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Guide for dating in Alanya helps you to meet the best girls. This dating guide gives you tips how to date Turkish women. You will learn rules where and how to flirt with local Turkish girls. We advise how to move from casual dating to the relationship and find the real love. We also tell the best dating sites in Alanya. In this article below you will find more information where to meet and date girls in Alanya, Turkey.

Hot girls of Alanya at the Las Vegas Cafe Bar

Girls in Alanya:

  • Looks of girls: 4.5 / 5
  • Attitude of girls: 3.5 / 5
  • Loyalty of girls: 4.5 / 5
  • Education level of girls: 4 / 5

Dating in Alanya:

  • Chance of arranging dates: 3.5 / 5
  • Casual dating culture: 4 / 5
  • Online dating popularity: 4 / 5

Sex in Alanya:

  • Women's sexual activity: 4 / 5
  • One-night stands: 3 / 5

More about Alanya:

  • Nightlife in general: 4 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 3.5 / 5
  • Moving around the city: 3.5 / 5
  • Budget per day: US$50 - $740
  • Accommodation: US$60 - $540


Just like in every other city in the world, there are ways to attract Turkish girls. As a tourist, you need to learn about their culture, tradition, and way of life. This will enable you to know how to approach Turkish girls in Alanya. You also have to see where you can meet a lot of them. If you can figure out these things and play your cards right, you will get to date the most beautiful girls in Alanya. All you just have to do is carefully study everything discussed below.

Dating Culture

To date Turkish girls, you’ve to be yourself and do what works best for you. It is essential to be in a relationship with a girl you’re compatible with. This makes it easier to communicate, and there will be fewer conflicts. You’ve to understand the fact that there are no guidelines when it comes to Turkish girls in Alanya. Just like everywhere in the world, different girls require different things from their partners.

So it is left to you to study your partner and figure out what she wants. If you’re able to do this, you will surely have a long-lasting relationship. It might even lead to marriage if your parents are okay with your partner. One thing is common to all Alanya girls; they all require patience. That is, they don’t like people that jump to conclusions. Even when you have an issue with her, she expects you to discuss it thoroughly.

They are peaceful people. If you approach every issue with a fight, a typical Turkish girl won't waste time breaking up with you. Most Turkish girls also like it when their partner likes to know more about their culture. To her, it means you care about what she wants.

Sugar Dating

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Online Dating

Dating in Alanya can be a bit tricky due to not knowing if you have a solid connection, so your best bet is to sign up for a dating site before you venture to the night club or bar, so you can meet a few locals ahead of time. lets you meet local members in Alanya and get to know them on a personal basis before you meet in person. Take advantage of site features like live chat and member to member webcams so you can begin flirting before arranging a face-to-face meeting.

Webcam Dating

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Women in this city are gorgeous. No matter where you originate from, there will inevitably be someone you will like and be attracted to. Turkish girls are tall, slim, and they possess big buttocks and breasts. This does not hold true for every single one of them and some of them are very petite and slender as well. You will have a great variety of choice. As a tourist, you will meet a lot of well-endowed slim girls. In fact, if facial beauty is what you’re after, you are also going to meet one. There are also short girls; you just have to shine your eyes and search for the one you like.

It is a popular opinion that Turkish women fit the beauty standard almost everywhere in the world. Most of the women in Alanya also have good characters. If an Alanya girl loves you truly, she will be ready to share everything with you. She won’t keep secrets, and she will try to be loyal as much as possible. They have good characters because of their parental upbringing. Most of them were born in homes where both parents made sure they teach them the basic things they should know.

Young hotties at the Harry's Bar

Turkish Girls (age 18 - 29)

Turkish girls in this age category are the youngest when it comes to dating. As a tourist, if you are in your late 20s or early 30s, this is the age range you should be willing to pick your partner from. Turkish girls around this age are very sexy and sexually active. You should be fit and productive if you want to sleep with anyone of them.

Girls around age 18 won’t have much time for relationships as they are still trying to be admitted to college. They can also be first-year students. As a first-year student in Alanya, a typical Turkish girl, will always try to avoid relationships and focus on her education. As she moves higher every session, she will begin to think about starting a relationship with someone.

In rare cases, you will also find Turkish girls of this age who are not in school. As they grow into their late 20s, this is when Turkish girls are so desperate to have partners. As a tourist, it is easier for you to get these girls than the younger ones. Although they prefer dating natives, you still have a high chance as they don’t really have options to choose from.

