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Guide for dating in Antwerp helps you to meet the best girls. This dating guide gives you tips how to date Belgian women. You will learn rules where and how to flirt with local Belgian girls. We advise how to move from casual dating to the relationship and find the real love. We also tell the best dating sites in Antwerp. In this article below you will find more information where to meet and date girls in Antwerp, Belgium.

The fun and wild girls of Antwerp partying it up

Girls in Antwerp:

  • Looks of girls: 4.5 / 5
  • Attitude of girls: 4 / 5
  • Loyalty of girls: 4.5 / 5
  • Education level of girls: 4.5 / 5

Dating in Antwerp:

  • Chance of arranging dates: 2.5 / 5
  • Casual dating culture: 3.5 / 5
  • Online dating popularity: 4.5 / 5

Sex in Antwerp:

  • Women's sexual activity: 4 / 5
  • One-night stands: 4 / 5

More about Antwerp:

  • Nightlife in general: 4 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 4 / 5
  • Moving around the city: 4.5 / 5
  • Budget per day: US$100 - $1000
  • Accommodation: US$60 - $600


Have you ever been to Belgium? If yes, then you should have heard of Antwerp which is a beautiful city located in Belgium. If you have not been to or heard of Antwerp before, there is no cause for worry as this article would give you adequate knowledge of Antwerp especially as it concerns its women. This article would serve as the knowledge reservoir that prepares you for the women of Antwerp and how to approach them.

Do you think you have seen enough beautiful women in life? Brace yourself and go to Antwerp! The women of Antwerp are gorgeous and would surely give you a run for your money. They possess a certain grace and elegance that would leave you tripping in no time. Considering dating in Antwerp? It is not going to be an easy one, but it would surely be worth it. Dating local girls from Antwerp will be a very nice and pleasant experience for you.

Dating Culture

The dating culture in Antwerp is one that can be described as complexly beautiful. This is because it would not be easy to start up a relationship with a typical Antwerp woman, but once you succeed, she would give her all into that relationship to ensure it works out and that people become envious of it.

Describing the dating culture as complex does not mean that the women set complicated standards for men as this is far from the case. An Antwerp woman has no time for games and would straight up tell you if she is into you or not. It is common for an Antwerp woman to refute your advances at first as she might feel that you are there to waste her time, however, it is left to you to be consistent if you really want to date her.

One thing that Antwerp women really value is effort. They love a man who puts in effort as to them, it shows that the man values them and would treat them right. They are extremely cautious and would not want to get started in a relationship that might turn out different from what the envisioned as this would break them.

While trying to toast an Antwerp woman, she would typically come off as closed off. This is because she is trying to study you. With time, as she gets to understand you better, her shells begin to fall off slowly.

Once an Antwerp woman deems you worthy, she becomes a chatterbox and is extremely loyal to you. She believes that there is nothing to hide from her partner, thus, she would pour out her heart to you. They are not scared or shy of public display of affection as it is a way of showing off their man and the love for that man. Once these beautiful women get into a relationship, they are super proud of their partner and would want to show him off.

Online Dating

Dating in Antwerp can be a bit tricky due to not knowing if you have a solid connection, so your best bet is to sign up for a dating site before you venture to the night club or bar, so you can meet a few locals ahead of time. lets you meet local members in Antwerp and get to know them on a personal basis before you meet in person. Take advantage of site features like live chat and member to member webcams so you can begin flirting before arranging a face-to-face meeting.


Looking at general statistics so far, Antwerp women tend to get married early as it is the general custom of Belgian women. This counts as a reason for why they do not jump into relationships soon. Though they are deliberate about entering a relationship as anyone else, but they would only get into a relationship with the one whom they deem worthy and accept that they can spend a lifetime with.

To this end, they are trained from an early age on how to handle a home, thus, making it rare to find an Antwerp woman who cannot be considered as ‘wife material’. Antwerp women always envision a soothing serene setting when it concerns relationships and marriages. They are always on the lookout for ways to make their relationships or marriages extremely amazing. These women are well mannered as they do not want to be the reason why their relationship or marriage failed. Having an Antwerp woman as a partner is like having a treasure and they should be treated with care.

