Guide for dating in Åre helps you to meet the best girls. This dating guide gives you tips how to date Swedish women. You will learn rules where and how to flirt with local Swedish girls. We advise how to move from casual dating to the relationship and find the real love. We also tell the best dating sites in Åre. In this article below you will find more information where to meet and date girls in Åre, Sweden.

Swedish women know how to have a good time

Girls in Åre:

  • Looks of girls: 3.5 / 5
  • Attitude of girls: 3.5 / 5
  • Loyalty of girls: 3.5 / 5
  • Education level of girls: 3.5 / 5

Dating in Åre:

  • Chance of arranging dates: 3.5 / 5
  • Casual dating culture: 3 / 5
  • Online dating popularity: 3 / 5

Sex in Åre:

  • Women's sexual activity: 3.5 / 5
  • One-night stands: 3.5 / 5

More about Åre:

  • Nightlife in general: 4 / 5
  • Locals' English level: 4 / 5
  • Moving around the city: 2.5 / 5
  • Budget per day: US$15 - $450
  • Accommodation: US$10 - $370


Resort regions hold a lot of attraction for people, especially from other parts of the world. Thus, it is no surprise that Åre in Sweden is a place where many people like to go for a holiday. In fact, those looking to settle in a place full of suitable amenities and a quiet environment also travel here. When you do so as well, you would like the many features that it possesses.

But the one thing that you would enjoy the most is meeting the many beautiful Swedish girls staying here. Although the population is not too high in this area, the people present are amicable and nice. However, when it comes to dating, you need to rely on more than just a charming hello, as the Swedish girls are not easy to please.

They take some time to open up their hearts, but when they do it is a beautiful sight. Yet, you do need to show them proper respect for their intelligence and presence and try to earn their trust. In this article, you would learn a lot more about the girls staying in Åre, to make your dating experience there easier.

Dating Culture

Certainly, the word 'dating' has different connotations in diverse regions and cultures, and in Sweden too this is distinctive. But it is more in the opposite direction; the practice of dating is basically non-existent. Instead, you can ask a Swedish girl out on a ‘Fika’, which means that you hang out as friends but not entirely.

Indeed, couples go out enjoying various activities, always ending the day with a hug. But neither of you are exclusive, although double-dating is not an option either. You would notice that the dating culture in Åre is quite liberal, with both you and your partner having equal standing.

Not to mention, you should approach the one you are interested in and do not show hesitation or overconfidence. Swedish women have an independent nature and are extremely smart too. Thus, they enjoy men who they can share their time and thoughts with comfortably and their romantic choices reflect that.

Sugar Dating

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Online Dating

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Webcam Dating

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Åre is comparatively a smaller region in Sweden, but this resort holds a lot of charm for outsiders. Indeed, the various activities that are possible throughout the years bring a lot to the crowd, and many of them are women. Not to mention, the local women are no less interesting or beautiful, and you would have many eligible females to choose from.

Without a doubt, Swedish ladies are not the demure type; they are very intelligent and do not hesitate to show it. Moreover, they have a thirst for doing better and staying prosperously, which is why many of these women pursue employment. Several even leave their homeland to seek higher education and other job opportunities.

These local ladies do not like to stray from their comfort though; they like to stay to themselves. However, do not mistake their silence for rudeness; these women are not social butterflies and like to spend their time with a select few. Yet, even though their introverted and serious personality is dominant, their fun side still lives through.

The Swedish ladies like to maintain a top-quality figure and stunning appearance, and the multitude of outdoor activities they enjoy helps with that. Most of the women you would meet in Åre have gorgeous facial features too, with fair skin, sky-like eyes, and long golden hair. Of course, you would find some dark-haired Swedish too, aside from the tourists from other nationalities. Therefore, in the matter of both looks and personality, you would not run out of options in Åre.

Swedish Girls (age 18 - 29)

Generally speaking, Swedish women concentrate greatly on their own growth and like to learn more about different topics. This thirst for knowledge starts from a young age, and thus, you would notice that within the 19-29 years age bracket. So, when you meet them in Åre, you would mostly find them having admirable priorities already.

Yet, these women are not all work and do know how to play; although with a selected group mostly. If you want to date them, you have to try integrating into their friends' circle but not overly so. Chances are that you would meet many beautiful ladies through mutual friends and if you both feel the attraction, you can spend time together. You should remember to show a respectable demeanor when you are in front of these women, and always preach honesty. Moreover, use confidence to gain entry into her heart and more; if you like her, approach her. After all, these younger ladies may make the first move too if they feel like it.