Turkish Women (age 30 - 45)

In Alanya, a woman who isn’t married at 30 is considered late for marriage. You will surprisingly find out that women of this age are still much sexually active. On the other hand, Turkish women above 40 years must have married or been in several relationships. As you spend more time in Alanya, you will discover most of these women are already financially stable. So the ones that still look for relationships just want to get laid. In fact, there are a lot of young tourists that use this as a source of income. They sleep with old Turkish women and get paid in return. You will also find a Turkish woman of this age who is ready to remarry and settle down. All you’ve to do is connect with her and show her that you’re genuine. If she likes you, she might just marry you as soon as possible. Most of these women have given birth in the past, so you have to overlook somethings. One thing you benefit is that you’re not going to have any financial burden. Your partner will likely leave you to settle down and grow without collecting much from you

Turkish Ladies (age 45+)

Most Turkish ladies who are 45+ years have decided not to go into relationships anymore. This might be because of emotional pains or the loss of their partner. You will also find a good number of them happily married. The married ones are the ones the young generation looks up to. All women of this age are regarded as responsible women because society believes they must have been very faithful to their husbands.

There are a lot of women that were divorced because of infidelity to their partners. Most of them are found in the previous age groups. Although you will still find Turkish women of this age that wants to get laid, most of them don't engage in sexual activities anymore. There are also lots of single mothers around this age. These people really don’t crave for relationships anymore. They are just focused on bringing up their children in the best way possible.

Foreign Girls (tourists, expats, students, etc.)

In Alanya, you will have the chance to meet a lot of foreign girls. Luckily, you can even meet a girl from your home country. That means things are going to go fast between both of you as you will have the same culture and tradition. Girls from other places in the world are also in Alanya. People come there for a lot of reasons. Students are offered scholarships at Alanya universities. So you will meet a lot of international students.

There are also lots of tourist attractions where people from different countries visit during vacation. These are the things that made Alanya a city with a lot of foreign girls. All you have to do is dress well, look smart, and smell nice. You will get to meet and mingle with a lot of foreign girls in this beautiful city. Even if you are there for a short time, you will still meet girls that you can relate to.


To lay with a Turkish girl in this city, you will have to do a lot to win her heart. Girls here don’t have sex easily but this does not hold true for everyone. The ones from decent homes or middle class families will only sleep with people they trust completely. Girls who frequent nightclubs and especially those who belong to the elite class do not mind having casual sex since they do not think of it as a taboo or something that is to be ashamed of. The young girls are very good in bed. They have energy, and they can go many rounds. Since most of their girls are well endowed, you will be easily seduced with their looks.

As Turkish girls grow older, they tend to lose their sexual prowess. You will rarely see a Turkish girl in her late 30s getting laid for pleasure. It is either she’s doing it for procreation or just to satisfy a sex-starved husband. Therefore, if you are willing to get laid in Alanya, you should go for the young girls. Girls in the early 20s are the best bet. You won’t only have sex with them; you will enjoy it as much as you can.

It is essential to know that Turkish girls don’t like discussing sex. They are very conservative when it comes to sexual discussions. To avoid turning your partner off, everything about sex should only be in the bed. Since you’re trustworthy, your Turkish partner will give all of herself to you. That is how things go on in Alanya, and you can only try to adapt to the system.

Sex Culture

Only adults practice sexual activities in Alanya. Turkish parents bring their children up to avoid sex until they are mature enough. That is why you will rarely find a teenager having sex in Alanya. They try to avoid sexual relations until they graduate. Even after graduation, they only give their body to who they really trust. If you just start dating a Turkish girl, you should not expect her to get laid within a month.

She will reject your advances until she is very sure about you. They do that to make sure who they are dating is genuine. A lot of people enter relationships just because of sex nowadays. No one wants to fall prey to the hands of such people. Turkish parents and schools also educate the young ones on sex education. They learn the risks of unprotected sex.

In fact, Turkish schools go as far as teaching their students about sexually transmitted diseases. All these lessons are to avoid teenage sex. It is also important to know that rape is a severe offense in Alanya. They always ensure all rapists are prosecuted and set up to face the wrath of the law.

One-Night Stands

Recently, one-night-stands started gaining popularity among tourists in Alanya. It is the only option available to people that don’t want to engage in serious relationships. There are no strings attached in one-night stands.

To meet one-night stand partners, you need dating applications on your mobile device. You can use applications like Tinder platform where you can connect with native girls in Alanya. You can also meet girls for hookups in nightclubs. You need to know how to identify them properly. Walking up to a Turkish girl and asking for such a thing can be seen as sexual harassment. Take it slow and steady.

