happy as long as they are in love with you.

How to Make Sure She Is the One

There is always fear for most men when they get to this stage, a lot of people do not want to make decisions that will influence their life negatively in the future. You would be sure she is the one when you love talking to each other, you make each other smile, you prefer to hang out with her rather than anyone else, and when you have compatible goals and values Being certain about a woman's love for you is one of the most relieving feelings in the world.


Most Peruvians have both a congregation wedding as well as a civil ceremony because the government recognizes just the civil marriage, yet socially just the religious service genuinely matters (however to have a congregation wedding you should be legitimately married first). Most youngsters live with their parents until they get married, normally by their early to mid-20s


Arequipa is one of the best places to get married, it is a city full of inspiring museums, cathedrals, and monasteries. It has amazing landscapes, an impressive volcano, historical buildings, and rich regional cuisine. Peruvian people are mainly Catholic and the wedding ceremony usually takes place in a church. However, in some cities and towns, you will observe the customs of their ancestors which involve spiritual and romantic traditions. There’s a traditional Andean ceremony called a tribute or offering to the Pachamama. It’s a small and private ceremony between the bride and groom with local musicians and a local priest. There’s a traditional shamanic ceremony to get more fortune in marriage. The ceremony involves music, singing and is done in the Quechua language, which is the language of the Incas. This is a tribute to the Pachamama or mother earth that is the most important god in the Incas culture. It’s a way to connect with nature and receive a mystical blessing. I think it’s a good idea to be proud of where you are and mix different traditions in your wedding to make it a memorable day for you and your guests.

Family Life

Peruvian families are commonly affectionate and Peruvian culture is as yet known as being fairly macho, with the men for the most part being the significant salary workers. Be that as it may, it is turning out to be increasingly more worthy for ladies to work outside the home and ladies would now be able to be found in any expert field. Be that as it may, ladies are as yet expected to do most, if not all, of the cooking, cleaning, and kid raising.

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