However, while success lies in how well your conversation goes, do give them distance if your effort fails. Even if they reject you, you should respect that and move on. Nothing attracts them more than a confident and equality-driven guy, and your attitude can turn the 'fail' into a 'pass' later.

Swedish Women (age 30 - 45)

The older women residing in Åre are more experienced and that holds a separate level of attraction. Especially the local Swedish ladies, who want to live a content and successful life and focus on it. Therefore, if you are looking for an attractive middle-aged woman to date, Åre has many. However, in the matter of their relationship status though, you would not have the highest luck.

Many of these ladies give prospering in their personal life a higher priority too, and date accordingly. In fact, many of them get into a relationship with their partner or have stayed in one for a long time. Indeed, the older Swedish women date for love and want to find someone they can share a connection with, not just their bed.

Thus, among the ones who are still single, if you find someone of your taste, do discuss what your future intentions are. Regardless of whether you want commitment or not, speak your answer honestly and do not keep anything hidden. These women would surely appreciate your confidence and honesty, and you can grow closer.

Swedish Ladies (age 45+)

While marriage is not the highest priority for Swedish couples, a family still is. Thus, the older Swedish ladies that you would meet would probably have families of their own. Not to mention, the ones around the late fifties and up might also have grandchildren, and they love them dearly. Owing to this, you would not find many unattached 45-year-old Swedish women in Åre, and this list shortens the higher you look.

The local ladies concentrate on staying their private lives and spending time with their families. So, they do not date much, although there are some who do consider it. Overall, how or how many mature ladies you meet to date in Åre depends on your luck or serendipity. They stay with their close group of friends chiefly, and thus, the most likely way to meet a single mature woman is if you have a mutual friend.

Nevertheless, how they respond to your interest depends from person to person, but you should not lose complete hope. You cannot simply ask them and expect that things would work out. These ladies would want to see how well you both match before committing to anything.

Foreign Girls (tourists, expats, students, etc.)

Definitely, in a resort, finding it full of tourists and other foreigners is not too uncommon. And you would get to meet many of them as you travel through the region. A good part about Åre is that there is always something to do throughout the year, which is a doubly attractive incentive.

While this region is essentially a ski resort area, the summertime is full of other outdoor opportunities like trekking, paragliding, white water rafting, etc. The foreign women enjoy these activities too, and you can share in your awe of this land together. Plus, they are very easy to get along with and bring an excitable attitude in dating that the Swedish ones do not. Plus, you can engage in different types of relationships with them, including that of casual intimacy.

While many of the locals are hard to impress using the regular flirting tactics, you would gel better with the foreign ones. Moreover, if you belong to a similar culture as well, that would make you feel comfortable in their company. Dating is a fun experience for many; and if you are not getting that with your Swedish choices, these tourists can substitute instead.


To put it simply, your experience having sex with the Swedish women in Åre is very situational. After all, they do not get into such relationships with just any stranger; most of them take some time for a buildup. However, Åre is a holiday region, which means you would also find many women who are not opposed to it either.

You need to focus on impressing the women you meet before you ask them for some sexy times. These women have an open mind to premarital sex and are actually very sexual in nature too. Nevertheless, a factor of trust and camaraderie is important for the chemistry to grow and you should focus on it. The rest, of course, is history.

Sex Culture

Since the people staying in this society for most of the year are essentially visitors, the sex culture is quite prevalent. After all, this is a major part of the social lifestyle and fun experiences that the tourists crave. So, they are more open to it and actually pursue it with other attractive people they meet.

Of course, the locals themselves are no different and they do engage in their carnal desires. Those who are in full-fledged relationships and those who are looking for a fun time both like such moments. Overall, even though getting a willing partner is based on your luck and perseverance, the end result is worth it.

One-Night Stands

One-night stands are a usual practice that many singles like to get into for temporary fixation. Indeed, you would get the chance to do so with some women you meet at the bars of Åre. Moreover, both the Swedish beauties and the foreign vixens are okay with such matters, and you would like your chances.

Although many of the ladies engage in such activities, do note that this is not an exclusive thing for all. After all, some ladies may not feel comfortable with one-night stands because of trust issues. You should regard their choices respectfully and not force anything; there are many more willing women out there.

Best Places to Meet Single Girls

Åre is a gorgeous resort area, but it was not always this way. However, with changing times and the opening of tourist opportunities, this once-village is now a popular destination. Thus, you would notice a steady stream of visitors when you go there, as they too enjoy the locality.

