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Guide for dating in Anguilla helps you to meet the best girls. This dating guide gives you tips how to date Anguillan women. You will learn rules where and how to flirt with local Anguillan girls. We advise how to move from casual dating to the relationship and find the real love. We also tell the best dating sites in Anguilla. In this article below you will find more information where to meet and date girls in Anguilla, Caribbean, North America.

Hot girls of Anguilla at the Cigar cafe

Girls in Anguilla:

  • Looks of girls: 3.5 / 5
  • Attitude of girls: 3.5 / 5
  • Loyalty of girls: 4 / 5
  • Education level of girls: 3 / 5

Dating in Anguilla:

  • Chance of arranging dates: 3 / 5
  • Casual dating culture: 3 / 5
  • Online dating popularity: 3 / 5

Sex in Anguilla:

  • Women's sexual activity: 3.5 / 5
  • One-night stands: 3.5 / 5

More about Anguilla:

  • Nightlife in general: 3.5 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 3 / 5
  • Budget per day: US$15 - $450
  • Accommodation: US$10 - $300


In the Caribbeans, you would notice the existence of many islands, with beautiful beaches and interesting history. One of the more notable ones that are worth mentioning is Anguilla, an island territory among the Leeward Islands. Specifically, this territory is present on its northernmost part, and it includes some smaller islands within its region.

Owing to its gorgeous landscape and historic value, many people from around the world decide to stop over there. When you give it a visit, you would notice the gorgeous view of the Caribbean Sea and even more attractive ladies. And their warm personality and beautiful visage would definitely make you want to stay for longer.

The Anguillan women have a strong character with a soft side, and most of them are open to making new friendships. However, to turn this friendship toward the romantic direction, you need to notice some particular factors. If you want to make a perfect impression on these ladies, it is better you know about the dating culture first.

Dating Culture

Usually, the culture in the territory of Anguilla is comparatively inclusive of the different groups living in the region. Yet, this area being under the control of British autonomy and also its presence in the Caribbeans are the most major influences. The society here, thus, functions with the relaxed soul of the Caribbean and the classy demeanor of the British.

A touch of that is visible in their behaviorism, especially in the matter of dating, which is both fun and serious. The locals of this land are not very interested in casual relationships; for them, love and family are vastly important. However, there are some who do enjoy the occasional dalliance, especially with the tourists that visit the land.

Aside from the local population, there are many foreign options too who visit this region temporarily or decide to stay. They are into dating as well, and you can go up to them and get to know them better. Some are even into the lust-only mindset and they would agree to a more sexually-active involvement.

Therefore, in the matter of relationships, you would have a good experience with the women in this region. It will take time to gain their trust and friendship, and you should focus on that beforehand. Whichever version of a relationship that you are more interested in, you should stay honest about it from the get-go.

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Online Dating

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Usually, there is a lot of variety among the people living in Anguilla, in their personality, lifestyle, and ethnicity. Most of the people in this territory have African heritage, and their dark features are highly attractive. And if you want some variety, you would meet many attractive locals and foreigners from other nationalities at this place too.

Personality-wise, these women are the best of both worlds; they have a relaxed attitude but they are serious about their goals. A lot of the economic development at Anguilla is at the hand of the females of this island nation. They take an active part in their culture as well as professional lives and try to make their lifestyle better.

These women have a strong sense of identity too, and they live in good harmony with their male partners. Most of them continue with their work-life even after walking down the aisle, though some take time off or completely resign. Nonetheless, the number of ladies who stay active in their professions are more.

They are lovely people who enjoy their passions and adore their close acquaintances and generally do not regret their life choices. There are many tourists and Caucasian locals too, and these females live according to their own customs. Either way though, all the women try to stay happy with whatever they accomplish, and have fun as well.

Anguillan Girls (age 18 - 29)

When you travel to Anguilla and have to choose a girl according to their age, most people gravitate toward the youthful ones. Indeed, that is definitely the group you would have the most fun interacting with and possibly dating down the line. These young girls, specifically in their early twenties, like to have exciting and new experiences.

Although that is true, they do not give up on their personal ambitions and family values either. These girls are passionate about doing good, and they give equal importance to all their duties. As for who they end up dating, most girls are not choosy. Though, in maximum cases, the locals prefer to stay within the same ethnicity or background.

Yet, you would meet many of the younger ladies who are open to experimenting and you can convince them to hang out with you. Not all of them are looking to get married early but many do so in their late twenties. Thus, you would notice that in the way that they date and how they choose their partners.