Best Places to Meet Single Girls

To get single girls in Alanya, you have to know the best places to meet them. You can just walk up to an Alanya girl anywhere. Some places set the mood for conversations to flow. Tourists who are looking for relationships visit such places often. It is essential to know the kind of girl you’re willing to meet determines where you should go to search.

If you just want to meet a random girl for hookups, then you can visit night clubs. As an international student, you will get to meet all kinds of girls in universities. Others can also meet girls at work. It depends mostly on where you work and the things you occupy yourself with.

That is because those are the places you go most of the time. If you really want to meet new single girls in Alanya, then you should schedule your weekend for outings. There are a lot of fun places you can go to meet them. Some of these places are discussed below

Bars, Pubs and Nightclubs

You will find a lot of tourists in night clubs. Clubs set the mood to meet and mingle with girls. Most Alanya clubs are always open so that you can go anytime you like. If you want to have the best club experience, then it is better to go on weekends. That is when most Turkish girls are free and ready for outings. You will find a lot of them moving in and out on Saturdays.

You just have to dress well and visit the club closest to you. There are lots of clubs in Alanya, so you will always find one in your street. You don’t have to dress too flashy, just put on simple clothes. Your style of dressing speaks a lot about you. So you have to apply that in this situation. If you want to appear like a perfect gentleman, then dress like one.

You can also dress like a playboy if that is the appearance that fits you. You don’t want your style speaking against you, so you have to stick to the style that fits you best. When you get there, just grab a drink and walk up to the girl you like. Offer her a drink and get started with the conversation. Bars and nightclubs that are worth going are listed below

  • Robin hood – The famous night club is on the bar street. The club consists of 3 sections where they play different genres of music. If you don’t really like Turkish music, you can go to the section where they play hip hop regularly. You will get to meet girls that have the same music taste as you.
  • Havana club – If you are a European tourist, you will find a lot of your colleagues here. They strictly play European music. You will get to meet girls from different parts of Europe. Language won’t be much of a barrier as you will communicate easily. Since you will likely have the same culture and tradition, you can even start building sexual chemistry from here.
  • Las Vegas Café & Bar – If you’re someone that likes drinking, you should definitely come here. They will expose you to a lot of strong drinks. You can even decide to go on a drinking competition if you have the energy. A lot of dance shows also go on here. If you see a girl you like, you can just ask her for a dance and get started from there.
  • Club summer garden – In this place, you can party throughout the night. You don’t even have to eat before coming. Just walk down there in a simple outfit and request for food. From pizza to burgers, all meals are available here. To talk with any girl, you can just offer to buy her food. If she accepts, you get to eat together and start discussing. They don’t close the club summer garden. So you have all the time to yourself. You shouldn’t go here and return without a Turkish girl.
  • Alanya sunset cruises – If you want a very romantic date, this place is the best for you. You are going to spend a lot, but it will be worth it in the long run. Foods such as barbeque and soft drinks will be provided to you as well. Your sail can last for as long as 4 hours. It depends on how much you enjoy it.
  • Illusion – In this place, a lot of popular DJs come to perform. As a result of that, you will get to meet girls from different cities in Alanya. In fact, you might just get the chance to watch your favorite Turkish artist perform live. After the end of the show, the dance session starts. The after-party will provide you enough time to meet and mingle with several girls.
  • Harry’s pub – This club is one of the oldest clubs in Alanya. You will get to party with popular and notorious people here. There is always a ticket fee you have to pay to gain entry
  • Papel – As a foreigner, they will even give you a chance to showcase your DJ skills here. There is a piece of standard DJ equipment available. All you just have to do is to play and mix songs. If people enjoy your performance, they can ask you to perform regularly. Through that, you will become more popular. Most importtantly, getting to meet new Alanya girls won’t be a big deal to you anymore.
  • Cello Turku Bar – If you are a very romantic guy, this is the perfect bar for you to go. You will have the chance to listen to very passionate performers. You will listen to a lot of songs that will make you get lost in your memories.
  • Queens garden bar – The sense of fun here is huge. From dances to drama, you will enjoy every second of your time here. A lot of Alanya locals also come here during weekends.
A crazy party at the the Havana Club

Shopping Malls

Recently, they now make shopping malls to consist of a lot of things. You can now find swimming pools, bars, restaurants, and even cinemas inside. Therefore, you can meet a Turkish girl and land her on a date within a few hours. It depends solely on you and how far you are willing to take things. For instance, Turkish girls see cheerfulness as a sign of love.