Also, many of these visitors are women, from other parts to Sweden as well as the world. From sassy and sultry to sweet and gorgeous, you would meet many different types. And your interest to date would only increase with time, and rightfully so.

Surely, they would not mind too much if you show up to them and try to start a conversation. However, there is a place and a time for everything, and how you play that would define your chance together. These women like to go to various locations in Åre, and you can start a wonderful discussion with them.

Bars, Pubs and Nightclubs

Without a doubt, Åre has a very interesting and fashionable night-scene, and that attracts many people. In your quest to engage with gorgeous ladies, going to the best bars and nightclubs will help.

  • BomBom- Separated into three floors, this nightclub experience is one that you should not ignore when you visit Åre
  • Fjällgården- Party till the early morning at this hotel region that provides a fun nightclub experience
  • The Country Club- There is a lot that you can enjoy at this spot, especially the themed events they hold. From poker to song contests, you would have a fun time here
  • Verandan - Sit at this bar area and enjoy your favorite drinks, with a gorgeous company
  • Bygget- Dance to the best beats with the attractive Swedish or foreign beauties around you. Certainly, a place worth a visit from you
  • Restaurang Broken - With the many different drink selections and an impressive ambiance, this is not a spot you should skip when you are in Åre
  • Hotel Åregården - Certainly, this hotel is one of the best spots to stay when you are in Åre. Of course, the bar inside is a wonderful addition to your experience
  • Åre Ski Inn Restaurant - Sit at this high bar area and enjoy the beautiful view of the hills stretched around you. It is a favorite location for many women too, so you would have much to enjoy
  • Boqueria Åre- Sit on the red bar stools and enjoy your favorite drinks with the woman you meet here
  • About Åre Bageri Med Kväll - This popular place in Åre is great for sitting with your friends and chilling with a beer and good food. You would come across many local ladies too, and start a good banter with them.

Shopping Malls

Shopping is an important activity to take part in when you are in a new place. In fact, it gives you a piece of your experience and trip, quite literally. Thus, these areas are very popular with the ladies, and you can meet many of them here.

The following are some of the most popular of them in Åre.

  • SkiStarshop Holiday Club
  • Hanson Concept Store
  • Stadium Ski
  • Skidcenter Åre Björnen
  • Are Butiken


Truly, Åre is a gorgeous landscape, and with around 89 slopes within its premises, quite a popular ski region too. Aside from that, there are many more beautiful places to see, and the women travel there in excess. Thus, when you visit this area, you should definitely go to such attractions too. The following are some of the best places in Åre for you to meet the gorgeous ladies at, and enjoy many activities too.

  • Åre Bikepark
  • Åreskutan
  • Gamla Åre Kyrka
  • Björnen

Universities and Colleges

Without a doubt, education is an important matter for the Swedes, and the women especially. Thus, you would come across many college girls at Åre when you visit. While many of them go out of state for further studies, some continue learning locally.

The best institutions for that around this region are given below.

  • Campus Åre
  • Campus Östersund
  • Mid Sweden University
  • Luleå University of Technology


Relationships, in general, are diverse among the people of Åre, but in a subtly systematic way. After all, the Swedes mainly incline towards an independent lifestyle and do not get into relationships quickly. However, there are different levels here that you would notice, depending on how long you know them and how well. The most usual starter, of course, is ‘Fika’, which entails that you and your Swedish partner are seeing each other.

But it is not serious and most of the women leave sex out of it. Indeed, it is very friendly and reliable, with a hint of a romantic touch. In contrast, some women may agree for a 'knull kompis' relationship too, where the focus is entirely physical. When things start getting serious between the two of you, you are officially together.

For one thing, if the Swedish woman you are with introduces you to their closest friends or parents, you are near the home stretch. However, it is important for you to note that your relationship progression depends on your mutual trust and bond. This is, indeed, the reality of romance and relationships that you would notice in the ski region of Åre.

Holiday Romance

When winter arrives, the wish for snow and going skiing is at the forefront of many people's minds. Consequently, you go to popular ski regions like Åre as you can enjoy more than just the winter activities at this place. Also, you would come across many beautiful women too, who would further add fun to your trip.

Indeed, the probability of a romantic tangling on your holiday would make the days feel more exciting. Not to mention, many of these women would agree to get intimate as well. Such romances are full of passion and fun, and the ladies you would meet intend to enjoy both freely.

However, in the matter of partners, you would have an easier chance of convincing the foreign ladies, especially the tourists. After all, they too want a romantic bond but know that commitment is not a promise that would work for them. Vacations come to an end, and many local women would like to avoid dating this way. The foreigners on the other hand might see it differently.