When you treat an Antwerp woman with care, you are going to receive that care back in multiple folds. In as much as they are trained at an early age on how to handle a home, they also do not neglect their education. A typical Antwerp woman has the vision to be financially independent and not be dependent on any man. They wish to be able to foot bills if and when the need arises. These women are the definition of strong. Fashion wise, Antwerp women can be graded as average. They believe they have more they can channel their mind and energy into rather than focusing on fashion. They dress to look good but do not go over the top about it.

They say the way to man’s heart is through his stomach but is this really limited to only men? Women here are a huge lover of food, and one amazing thing is they are amazing cooks too and can make amazing delicacies due to their love for food. The physical appearance of these women leave men craving to have sex with them. A good number of them are on the skinny side with perky boobs. However, one amazing thing about most Antwerp women is that they have the perfect ass shape. Their ass is jiggly which makes them 10x attractive. These women are the perfect definition of beauty on humans.

The local girls of Antwerp know how to have a good time. They are seen partying at The Villa club in this picture

Belgian Girls (age 18 - 29)

Generally speaking, society sees women in this age range as people who are prepping for marriage. The Antwerp women who are age 18 – 29 years old do not fall far from this, but there is something more to them. These women have so much energy and are focused on making the best out of whatever they venture into. This is the age where these women like to get involved in so many things so that they can be established. They do not wish to be a burden to their husbands when married, hence, they strive hard. There is not immense pressure on them to get married and that is why they are career driven. They openly date and are very adventurous. The younger they are the more open they are to try new things especially in bed. They are young so not looking for something too serious at this point which makes them the ideal age for casual dating.

These women are extremely beautiful with a striking sexual aura to them. Unlike what society thinks of young women in this age range, their minds are not solely focused on fun although they know how to have their own fun from time to time. These women are interesting beings to understudy as you get to learn something new from them each day. At this age they are already open and accepting to the idea of marriage but go with the course of nature.

It is safe to say that these women are courteous as they know that they are sexy with banging bodies, but do not flaunt these bodies. As a tourist, these are the type of women you are bound to encounter more as they are not married and have adequate free time to spare. However, their free time is dependent on if they deem you worth it. Amongst all the age grades, it is easier to have sex with these women. They are more open-minded and have the youthful exorbitance in them. If you play your cards right, you would have them in your bed in no time.

Belgian Women (age 30 - 45)

As a tourist in Antwerp, you would surely be stunned by how delectable and appealing these women are. It is almost as if the Antwerp women never age as they cause heads to turn back no matter their age. This age classification of women in Antwerp are usually married as early age marriage is encouraged in the Belgian culture.

For those who are not married at this age, they are aiming for serious relationships hence, they do not have time to play games. The single Antwerp women in this age range are usually serious-minded with a naughty side to them, and it takes great expertise to be able to unlock this naughtiness in them. They are not easily swayed by wealth or money as a good number of them are already established at this age. Impressing them at this point does not require anything extravagant, but extreme thoughtfulness.

Getting these women to agree for casual sex is going to prove more difficult than you think as they are at the point where they crave to have a family, not doing one-night stands or casual relationships. Even if they agree, sex with them is not that epic as they are monotonous. You can use only simple date ideas on an Antwerp woman of this age range include inviting her for walks or hang out in a book store. While on this, engage her in intellectual conversations that would get her to open up more about herself to you. These women love surprises as they appreciate the efforts put in by the guy. On dates, they often offer to split the bills. It is left to you as a guy to play your cards well and swoop her away.

At this age, they have a certain fantasy in their head and tend to push you away unknowingly if you do not fit the image of their fantasy. These are women who you would be proud to have as a partner as they have a perfect blend of beauty and brains. If you think the younger Antwerp women are uptight, then you are in for a ride with Antwerp women of this age range as they are a tad bit worse, but can be loosen up with you if they sense that you are the right person for them. It is all in your hands to play your cards right.