You can decide to introduce yourself to a girl by paying for what she purchased at the mall. That is a very good first impression that she isn’t going to forget easily. You can start the conversation from there and even exchange contacts. If she is not in a hurry, you can even ask her to grab a drink. Since there is a restaurant in the mall, she won’t find it stressful. Here is a list of Shopping malls that contains everything discussed above

  • Megamall AVM
  • Neva Outlet
  • Alanyum Mall
  • Konakll Time center
  • Ucak Teknik
  • MarkaMIX
  • Alanya Sebze Pazari
  • Alanya Nakliyat


You can meet Turkish girls in Alanya outdoors. Although Turkish girls are not open to this idea, you can still do it. You should understand that a lot of Turkish girls are very shy. They won’t like it if you approach them in front of everyone. It makes them feel a little bit scared and insecure. Therefore, you shouldn’t do it unless if you have no option. In a case where you see a girl you know you might not see again, you can go ahead.

Even though she won’t like it at first, you can always apologize to her later on. Places like beach and tourist attractions are the outdoor places where Alanya girls can discuss with you comfortably. For instance, you can start a conversation with a girl sitting alone on the beach. She will likely be single because couples love coming there together. If your conversation flows, you can decide to take things to the next level. That is, you are going to ask her out on a proper date.

Universities and Colleges

Meeting girls in higher institutions work best for international students. As an international student, you will get to meet a lot of girls in universities. In fact, you don’t have to waste time on anyone. There are a lot of girls who are always excited to meet foreigners. You just have to know how to play the game. Expenses on dates will reduce as there are alternatives. Since dates are to know each other better, you can avoid it since both of you live in the school.

You can meet your girl at any time of the day and discuss it with her. You can decide to date your level mate, coursemate, or even faculty mate. It depends on you and what your choices are. On the other hand, you won’t get to date students if you came to Alanya on tour. Their schools are always locked. In fact, only students with valid identification cards are allowed to enter school premises. Higher institutions with a high rate of international students in Alanya are:

  • Alanya Aladdin Keykubat University
  • Alanya HEP University
  • Alanya Hamd Emin Pasa University
  • Alanya Film Akademisi
  • Baskeny Universitesi Alanya Uygulama Ve Arastirma Mer
  • Hacikura loo
  • ENGair Tandem Paragliding Alanya
  • ALKU Cikcilli Yerleskesi


Maintaining relationships is far more difficult than starting one. With the presence of huge cultural diversity, things might even turn out to be worse. In the early stages of a relationship with an Alanya girl, everything will be going fine. They are very romantic, so you should be expecting a lot of gifts. As the relationship lasts, you will notice that the attention your partner gives you is reducing.

That is where most foreign guys and tourists lose it. They take it as something bad and react badly. As stated earlier, Turkish girls demand patience in everything. So a bad reaction can really change things between you and your partner. Instead of doing that, you can just approach her gently and discuss things. If she has a genuine reason for ignoring you, then you should try and understand.

If she doesn’t, then it might mean she has lost interest in you. Don’t try to force things, and the right girl will always come back. You should also be prepared for a lot of games and tricks when dating an Alanya girl. She will set traps and ask tricky questions just to be sure you are in love with her. All you just have to do is play along.

Holiday Romance

Rich men who are in Alanya for vacation are the ones that use this statement most times. If they go alone, they usually request for short term partners. This kind of relationship can’t really be defined. The only important thing to know about it is that feelings are not attached. These tourists just get native Alanya girls they can discuss and share things with for the main time. Tourists always ensure they pay women who offer these services. Some tourists also require women to do this because of the language barrier.

Most especially, tourists who are visiting Alanya for the first time. As you won’t find it easy to live in a place where you can’t converse with people, you can just decide to get someone that can interpret and explain everything to you. It is important to know that most holiday romance involves sex. In most cases, tourists pay for everything purchased by the two people during that period.

Tips for Successful Relationship

In Alanya, you can build successful relationships on two major things. These two major things are mutual trust and mutual respect. When there is mutual trust, your Alanya girl won’t feel the need to check your phone every time. She will believe you are loyal to her. To get your partner to trust you this much, you have to put in a lot of effort. Most especially with your actions, you have to show her that she is the only one that matters to you. You also have to cut ties with very close female friends. Women are very seductive, and you should be careful about staying with a woman alone. Most especially if you are in a relationship. Therefore, you shouldn’t sit or get too close to a female friend. Respect is also a huge factor when it comes to sustaining successful relationships. You need to respect your Turkish woman, even if you are older than her. Since both of you are in a relationship, age doesn’t count. To respect a Turkish woman, the right way, you need to know what she likes and values.