Of course, the Swedish women are very open-minded and many of them would not mind such an arrangement either. Therefore, in the matter of finding holiday love, you would find luck in Åre, as long as you both are on the same page.

Tips for Successful Relationship

If you are wondering how to grow your relationship in a healthy way, here are the main things you should focus on.

  • Trust- In order to get this, you should concentrate on knowing your partner better. Talk to her and get to know her well, and that would ultimately make your bond unbeatable
  • Understand the differences- Indeed, the chances of you and your partner matching in everything you say and do is impossible. After all, they are from a different culture than your own, which makes it hard to relate sometimes. Thus, try to understand that you would not always agree. If you accept her differences and love her with or without them, that would increase your comfort level
  • Spend time together- As a Swedish woman, your girlfriend would always try to give you space. That is mainly because they understand the importance of alone-time, and they enjoy their solitude. And they understand that sometimes you need it too. While this is important in a relationship, it is not necessary all the time. Spend time with them occasionally and show her your care for her. She may not know how to show her feelings, but your efforts would help her reciprocate.


To put it simply, love is not something that is easily achievable and requires a lot of time and effort. That holds highly true in the society of Åre, especially if you are considering the local Swedish women. Surely, they do appear hard to crack most of the time but love changes that soon enough.

When they are sure that your feelings for them are real, they would give in to you as well. Not to mention, they are not openly affectionate, but they do showcase their love through their behavior. Notably, Swedish women are loyal to their partners, and they like to show their support for them when they need it.

Another thing that you would notice is that these women do respect privacy well; both hers and yours. They know what is important to you and they would give you the time and the silent understanding you need. Moreover, love is about equality too and you would notice the dominance of that in this society.

How to Make Sure She Is the One

Before asking them to spend your life together, there are some things you need to be sure of. Indeed, in order to have a good life without issues that can lead to divorce or breakup down the line, consider these matters carefully.

  • Most importantly, the aspect of marriage is not very important for many Swedish women. But is it for you? If it is, notice what her views on it are. Compromising on something so important is not right, and can cause strain later. Therefore, consider it carefully
  • Do you feel comfortable sharing your fears and doubts with her? And does she react supportively or not at all, each time? You should think about this matter seriously
  • In a relationship, both people should give an equal amount of effort and time. But does she do so half-heartedly or does she ignore it completely? That is not a good picture.


In most societies, marriage is something very important for a couple to go forward with after their relationship. However, that is not the case in Åre where many people choose not to make things official. Instead, the practice of 'sambo' is more prominent, with both parties deciding to live together.

Nevertheless, marriages are still possible, with many couples going forward with the legal proceedings. If you wish to do so as well, you would get the chance for it with your partner of choice. But it is important to mention that you need to follow the legal proceedings of this city quite seriously, and ready all your documentation first.

Of course, that is not the only thing you need to worry about in the matter of marriage. While there is not any stigma of unmarried couples staying together, you have to discuss your future plans first. Things like children, their future, where you would live, etc., are important topics to address.


Weddings in the region of Åre are an interesting affair, with most of the invited people in attendance. Not to mention, the traditional customs of Sweden are the mainstay behind the celebrations itself. However, since Åre is a ski resort, the traditional choices of churches and other locations are not available. However, if you want a winter wonderland as your wedding theme, you would have a wonderful visual here.

And in the name of venues, there are many slopes and hills where you can have your destination wedding. You need to get permission first before you can begin with the planning. Not to mention, you can have your wedding in the hotels itself, with proper assistance from the employees and management.

Some of these hotel spaces you can stay at and even have your wedding are mentioned below.

  • Copperhill Mountain Lodge
  • Hotell Åreskutan

Family Life

In the region of Åre, the chances of settling permanently are not the highest probability. But you would have a good time when you start a family with your beautiful Swedish partner here. Definitely, they are a huge help in your domestic life, but not the sole provider of everything in this society.

Indeed, the family structure at this place is predominantly equality-centric and you would follow this fully. That means both you and your partner would do your best to create a healthy and profitable staying condition for your children. Furthermore, the family structure you would notice is strictly nuclear, with you and your partner holding every responsibility.

While Åre is not a huge city, the amenities at this place are unique and plentiful for the staying inhabitants. Plus, the governmental help in Sweden is suitable for its citizens, and you would enjoy a good lifestyle. But most of all, your experience in this resort area would consist of fun and dynamic moments, especially with the ladies there.

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