Belgian Ladies (age 45+)

Women aged 45+ are the rarest type of single ladies you can find in Antwerp. For a woman in this age range not to be married in Antwerp, it is most probably a personal decision she made as she most likely wants to enjoy the best out of her life without any restrictions like having a husband or having a child. Also, these women most likely do not lack anything, and this makes it hard trying to pinpoint the best approach that would be suitable in trying to woo such a lady.

However, keep in mind that there are diverse ways to crack a hard nut, and your determination is all that matters. These women are usually bossy and difficult which explains why they are not married, as they do not want to be answerable to any man. There is a certain amazing plot twist that comes to play with these women. It is easier for them to get you in their beds, than you getting them in your bed. Yes, you read that right! Although being older, their sexual appeal is irresistible.

To them, no one is worth their time, so they would rather set the pace. One shocking thing about these women is that they are highly seductive. Knowing that they look fit and attractive, they find it very easy to flaunt their bodies, and have no issue leaving men longing for them. Amongst the various women in Antwerp, women aged 45+ are the biggest tease. There is never any dull moment with them, as they wish to do what they did not do in their early days now.

Never approach them having the mindset that you can control them as it would be an epic fail. They are open to having casual relationships as they feel they are above falling in love and just want to have fun. However, if these are the kind of women you desire, you need to be extremely charming and resonate with all of her being. Ensure that you captivate her whenever you keep her company, which leaves her craving for you in your absence. In no time, you would have her falling for you also.

Foreign Girls (tourists, expats, students, etc.)

You will find a lot of women from foreign countries in Antwerp who work in the fashion industry, as well as many students in universities. You will find a lot of fellow tourists as well who are there for a short and fun time so hooking up with them and getting laid will be easy. The best way to come across these girls is to join online dating websites or apps and hit all the famous tourist spots. You can also hang around the universities or the nightclubs and pubs around them. They are less rigid and more fun in general and since they are in a foreign land, they are very experimental.


You are surely going to meet a lot of girls in Antwerp, and with such beautiful bodies that give off the sexual aura, you would crave having sex with at least one of them.

Sex with an Antwerp woman is a crazy experience. Remember how these women tend to have personalities that seem conservative? They are not in any way conservative when it comes to sex! These women are adventurous and love to explore; you would have a beautiful sexual experience with them

If there is going to be rating on the age-grade you can have the best sexual experience with, it is going to be a tie between women aged 18 – 29, and women aged 45+. This is not to sideline those aged 30 – 45 years old, but they are not as crazy as the others when it comes to sex.

When an Antwerp lady aged 18 – 29 agrees to sex with you, get ready to go for many rounds, as their energy is indescribable. Due to their youthful nature, they would come off as shy for the first few minutes as they try to ease themselves. After that, there is little or no difference between them and porn actors. They are open to trying out different new things during sex and aim to please you as they do not want it said that they could not effectively please a man during sex.

Women aged 30-45 years old, they are shyer than the rest. For the single ones, they feel overly conscious and this restricts them from giving everything during sex. For those who are married, they feel there is a lot on them such as children and general home family matters and do not please their partners well sexually. To them, they have passed their youth age and should concentrate on more than sex.

You are in for a surprise as it concerns 45+ aged women in Antwerp. These women tend to be the freakiest of them all especially the single ones. They are open to trying out a whole lot of new things during sex, however, their main goal is not to satisfy the man as they aim to satisfy themselves before placing focus on the man. These are women who love to take charge and dominate during sex. Do you have a fantasy of being dominated sexually by a woman? Take a trip to Antwerp and have sex with a 45+ lady.

Sex Culture

The sex culture in Antwerp and Belgium as a whole is one that can be considered normal. They do not see sex as a sin or make a big deal out of it. For the Antwerp culture generally, sex is not a big deal.

Being that the ladies are prepared at an early age for marriage, they get full sexual education even as little kids. There are some cultures where it is frowned upon to even mention the word sex, but in Antwerp, they want their women to be fully prepared and aware of what they are getting into. Imagine a woman blindly going into marriage without any knowledge of what sex entails? Scenarios like this are what the people of Antwerp want to avoid hence the early sex education and to avoid teenage pregnancies because they know girls and boys get sexually active pretty early in their lives so it is to avoid that.