Either way, it is important that you are clear with them from the beginning where your interest lies. In case you do not want to commit, say so. They would appreciate the straightforwardness and would respect you more.

Anguillan Women (age 30 - 45)

When a woman steps into their thirties, most showcase a higher interest in settling down. Thus, the middle-aged locals you would meet in Anguilla are mostly interested in more solid and grounded relationships. If that is on your mind as well, you would get along with most of them handsomely.

Of course, the single pool would reduce in this age group, granted a lot of these ladies are already married. But the ones who are single do give finding someone an earnest try, and also want to have fun. As for the sexual aspect, though, that depends from person to person, and not everyone is up for it.

Thus, when you are dating someone from this age group, or want to, you would have a tougher time finding a suitable candidate. When you do talk to someone who is single and you are interested in them, speak properly. These ladies would like learning more about you and they desire companionship. And if they feel comfortable with you, they would consider the likelihood of romance.

Anguillan Ladies (age 45+)

The mature Anguillan ladies living in the territory of Anguilla are generally already married. This is why they are not very into trying out for more, given the number of responsibilities they have. Not to mention, these women are very loyal too and do not like to give in to temptation.

While this true, it is also accurate to say that many of the women in this society do like the freer atmosphere. Therefore, some who choose to stay single at 45 years of age or have lost their partner do want another go. They want to experience their youth again and a few of these ladies do so via dating. Therefore, you may get the chance to meet someone in the maturer age range and come away lucky.

Yet, the amount of options is not very high in this age group either, and many would not enjoy you trying to flirt with them. If you want to make a great impression, do so through your conversation and attentive personality. The first step is gaining their time and friendship, and if there is a spark there, your chances are good.

Foreign Girls (tourists, expats, students, etc.)

First and foremost, Anguilla is one of the most liked and visited islands and holiday spots in the Leeward Islands. With its cultural history, warm climate, peaceful beaches, and great people, that is only inevitable. Thus, there is a good chance that you would meet many other foreigners who are equally curious about this land.

Especially if you are not looking for a stable commitment either, you would match on that better with the tourists. They, too, have to return to their homelands eventually and they are mostly looking for a fun partner. Unlike most locals, who would have a commitment-related expectation, these women are a more refreshing alternative.

On a similar note, they would also enjoy exploring the areas with you, and you can share the new experiences together. If you meet someone from your homeland among the tourists, you can relate to them better culturally too. This would not work out well with the local options, and you would notice many differences of opinions.

Comparatively, the foreign girls would understand your point of view better, regarding life, romance and hooking up. Thus, if you do not want a relationship at all, but do crave intimacy, most foreigners would understand the distinction well.


Indeed, there are some local girls in Anguilla who would agree to sexual encounters, but most want a relationship first. Not to mention, some families are very old-fashioned and strictly follow their religious and familial values. Many people oppose sex without marrying first, and they would not change their minds. There are some others, though, who would agree to it as well.

Sex Culture

The sex culture in this territory in the Caribbeans is not completely removed; many individual enjoy their fun time. In fact, a lot of that is because Anguilla is a popular travel destination, and many tourists dip into their cravings. Not to mention, there are many couples, married and otherwise, who treat this island region as a honeymoon vacation spot. They, too, are a willing contributor to the overall sex culture in Anguilla, albeit in private.

One-Night Stands

With so many tourists traveling to this region, and many from Western countries like Britain, the possibility of one-night stands is there. This is more popular among the younger generations though while most locals are not up for it. The best options for you to look towards, with whom you might have better luck in this, are the fellow tourists.

Best Places to Meet Single Girls

Without a doubt, the territory of Anguilla is full of gorgeous beauties, of both landscape and female variety. Thus, it is only obvious that the two would be interconnected to some extent. To put it simply, if you are looking to get together with a beautiful lady in Anguilla, the more popular locations would have more girls.

Also, it is important to notice where you meet them too, as that would give you an idea of how to break the ice. For example, if you come across someone at the Anguilla Summer Festival that occurs yearly, you can talk about that. Also, there are many historic areas in this city as well, where history buffs flock to.

Many of the local, as well as international ladies, are fascinated with such areas and they visit accordingly. You can then go up to them and start a discussion on what the place is about and what you are learning. In fact, even having mundane and flirty conversations at the beach is a good icebreaker.

Overall, there are some basic spots where you would get to meet most of the single ladies. And depending on where you see them and how they react to your approach, you can put on your charm.