As a foreigner, it won’t be easy to find true love in Alanya. You have to patiently search if you are going to get the right partner. Parents bring up Turkish girls to like their natives naturally. That means getting a Turkish girl to fall in love with you has to be your effort. Since you are attracted to her, you have to make sure she is attracted to you too. Physical attraction works with the eyes.

The only thing that attracts a Turkish girl to you is her beauty. That is because you don’t really know her, so there’s very little you can say about her character. As you are attracted to her physically, she must be attracted to you physically too. To make this easier, you should always dress and smile nicely any time you are going to see her. Good body hygiene is very important. People usually say that your feet are what women look for the first time they see youu.

Therefore, you need to make sure your feet are very clean before stepping out. You can decide to wear simple and neat palm sandals. If you love rocking kicks, you can go for that too. When she’s physically attracted to you, then you can start working on other areas. Things will go easy after this stage, and positive results will come out in no time. It is very important to maintain that same level of hygiene as things progress between both of you.

How to Make Sure She Is the One

There are a lot of toxic relationships out there. In fact, some girls only go into relationships because you’re rich. Since most tourists are wealthy people, they don’t mind dating them. Love is missing in this kind of relationship, and that will affect it badly. There must be mutual love in any romantic relationship. If it is missing, then you should expect a very toxic relationship.

There will always be fights, disagreements, and misunderstandings. There are also a few important things you need to check out in your partner, Values like patience, loyalty, respect, love, trustworthiness, and Perseverance are very important in relationships. Although you will find a lot of Turkish girls with those values, a few of them are different.

It is important to know you should not recommend any girl without these qualities for marriage. Therefore, it is better to end your relationship with her as soon as possible. You should make this decision quickly to avoid too many attachments. When you meet a new Turkish girl, you should check for these values before taking things to a new level.


Marriage is a very important thing for every Turkish woman. They use it as bragging rights when arguing with their friends. In Alanya, marriage also signifies responsibility. You will only find married women in positions women occupy in Alanya. As a foreigner, you have to learn everything about their culture in the area of marriage. That is because you can’t do without it.

Since you are going to do your marriage in Alanya, then it must be to their taste. As marriage is a life-long thing, you should avoid running into it. Even though there are a lot of people that divorce nowadays, it is not a good thing to do. You must have dated your Turkish partner long enough to know almost everything about her. If you notice differences you cannot sort, it is better to end things there.

A failed relationship will always be miles better than a failed marriage. After seeing someone you are okay with in almost every aspect, you can take things to the next level. You can decide to propose to her. She will likely accept your proposal if the feelings between both of you are mutual. So if she rejects it, don’t take it as a bad thing. That is a sign that she is not the right one for you.

After a successful proposal, the next thing is to inform your parents about the marriage plan. Their decision matters a lot here. In fact, it determines if you can go on with the marriage or not. If your parents don’t agree with your relationship, you have to call it off. They brought you up, so they know the best decision for you to take.

Your girl’s parent will likely not agree with your union at first; this is because of the huge cultural diversity. Your partner has a lot to do to convince them that you’re the right man. At the end of everything, they will likely consider you. After that, you can now go on to the next thing and start to plan your wedding ceremony.


There are no many differences between how weddings take place in Alanya and the rest of the world. The same applies to turkey as a whole. All you just have to do is to plan according to your budget. Their culture also plays a very important role here. Since your wedding will be held in Alanya, you can only plan it their way.

To do this effectively, you can hire a Turkish wedding expert to teach you everything you need to know. The presence of both parents is also very important in Turkish weddings. They must be available to bless the union of their children. Lastly, dancing is a very important part of Turkish weddings. Therefore, it is important to know the dance steps beforehand. Your Turkish wedding experts will lecture you on all these things.

Family Life

Money is very important to live a good family life in Alanya. As a new couple, you would like to go for a honeymoon. The honeymoon phase is where you and your wife will start learning how to live together. As time goes, there will be changes to your family. Most especially when you start having children. Turkish girls are very good in home management. So you should be assured your children will be well taken care of properly. In Alanya, men are the leaders of the family. A significant part of this leadership is that you handle all the financial needs of the family. Your Turkish wife will be more of a supporter you can always trust. As your children grow old, you must teach them good values and morals. These few things will help them in growing essential relationships.

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