In Antwerp, they are open-minded and there are no jesting or side talks when they see people of the opposite gender together. This is encouraged as they believe in courtship before marriage. They believe that there has to be a bond before marriage, so they love it when they see people of the opposite gender mingling together.

The females themselves are never shy to talk about sex with the opposite gender. They see it as an interesting topic to have with the opposite gender, and they gladly indulge in it. These females love such conversations as before they can consider you, they need to be sure that you both are sexually compatible. This ideology of theirs does not in any way make them ‘loose’ as some societies and cultures might think about ladies who freely talk about sex.

One-Night Stands

Thinking of having a one-night stand with an Antwerp lady? There are many chances of that happening. As being mentioned continuously, your charms and wits are what would help you when it comes to an Antwerp lady. These ladies are usually daring and courageous and have no issue with going wild and having a one-night stand. However, there is a certain percentage of these women who love to tease men only.

There is another percentage of the women who prefer having one-night stands than getting into an actual relationship as they feel relationships would distract them. With the understanding that everyone has sexual needs, they prefer to use one-night stands as a channel or outlet to relieve their sexual needs. Another percentage of Antwerp women houses women who have certain personal values. To these women, there are not against sex, but they would rather have sex with their husbands and not engage in one-night stands. Some of them feel they would catch feelings from the one-night stand and would rather avoid such a situation.

Antwerp is blessed with diverse women and it all depends on the classification the woman of your choice falls under. As a city, no one cares about the affairs any person engages in as it concerns their sexual life, and they believe that as an adult, you are wise and in the best to make decisions for yourself. One-nights stands happen in Antwerp, and you would have a field day if you fall on the right side of the coin.

Best Places to Meet Single Girls

With all knowledge that has been given about Antwerp women, the question that would be in your head and heart now must be places where you can easily meet and link up with single girls in Antwerp. Obviously, as a tourist in a country, you are going to encounter ladies all over; even on the streets. However, there are some strategic places where you should go to meet girls.

You would be going on an endless goose hunt if you decide to walk the city and just stop any random lady you encounter. Would you be able to cover the full city? What if the lady isn’t single? You need to take cautionary steps if you want to have a smooth quest.

Below is a list of places where you can easily meet single girls. It would be easy because ladies in relationships would not go to such places alone, so when you see a lady without a partner, you can be sure that the coast is clear and you the ball is in your court to play right.

Also, these are open places which give an easing atmosphere. Such settings are better to approach ladies as you can be sure that they would not be overly uptight in these places. Without any waste of time, the best places to meet single ladies in Antwerp are:

Bars, Pubs and Nightclubs

The bars and night clubs are places where single ladies hang out to relieve themselves of the day’s stress. Sometimes they hang out as a group which consists of other single ladies, while other times, they would be alone. Approaching a lady at such a place is right because at this place, she wants to be free and her walls are down. Why not walk up to her, get her a drink and strike up a conversation? Quick hint: Ensure you make her smile and laugh heartily.

Some of the top night bars and night clubs are:

  • Jones & Co: This bar is a perfect location as it is a cocktail bar with a serene environment. Amongst the numerous reasons for its patronage, is its affordability. This is a place where people relax while being calm that their bank accounts would not crumble. Cocktails usually have people in high spirits, so talking to a single lady here would be hassle-free. They are usually open from 4.30 pm – 1 am. There is a certain class attached to this bar, and there is a 90% impossibility chance of you being able to meet a lady here and get her in your bed that same day. It is a gradual step process with the places you would meet at Jones & Co.
  • Café Kulminator: Although this place closes quite early as they are open from 11 am – 6 pm, they serve as one of the best beer places in Antwerp and a good spot to have a dialogue with any lady. Dialogue with a lady here would not really have much progress that night as the café closes by 6 pm which is quite early. It would be best for you to strike up a dialogue that would highly interest her, then invite her to follow you somewhere else so you can continue with the conversation.
  • De Muze: Sometimes open till 3 am, this pub is one of the best in the city of Antwerp. At De Muze, there is an overflowing of happiness which makes interaction easy. You are sure to see a lady that catches your attention at De Muze. Latest night shanghaies at this place is inevitable. You might be lucky enough to get her agreeing to sex with you that night. There is usually a certain spice in the air once it’s past midnight.
  • The Villa: This is a popular disco club, although it is temporarily closed for now due to the ongoing pandemic. You are assured of extra fun in this place, making a reason why the ladies love it. This place is usually filled with energetic ladies who want to have fun and it would be in your best interest to utilize it. Why not initiate trying to have a dance off with her? This would produce a cheeky smile or laugh from her, and you both would surely have a nice time.
  • La Rocca: This is another disco club, and the best day to go to this club is on Friday. Ladies? You would see an overflow of gorgeous ladies at La Rocca on Fridays. This disco club plays host to ladies of all shapes and sizes, and it is left to you to pick a choice. You might also get lucky to score a one-night stand with any of them.
  • Roxy: This club is usually open from 11 pm – 5 am. The booze alone is enough to get you excited. The ladies are usually in their best mood at Roxy. The ladies at Roxy tend to be on their freaky sexual behavior, and would get you one of the greatest tease of your life at Roxy club. Your eyes would be adequately fed, and it is left to how you play your cards right to get your dick fed also.
  • Ikon: The nightlife at the Ikon club is usually so bubbly that no one wants to miss out on it. You should find yourself there, enjoy the fun, and win a lady for yourself! This club presents itself as the perfect place where you can catch your cruise.
  • Club Vagg: This club gives off a friendly aura, which attracts people especially ladies to this club. Its happy setting paves way for proper interaction which could secure you a relationship with your dream lady.
  • The Kinkys: From the name, you should know that this is a club where you can let loose of your freaky side. It is a perfect place to meet single women and even get a one-night stand. It is not out of place to see people having sex in the club itself. Activities there are as kinky as you can imagine.
  • Dogma Cocktails: Cocktails never tasted so refreshing if you’ve never had cocktails at Dogma! They are good at what they do.
Party at Ikon Club

Shopping Malls

In case you do not know, ladies see shopping as therapeutic and would not pass up an opportunity to shop! The shopping mall thus proves itself as one of the best places to find single ladies. Likewise bars and nightclubs, you can find ladies on their own or with their friends. Shopping helps take their mind away from normal life stress. The best to approach a lady at the shopping mall is either by offering to pay her bills or be her second eye. Yes, ladies, including Antwerp ladies love when they can get opinions from others while they shop.

Here are some shopping malls in Antwerp where you can find single ladies

  • Grand Bazar Antwerp
  • Meir Antwerpen
Meir Antwerpen
  • Stadsfeestzaal
  • Wijnegem
  • Century Center
  • De Nieuwe Gaanderji
  • Shopping center De Kern
  • Autostad


Obviously, you cannot achieve meeting single women if you are coped up indoors. Take a walk outside, take a stroll to the park or something. Antwerp is blessed with a wonderful serene environment which calms the nerves. This is really helpful in case you get anxiety to talk to any lady. You can explore the various Museums in Antwerp as this city has a whole lot ranging from fashion to art and much more.

It is better going for these walks in the evenings as this is the best time you would see more ladies, and the atmosphere is just right to strike up a conversation

The setting of the malls and streets are homey and this brings attention to it. The casual feel of these places sets the mood right and gives you a high percentage to score points with the ladies. Do not forget to pay these places a visit as a tourist in Antwerp.

Universities and Colleges

Institutions of learning also turn out to be the perfect places to meet single ladies in Antwerp, and luckily for you as a tourist, Antwerp has a good number of these. You could decide to take a tour to each like you want to make an enquiry, and you would surely meet a woman of your dreams.

Some of these institutions are:

  • Institute of Tropical Medicine Antwerp
  • University of Antwerp
University of Antwerp
  • Royal Conservatoire Antwerp
  • Flanders Business School


Are you aiming to start a relationship with an Antwerp lady? Have no fears as these ladies value their relationship, thus, they are extremely committed. They are loving and you would never encounter any dull moment in the relationship as they always come up with ways to ensure that you both have fun.

They make the best partners as they are highly vested in beauty, brains, and even in the field of cooking. With them, you are assured that you are well represented in the public sphere. They do not condone cheating from their men, so if you know you are not ready to settle down, do not get into a relationship with an Antwerp lady.