Bars, Pubs and Nightclubs

Anguilla, being a top favorite for many tourists does have many nightclubs and bars on its soil. And the British influence also ensures interesting pub areas. Therefore, you would have a good time exploring these destinations and having fun. The ladies here agree to the same, and you would enjoy partnering up together. Here are some options for you.

  • Bankie Banx Dunes Preserve: (Rendezvous Bay)- Easily one of the most popular bars in Anguilla, it is a favorite for many foreign and local girls.
  • Elvis Beach Bar (Sandy Ground)- Sit back, relax, and let the ambiance do the talking at this crowd favorite beach bar.
  • Sky Lounge (The Valley)- Enjoy the best of Anguillan drinks and hospitality at this exciting little spot.
  • Dads Beach Bar (Sandy Ground)- Look out toward the ocean and enjoy the cool breeze as you take in the gorgeous view of the ladies.
  • Coconuts Beach Bar (Rendezvous Bay)- This place is a favorite for many, and the drinks and captivating company may have a lot to do with that.
  • SandBar (Sandy Ground)- If you want to experience the best of Anguillan nightlife, give this area a chance.
  • Cigar Cafe (The Valley)- This lounge area is a perfect spot to hang out with friends, and chat with a beautiful girl.
  • Blanchards Restaurant and Bar (West End Village)- You would taste the best drinks and delicious Anguillan cuisine at this spot, for sure.
  • Sunset Lounge (West End Village)- Indeed, many local and foreign ladies are frequent visitors at this upscale spot, and you would enjoy it too.
  • Azure Beach Bar (The Valley)- Sit at the beachside, drinking your favorite concoction and talking to different girls.
Party at the Dad's bar in Anguilla

Shopping Malls

Shopping is not something that any woman takes too lightly, and the ladies here are not different. Thus, whether it is the ones who are working there or the ones who are visiting, you would notice many girls at these places. Not to mention, the people at this location enjoy the art and lifestyle too, as you would notice when you visit the many art galleries.

If you wish, you can go up to them and start a conversation naturally. However, do keep a note of how they reciprocate first before getting flirty. Here are some of the more popular shopping areas in Anguilla.

  • Anguilla Bijoux (Sandy Ground)
  • Cheddie Richardson Carving Studio (The Valley)
  • Savannah Gallery (The Valley)
  • Irie Life (South Hill)
  • Limin’ Boutique (West End Village)
  • Petal Boutique (West End Village)


Indeed, there is a lot to see and appreciate about the landscape of Anguilla, including the smaller surrounding islands. Blessed with good beach areas, natural salt ponds, sparse flora, and much more, this territory has many glowing reviews. Thus, with so much to see and do, you would come across several attractive girls in many areas. Here are some examples for you to go to.

  • Shoal Bay (Shoal Bay Village)
  • Sandy Island (a smaller island in the Anguilla territory)
  • Rendezvous Bay (Sandy Ground)
  • Shoal Bay Beach (Shoal Bay Village)
  • Maundays Bay (West End Village)

Universities and Colleges

Indeed, knowledge is something important for the Anguillan girls, and there are some educational institutions for that. These growing ladies like going to such areas, and developing a social life. Thus, you would see them near their colleges and universities, and you can approach them later. Due to the lack of more specialized training colleges, many locals go to other areas to pursue their education.

As for the universities in Anguilla, here are the main options.

  • University of the West Indies Open Campus (The Quarter)
  • Saint James School of Medicine (Park Ridge)


When it comes to the types of romance that you would witness in the region of Anguilla, committed ones are the most common. Many of the locals are very focused on their familial traditions and sentiments, and their religious values. This results in them having some traditional expectations of love, and that is commonly visible.

People get into relationships mostly with commitment and their future in mind, and marriage too. Plus, the society in itself is very calm and relaxed as well and so are most relationships among opposite sexes. Thus, you would notice a sense of partnership in relationships, no matter what the end-goal.

Of course, relationships of casual nature are not totally out of the norm in the social lifestyle of thd Anguillans. Some people find an intense interest in this and they do get together with those they fancy. As long as both individuals know and accept that they have no interest in long-term partnerships, things progress naturally. Usually, this factor is visible in romantic dalliances with tourists.

Holiday Romance

Without a doubt, commitment and stable love stories that end in happily ever after are possible in Anguilla. However, sometimes, people require and crave more temporary flings. And that comes in the form of holiday romances, which many people, foreigners and locals alike, find very attractive.

After all, such love stories do not have much drama involved, especially if both people engaging in it are clear about it from early on. Usually, those who are on a holiday do not see the point of dating for love or a future. In such a scenario, a fling with a beautiful lady is just the perfect circumstance that would add excitement to the trip.