Holiday Romance

As a tourist in Antwerp, it could be that you are in the city for some holiday romance. Yes, there are locals who crave for this with a tourist. For this to successfully happen, you both need to set things straight that it is just holiday romance with no feeling or strings attached. Components of holiday romance are companionship, sex, good time and some other extras which might follow. Scoring a local to have holiday romance with is going to make your holiday more epic. Do not dull on this, get searching now for your holiday romance partner!

Tips for Successful Relationship

Want to maintain a successful relationship with an Antwerp lady? Here are some tips to follow:

Define the relationship: Knowing that these ladies are not people to play games, do well to define the relationship. Let her know your aims for the relationship. Do you want a casual or serious relationship? Let her know what she is getting into, so she can decide if she is comfortable with it. Do not play games with an Antwerp lady.

Do not be overwhelming: Yes, you love her and have deep feelings for her, but that does not mean your feeling should off too strongly. Do not be someone who tries to limit her from her normal life because you confessed feelings for her. Do well to remember that she had a life before meeting you.

Put in Effort: Remember how you put in the effort to get the lady? The same effort should be reciprocated in the relationship! Do not feel because you’ve gotten the lady, you should slack in the effort you should put in the relationship. Ladies appreciate the effort a whole lot. This leads to a successful relationship.


Love is such a beautiful thing, and the people of Antwerp are supportive when it comes to love. Majority of its people understand what it means by boundaries, and you would rarely have encounter with another guy trying to take your woman away from you.

When an Antwerp woman loves you, she is ready to give you her all. She is ready to make a whole lot of sacrifices for you and this is something you should not take for granted.

Antwerp as a city has love spots for couples which includes all the place aforementioned, and the people are always ready to be your cheerleaders whenever the need arises.

How to Make Sure She Is the One

You’ve seen a lady you are attracted to? How do you know if she’s the right person for you especially as a tourist? If she makes you smile even in her absence, then that’s a tick in the right direction. If you feel a sense of overwhelming peace when you think of her, it is also a tick in her right direction that she is the right one for you. If you notice from interactions that both of you share the same goals, what are you waiting for? She is the right one for you!

Does she love you? Does she value and respect you? If the answer is yes, it means she is the right woman for you. You may feel it weird finding love in another country as a tourist, but remember that love cannot be predicted and you find it when you least imagine! Do not let anything hold you back once you notice she ticks green to all your fantasies on the qualities your dream woman should possess.


As is the tradition with Belgium where Antwerp is located, one of the couple has to be a Belgian citizen or been a resident in the country for at least three months before marriage can be conducted. The peak wedding season in Belgium is usually from May to September. You might want to plan yours to fit into that calendar, or you might want to be different. Civil marriages are what is legally recognized in Belgium.


Religious Ceremony- It is the choice of the couple to decide if they want to have a religious wedding ceremony or not, however, it is not compulsory. For couples who decide to have it, they pay a certain amount of money to the church for it to be conducted. After that, there is usually a wedding reception where friends and family come together to make merry in celebration of their love. Adequate food, good music, smiles, joy, and happiness is basically what consists of the wedding reception. It also provides an opportunity for the couple to take pictures to frame the memory.

Family Life

Family Life in Antwerp can be really amazing. You get to show off your partner and have people gushing over you both. You both get to live together without any interference, and when you give birth to children, you are assured that your children are going to grow up in a serene and historic environment. Antwerp is an amazing city where loads of memories can be made. Do not go to Antwerp with the mindset that you would easily entice the women and have them tripping for you because you would be highly disappointed and be the one tripping instead.

Antwerp women are to be approached gently and delicately when it comes to dating. Do not come off as too strong or you would push them away. These are women who love to have a mind of their own and would effectively scrutinize you before they decide to enter into a relationship with you.

Despite being women who give off the strong aura, the Antwerp women are equally friendly especially when you approach them with positive energy. They appreciate a man who has a charming personality and can hold a conversation. The Antwerp men are not out to swindle any man as what they desire is honesty and transparency.

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