If you are interested in such a relationship, you would not have the most success with the locals. While they understand and sometimes like a casual affair, most local ladies want something more heartfelt. Also, they are comparatively more formal in their interaction with the opposite sex, although they are nice. On the other hand, the tourists at the resorts are more into having a fun time and they would enjoy such romances.

Tips for Successful Relationship

To make sure that your relationships stand triumphant through thick and thin, you should work on the following.

  • Communicate - Indeed, everything will get better when you and your partner are on the same page. If you have any doubts and thoughts about something, share it with them. They would appreciate you and your company better when you have a more real connection.
  • Learn about their life - If you are not familiar with the Anguillan culture or history, you should learn more about it. Not to mention, understand more about their family life, and listen closely when they are speaking about it. When you pay attention to who they and what they have experienced, you would see them n their entirety. Not just the girl that you are dating. This will get you both closer together.
  • Spend time together - Truly, saying you are in love is okay, but sticking to it takes effort on both parts. Therefore, show it; take out the time from your life and spend it on her. Go on dates, or sit at home together doing nothing extravagant. Overall, focus on each other occasionally, even though you have busy schedules.


Love is an emotion that almost everyone takes highly into account, in almost every specter of their lives. It makes you feel more calm and stable; and with the right person, you can see your future too. In the territory of Anguilla, the women and men consider love as an important emotion and are very mature about it.

Regardless of their ethnicity, the people in Anguilla are very serious about the aspect of love and marriage. And the women have a very giving attitude, and they stand as a strong partner on their lover's side. For the Anguillan ladies, this is a sign of their commitment and they have a very protective nature overall. Owing to this, they act as the supportive shield for their loved ones, and also show an intense loyalty.

How to Make Sure She Is the One

Making a mistake in choosing a life partner will haunt you later, and result in many fights and complications. Thus, ask yourself the following questions first, and assess everything with an open mind.

  • Is she nice to your family? - While this factor is important to consider or family, also notice the same about your friends. Moreover, see how she behaves with your loved ones when you are not in the direct vicinity.
  • Does her love come with conditions? - To be specific, do you constantly feel like she has certain expectations from you? While hoping to see a loved one's progress is understandable, changing them to fit a mold is not. Thus, notice if her telling you to change falls more in the first category or the second.
  • Do you have similar goals? - Indeed, a future is never pre-written, but everyone does have some goals. Maybe it is about a career or maybe about your future. See if you both have the same thought in mind in what you desire and which you find more important. This is a very big deal when thinking about your future.


Without any doubt, marriage is a highly important step for a woman in Anguilla to take, and they consider it a pivotal role. Families are very intricately involved in the details, and the procedure too. While the factor of common-law partners was common in old times, weddings are given more importance now. In fact, the whole family and community rush to celebrate such auspicious ceremonies and they rejoice in the party deeply. A lot of documentation is necessary for both the civil and church-style weddings, including certification of baptism. Indeed, the religious background of the people plays a huge role in their wedding ceremonies and traditions are followed accordingly.


Usually, getting married in churches are more common among Anguillan couples, given that most locals are Protestants. Meanwhile, many others are Roman Catholics. Every community follows the customs of their forefathers, although some may opt for a more modern celebration.

Anguilla is such a beautiful area with beaches and resorts; and thus, many people choose to get married at such locations. Whether you want a more easy-going modern extravaganza or a subdued traditional affair, the family members and wedding planners would help out a lot.

The top resorts where you can get married in Anguilla include the following spots.

  • Frangipani Resort (West End Village)
  • Four Seasons Resort and Residence (West End Village)
  • CéBlue (The Valley)
  • Carimar Beach Club (West End Village)
  • Malliouhana Auberge Resort (West End Village)
  • CuisinArt Golf Resort & Spa (Rendezvous Bay)

Family Life

Indeed, family life includes raising kids, and the Anguillan women take that duty seriously. However, they do not give up on their other commitments either, despite having a household to look after. Family life for these people is about equal expectations and responsibilities, and that is what creates a good and stable household. You would certainly like the life you make with these women if you choose to settle down in Anguilla.


Anguilla regions map.png


Of the many villages scattered across the island, these are of most interest to visitors:

  • The Valley - the capital and commercial center
  • Blowing Point - terminal for ferries from St. Martin
  • Island Harbour - home to small fishing fleet
  • Sandy Ground - bars and restaurants along beach

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